What are The Uses of Excel in Our Daily Life?


What are the uses of MS Excel in daily life? And also in businesses too. Well, there are a lot. Nowadays, people are in a hurry. They need to perform various operations in their daily life. But to perform these operations, they need to do some calculations. So how can they perform calculations easily? The most effective answer to this question is the use of excel.

Excel helps individuals and businesses to perform difficult calculations in no time. MS Excel is the most famous spreadsheet software in the world. In this blog, we will discuss various uses of excel in our life. But before we get started with the uses of Excel, let’s have a look at what MS Excel is.

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MS Excel

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MS Excel is one of the major parts of the MS office suite.

It is one of the most powerful spreadsheet software in the world.

The spreadsheet contains a table with various numbers of rows and columns.

These rows and columns are used to put the values.

You can easily manipulate these values using some complex arithmetic operations with the help of excel formulas.

Apart from that, MS Excel also offers programming support, which makes it better than other spreadsheet software.

You can do the programming with excel via Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. On the other hand, there are many excel project ideas that you can use to improve your skills.

It also has the ability to get data from external sources via Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange. This means that many businesses use Excel to carry out analysis of relatively small data sets. There are lots of advanced Excel courses that teach this and help businesses get up to speed.

Apart from that, it also offers extensive graphic support to the users.

The most common uses of MS excel are performing basic calculations, creating pivot tables, and creating macros.

Importance Of MS Excel In Our Daily Life And Business Life

Following are some importance of Excel that are related to our daily life and business lives.

1. Easy Computation Solutions

MS Excel has the ability to do several numbers of arithmetic calculations. With the help of different formulas, it can add, multiply, subtract, and divide lots of numbers simultaneously. Moreover, it can easily be re-do if the value is changed or added. 

2. Options Of Formatting

Excel has various formatting options, like highlighting, italics, colors, etc., that enable businesses to show and bring out the essential data differently.

3. Availability Of Online Access

MS Excel is part of the Office 365 productivity Suite. It means businesses’ employers and employees can easily access their files over the cloud network. 

4. Analysis Charts

MS Excel enables its users to create analysis charts easily. You can create Pie charts or Clustered Columns by filtering and correctly inputting data in just a few clicks. Even Excel allows you to customize the colors and boundaries of the diagrams.

5. All Data At One Place

Excel contains over 10 lakh rows and 16 thousand columns in the spreadsheet. You can also import data, add pictures and other objects through the insert tab. Excel enables you to put all the data you collected from different files in one place easily.

Now let’s move on to the uses of Excel in our daily life. Here we go:-

USES OF EXCEL: 8 Important Uses Of Microsoft Excel

1. Education

There are various uses of MS Excel in education. Even Excel is making teaching a lot easier for teachers.

The teachers use tables, shapes, charts, and other tools in excel to present the topics to the students.

Moreover, the teachers are also using formulas to teach the students about mathematical computations.

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In education, the data visualization of MS excel is the key to the teachers.

Now the students can easily understand the topic because of the visualization, especially when the teachers are going to represent the stats, then they use bars and charts. 

Apart from that, the use of MS Excel in schools and colleges to create timetables.

There are various pre-built templates in MS excel.

You can use these templates to create the timetable.

Besides, excel also offers formulas that are useful for multiple education purposes.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

You can use these templates to create the timetable. You can use more Excel invoice templates

Besides, excel also offers formulas that are useful for multiple education purposes.

2. Business

Excel plays a crucial role in business. Even every business owner is using excel.

The use of excel in business varies from organization to organization.

The business can use MS Excel to perform goal setting, budgeting process, and planning, etc.

Now the business can easily manage their daily operations because of excel.

Apart from that, they are also able to predict their performance.

The excel financial formulas are doing a tremendous job for the business. 

MS Excel is offering the IF formula, which is quite helpful in creating hundreds of logic in the business calculations.

MS Excel is quite handy for business operations.

All you need to do is visit the template menu to take full advantage of it.

The best part of the pre-built template is, you need not create anything from scratch.

3. Goal Setting and Planning

We all have daily goals or weekly goals.

Therefore to manage our daily tasks for the goals. We can use MS excel.

