What are The Uses of Excel in Our Daily Life?

Nowadays, people are in a hurry. They need to perform various operations in their daily life.

But to perform these operations, they need to do some calculations.

So how can they perform calculations easily?

The most effective answer to this question is the use of excel.

Excel helps people to perform complex calculations in no time.

There are lots of uses of MS excel in daily life.

MS Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software in the world.

It is used to perform various tasks in our daily life.

There are hundreds of uses of excel in our life.

But before we get started with the uses of excel. Let’s have a look at what MS excel is

MS Excel

MS Excel is one of the major parts of the MS office suite.

It is one of the most powerful spreadsheet software in the world.

The spreadsheet contains a table with various numbers of rows and columns.

These rows and columns are used to put the values.

You can easily manipulate these values using some complex arithmetic operations with the help of excel formulas.

Apart from that, MS Excel also offers programming support, which makes it better than the other spreadsheet software.

You can do the programming with excel via Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

It also has the ability to get the data from external sources via Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange.

Apart from that, it also offers extensive graphic support to the users.

The most common uses of MS excel is to perform basic calculations, create pivot tables, and create macros. 

Now let’s move on to the uses of Excel in our daily life. Here we go:-



There are various uses of MS Excel in education. Even Excel is making teaching a lot easier for teachers.

The teachers use tables, shapes, charts, and other tools in excel to present the topics to the students.

Moreover, the teachers are also using formulas to teach the students about mathematical computations.

In education, the data visualization of MS excel is the key to the teachers.

Now the students can easily understand the topic because of the visualization, especially when the teachers are going to represent the stats, then they use bars and charts. 

Apart from that, the use of MS Excel in schools and colleges to create timetables.

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There are various pre-built templates in MS excel.

You can use these templates to create the timetable.

Besides, excel also offers formulas that are useful for multiple education purposes.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.


Excel plays a crucial role in the business. Even every business owner is using excel.

The use of excel in business varies from organization to organization.

The business can use MS Excel to perform goal setting, budgeting process, and planning, etc.

Now the business can easily manage their daily operations because of excel.

Apart from that, they are also able to predict their performance.

The excel financial formulas are doing a tremendous job for the business. 

MS Excel is offering the IF formula, which is quite helpful in creating hundreds of logic in the business calculations.

MS Excel is quite handy for business operations.

All you need to do is visit the template menu to take full advantage of it.

The best part of the pre-built template is, you need not create anything from scratch.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

Goal Setting and Planning

We all have daily goals or weekly goals.

Therefore to manage our daily tasks for the goals. We can use MS excel.

In MS Excel, all we need to do is accomplish the daily task along with the remark column.

Whenever we complete our daily tasks, we write on the remark columns that we are done with the task.

It is also helpful for planning purposes.

With the help of excel, we can calculate everything in advance as part of our planning. 

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

Business Owners

The previous point highlighted the use of MS Excel for business.

But at this point, we will share with you the uses of MS Excel for business owners.

We know that business owners also need to perform various tasks from their end.

Some of these tasks are work progress, team management, and payouts details, etc.

One of the significant tasks for the business owner is to track the marketing campaign progress.

Excel makes it simple and easy for business owners.

All they need to do is select the prebuilt template to start creating the sheet.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.


It helps housewives to manage their daily expenses as well as grocery.

With the use of excel, they can then create the report for weekly and monthly expenses.

It also helps them to track their expenses.

Most housewives are also helping their children to learn the basic skills of MS Excel.

In this way, the statistics students also get ready from the beginning of the academics.

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Apart from that, Excel knowledge also emerges from housewives to earn the possessive income.

There are lots of part-time jobs available for housewives. 

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

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Data Analysis And Data Science

Data analysis is one of the most emerging fields in the business perspective.

The business needs to perform various operations on the data.

The reason is companies are not using a single source.

They are using multiple sources such as their blog, eCommerce sites, social media, offline data, and more.

All these jobs need time and energy. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the business to manage the data. In this case, excel plays a crucial role in the business.

Excel offers the filter function, which is quite handy for the data analyst to understand the data. Nowadays, excel is also used in the field of data science.

There are lots of functions that are helping in Big Data technologies.

The programming features of Excel with VBA make it one of the best options for data science technologies.

There are lots of operations that can be performed with the use of excel.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

Daily Progress Report

Excel is also helpful in creating a daily progress report. Most of the companies track their daily progress with the help of excel.

Especially in project-based companies where the clients need a weekly report from the company.

For this, the company uses the daily progress report to showcase the daily work progress to the client.

Excel offers the table with the date and time.

You can also add the manual columns such as client, tasks, duration, and status as per the business requirements.

Apart from the companies, the daily progress report is also helpful in academics.

The teachers and the students can track their daily progress with the help of excel.

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

Career Development

When we talk about career development.

MS Excel is also playing a crucial role in this sector. Excel teaches you the most prominent skills of management.

With the help of excel, we try to calculate everything in advance.

Because in our life, we need to perform various calculations to run our daily life.

If you get good command over MS Excel, you are also eligible to get the best job in data analytics or data science.

Excel helps you in career management, time management, learning management, life management, and so on.

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If you are a student, then you can manage all your expenses with the help of excel. 

It is one of the best uses of Excel.

Bonus Point

3 Powerful Excel Functions That Make Work 

Following are the most useful functions that we can use in our daily life. 

The SUM Function

This function is the most used function when it comes to computing data on Excel. This function is used to sum a group of numbers in a specific set of cells. 

It means you do not need to type a long cumbrous formula to calculate the sum of the data. 

The SUM function is performed by typing the formula on the function bar, highlighting the cells you want to add, and pressing “ENTER”.

  • The Syntax formula for SUM function is “=SUM(Cell numbers)”.
  • You can also use the Σ symbol to add the data you need.
  • Moreover, “ALT+” also helps to add the numbers.

The TEXT Function

The TEXT function is a useful tool that helps in converting the date or numbers into a text string in a particular format. Keep in mind the text formula only works to convert numeric values to text.

The TEXT function’ formula is =”Text” (Value, format_text).

Value refers to the particular number you want to convert to text.

Format_text refers to the format of the conversion.

The AVERAGE Function

The AVERAGE function is used for getting the average of the data. As the function of SUM, it is commonly used in computing and analyzing the data on the spreadsheet.

The syntax formula for the AVERAGE function is “=AVERAGE(Cell number).


The more you learn, the more you can earn with excel. The same philosophy applies to MS excel.

If you develop your excel skills to the peak level, you are eligible to get reputed jobs in analytics.

As we have seen, there are lots of uses of excel. But here, we have mentioned a few.

There are many more uses to excel in the world. Excel makes life easier for us.

Now we can perform a complete calculation without having a strong command over math and statistics.

All this becomes possible only because of MS excel. So don’t be the one who is not aware of MS excel.

Start learning excel today from the experts.

Also, get the best excel assignment help from the MS excel assignment help at nominal charges.


What are the benefits of learning Excel?

Following are some benefits of learning Excel:
It improves the skills and knowledge about how to keep accounts.
Build data with Tables and Graphs.
Organize Data Easily.

What is the objective of Microsoft Excel?

Its primary objective is to enter, edit, format, perform mathematical computation, save, retrieve, sort, and print numeric data.