In MS Excel, all we need to do is accomplish the daily task along with the remark column.

Whenever we complete our daily tasks, we write on the remark columns that we are done with the task.

It is also helpful for planning purposes.

With the help of excel, we can calculate everything in advance as part of our planning.

4. Business Owners

The previous point highlighted the use of MS Excel for business.

But at this point, we will share with you the uses of MS Excel for business owners.

We know that business owners also need to perform various tasks from their end.

Some of these tasks are work progress, team management, and payouts details, etc.

One of the significant tasks for the business owner is to track the marketing campaign progress. However, if you have any pending marketing homework help then you can get our marketing help at a very affordable price.

Excel makes it simple and easy for business owners.

All they need to do is select the prebuilt template to start creating the sheet.

5. Housewives

It helps housewives to manage their daily expenses as well as grocery.

With the use of excel, they can create the report for weekly and monthly expenses.

It also helps them to track their expenses.

Most housewives are also helping their children to learn the basic skills of MS Excel.

In this way, the statistics students also get ready from the beginning of the academics.

Apart from that, Excel knowledge also emerges from housewives to earn a possessive income.

There are lots of part-time jobs available for housewives. 

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

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6. Data Analysis And Data Science

Data analysis is one of the most emerging fields in the business perspective.

The business needs to perform various operations on the data.

The reason is companies are not using a single source.

They use multiple sources such as their blog, eCommerce sites, social media, offline data, and more.

All these jobs need time and energy. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the business to manage the data. In this case, excel plays a crucial role in the business.

Excel offers the filter function, which is quite handy for the data analyst to understand the data. Nowadays, excel is also used in the field of data science.

There are lots of functions that are helping in Big Data technologies.

The programming features of Excel with VBA make it one of the best options for data science technologies.

There are lots of operations that can be performed with the use of excel.

7. Daily Progress Report

Excel is also helpful in creating a daily progress report. Most of the companies track their daily progress with the help of excel.

Especially in project-based companies where the clients need a weekly report from the company.

For this, the company uses the daily progress report to showcase the daily work progress to the client.

Excel offers the table with the date and time.

You can also add the manual columns such as client, tasks, duration, and status as per the business requirements.

Apart from the companies, the daily progress report is also helpful in academics.

The teachers and the students can track their daily progress with the help of excel.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

8. Career Development

When we talk about career development.

MS Excel is also playing a crucial role in this sector. Excel teaches you the most prominent skills of management.

With the help of excel, we try to calculate everything in advance.

Because in our life, we need to perform various calculations to run our daily life.

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If you get good command over MS Excel, you are also eligible to get the best job in data analytics or data science.

Excel helps you in career management, time management, learning management, life management, and so on.If you are a student, then you can manage all your expenses with the help of excel.

5 Uses Of MS Excel In Businesses

At a very basic level, MS Excel is used for storing, analyzing, sorting, and reporting. However, it is extremely popular in businesses because it is fairly easy to use.

1. Business Analysis

Excel is used to do business analysis. Through this, businesses make decisions with collected data. Generally, companies gather data on a daily basis that is related to product sales, website traffic, insurance claim, etc.

2. People Management

It is one of the top uses of Excel in businesses. MS Excel is a powerful way to collect information about people. Through excel, personal information of employees, customers, supporters, etc., can be stored and recovered efficiently. 

3. Managing Operations

Excel is heavily dependent on the daily operations of numerous businesses. Business activities generally involve complex logistics. Inventory flows require to be managed, so that company’s operations run smoothly. In simple words, keeping track of supplier and client transactions, listing critical dates, and managing times and schedules. It is only possible through MS Excel.

4. Report Of Performance

MS Excel can do monitoring and reporting of performance effectively. A simple way to transform data into a performance report in Excel is to build a pivot table. By creating a pivot table and linking it to data, you can get extra useful information from the dataset. If you need to analyze huge volumes of data then will probably be easier to connect this dataset with a reporting tool.

5. Office Administration

MS Excel stores and enters the administrative data. Then this data is used for accounting and financial reporting and business analysis, and performance reporting. Moreover, Excel supports office administration in daily tasks such as invoicing, paying bills, etc.

Top 5 Cool Things You Can Try Right Now Using Excel

You can’t ignore Excel’s important role in daily work because it deals with big data. However, many useful tips and tricks for beginners and advanced users are still inevitably overlooked. Here are five cool things you can try right now using Excel.

1. Play with numbers

Excel’s main function is to work with numbers. Excel makes sorting, retrieving, and analyzing a huge (or even small!) quantity of data a breeze.

When it comes to using Excel for anything numbers-related, there are a few general categories to keep in mind.


Do you ever find yourself repeating the same calculations? You may create a completely personalized calculator by programming your frequently used formulae in Excel. That way, all you have to do is type in your numbers, and Excel will calculate the result for you—no effort necessary. Isn’t it cool?


The number of pie charts, line charts, scatter charts, bar charts, area charts, and column charts is endless. Excel can turn rows and columns of figures into attractive charts. And it is sure to become one of your favorite features if you need to convey data in a more visual and consumable way.

2. Making Plans

Let’s get away from the numbers for a moment —Excel can help you plan and organise a lot of things that don’t require multiple rows of figures.

Worksheet for goal setting:

Excel always helps to have something to keep you focused and on track. And it would either it’s career objectives, fitness goals, or money goals. You may use excel to build a variety of spreadsheets, logs, and planning papers to track your progress and, ideally, cross the finish line.

Schedules and calendars:

Do you need to create a content schedule for your blog or website? Are you looking for lesson plans for your classroom? Do you or your family have a daily schedule? Excel may be surprisingly powerful when it comes to multiple calendars. Try this today to schedule your work.

3. Involving Others

Do you need to get information from others? One method is to use survey tools and forms. But, don’t worry, you can make them all in your own Excel.


Are you trying to assess someone else’s — or even your own — for the understanding of a topic? You may create a bank of questions and answers in one worksheet and then have Excel quiz you in another.


Excel is an excellent tool for designing forms. And it starts from basic to complex. You may even create numerous drop-down menus so that users can choose from a predefined list of options.

4. Getting things done

Do you want to increase your productivity? Excel can easily come to your rescue with various functions that can help you manage your tasks and to-dos with simplicity.


You already know that keeping track of your time may help you be more productive. There are many attractive applications and tools to help you in meeting these demands. Consider Excel as the actual time-tracking tool. It continues to be a possible alternative to time sheets today.


Similarly, you may make a basic checklist to cross off the items you’ve bought or completed. And it can be related to a shopping list to a list of to-dos for planned marketing tasks.

5. Excel just for fun.

With the help of excel, you can do a variety of other interesting things for fun.

Cloud of words:

Word clouds are not the most scientific way to describe facts. However, they are a fun (not to mention attractive) method to determine which words are used the most. You guessed it—Excel can be used to make one. 

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Logbooks from the past:

Whether you want to keep track of the different tasks you have completed, the exercises you have done, or something else completely, Excel is what you have for sorting and logging those things.

3 Powerful Excel Functions That Make Work 

The following are the most useful functions that we can use in our daily life. 

1. The SUM Function

This function is the most used function when it comes to computing data on Excel. This function is used to sum a group of numbers in a specific set of cells. 

It means you do not need to type a long cumbrous formula to calculate the sum of the data. 

The SUM function is performed by typing the formula on the function bar, highlighting the cells you want to add, and pressing “ENTER”.

  • The Syntax formula for SUM function is “=SUM(Cell numbers)”.
  • You can also use the Σ symbol to add the data you need.
  • Moreover, “ALT+” also helps to add the numbers.

2. The TEXT Function

The TEXT function is a useful tool that helps in converting the date or numbers into a text string in a particular format. Keep in mind the text formula only works to convert numeric values to text.

The TEXT function’ formula is =”Text” (Value, format_text).

Value refers to the particular number you want to convert to text.

Format_text refers to the format of the conversion.

3. The AVERAGE Function

The AVERAGE function is used for getting the average of the data. As the function of SUM, it is commonly used in computing and analyzing the data on the spreadsheet.

The syntax formula for the AVERAGE function is “=AVERAGE(Cell number).

Some Of The Documents That You Can Create in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a versatile software that allows users to create various documents. Here is the list of some of the documents that you can create in excel, which are as follows:

1. Spreadsheets

Excel is primarily used for creating spreadsheets, which are documents that organize and analyze data in rows and columns. Spreadsheets can be used for budgeting, financial analysis, inventory management, and more.

2. Charts and graphs 

Excel allows users to create charts and graphs to visualize data, such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and scatter plots.

3. Calendars

Excel can create calendars for scheduling appointments, meetings, or events.

4. Invoices

Excel can create invoices with item descriptions, prices, taxes, and totals.

5. Budgets

Excel is useful for creating personal or business budgets, where users can track their expenses and income.

6. Forms

Excel can be used to create forms for data collection, such as surveys or questionnaires.

7. Project plans

Excel can create project plans, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocation.

8. Gantt charts

Excel allows users to create Gantt charts and visual representations of project schedules that help track progress and identify potential issues.

9. Data entry forms

Excel can create forms that make it easier to input and organize data.

10. Contact lists

Excel can create lists that include names, addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant information.

Well, these are some of the documents you can try and make in excel.

How to Use Excel to Track Your Finances

Here are some simple steps to track your finances : 

1. Set Up A Budget

This will help you keep track of your money and see where it is going.  There are many different ways to set up a budget in Excel, so find a method that works for you.

Example: Create a table with columns for your income, expenses, and categories.

2. Track Your Spending

Once you have a budget, you must track your spending to see how you are doing. This can be done by manually entering your transactions into Excel or connecting your bank account or credit card to Excel.

Example: Use the “Transactions” feature to import your bank account transactions into Excel.

3. Create Reports

Excel can help you create reports to track your finances over time. This can help you see where your spending is trending and identify areas to cut back.

Example: Create a pie chart to visualize your spending by category.

4. Set Financial Goals

Excel can also help you track your financial goals. This can be done by creating a table with columns for your goal, the date you want to achieve it by, and your progress.

Example: Create a “Net Worth” sheet to track your assets and liabilities.

5. Calculate Your Finances

Excel can help you to calculate some of your financial tasks, such as sending yourself a monthly budget report or calculating your net worth. This can help you save time and keep track of your money.

Example: Use the “AutoSum” feature to automatically add up the totals in your budget sheet.

How to Use Excel to Learn New Skills

Excel is a powerful tool that can be used to learn new skills in various areas. Here are a few examples:

1. Data Analysis

Excel can analyze data from various sources, such as surveys, experiments, and market research. This data can then identify trends, make predictions, and solve problems.

2. Financial Modeling

Excel can be used to create financial models to forecast future performance, analyze risk, and make investment decisions.

3. Project Management

Excel can track project progress, manage budgets, and communicate with team members.

4. Business Intelligence

Excel can be used to extract insights from data and create reports that can be used to make better business decisions.

5. Web Development

Excel can be used to create dynamic web pages and interactive dashboards.


The more you learn, the more you can earn with excel. The same philosophy applies to MS excel.

If you develop your excel skills to the peak level, you are eligible to get reputed jobs in analytics.

As we have seen, there are lots of uses for excel. But here, we have mentioned a few.

There are many more uses to excel in the world. Excel makes life easier for us.

Now we can perform a complete calculation without having a strong command of math and statistics.

All this becomes possible only because of MS excel. So don’t be the one who is not aware of MS excel.

Start learning excel today from the experts.

Also, get the best excel assignment help from MS excel experts at nominal charges.


Q1. What is Excel used for?

Excel is generally used to manage data and perform financial analysis. On the other hand, it is used in every business and company of all sizes. The main uses of Excel include:

1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
2. Time management
3. Task management
4. Data entry
5. Data management
6. Financial modeling
7. Accounting
8. Financial analysis
9. Charting and graphing
10. Programming
11. You can do almost anything that needs to be organized!

Q2. What are the benefits of MS Excel in your life as a student?

The benefits of Excel in student’s lives are as follows:
1. The Best way to store data.
2. Able to perform calculations
3. Every tool for data analysis
4. Print report easily
5. Transform and clear data

Q3. What are the three most common uses for Excel?

The three most common uses for MS Excel are creating budgets, producing graphs and charts, and storing and sorting the data.

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