Topmost Textbook of Accounting for The Students All Over the World


As more and more businesses are thriving day-by-day, students want to make their career in accounting.

We read different books to get the knowledge of commerce. In this blog, we will discuss various textbooks on accounting at the school and college level.

When students pass the matric exam, and enter in 11th Grade, they choose the subjects they are interested in. Some of them go for the medical subjects, some for nonmedical, commerce and arts. In order to get success in the commerce field, students need to study accounting subjects from basic to advanced level.

Before discussing the textbooks, we should know about the accounting term.

What is accounting?

Table of Contents

Accounting is the most important aspect for every business organization. It is an exercise to record,summarize, investigate and report financial statements of an organization. The accounting process in any business helps the business owner in making critical decisions and meeting the organization’s goals.

Let’s talk about the textbooks on a different level.

Textbook of accounting 

School Level

Class11 Accounting Textbooks

When we start our further study as commerce students, we have to read different textbooks regarding the field.

Students read NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books as reference books on the School level. NCERT books are renowned for their updation and revised editions.

Class 11 Financial Accounting Part 1

This book includes the chapters-

  • Introduction to accounting
  • Theory base of accounting
  • Recording of Transactions-1
  • Recording of transactions-2
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
  • Depreciation, Provisions, and Reserves
  • Bills of Exchange

Financial Accounting Part-2

It involves-

  • Financial Statements-1
  • Financial Statements-2
  • Accounts from incomplete records
  • Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Applications of computers in accounting
  • Computerized Accounting System
  • Structuring Database for accounting
  • Accounting System using a database management system

Class 12th NCERT Accounting Books

Partnership Accounts-( Part-1)

It brings the following chapters-

  • Basic concepts of partnership accounting
  • Accounting for not for profit organization
  • Reconstitution of a partnership firm(admission of a partner)
  • Reconstitution of a partnership firm (Retirement/Death of a partner)
  • Dissolution of Partnership firm

Part 2-Accountancy-Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements

It consists of 6 chapters as follows-

  • Accounting for share capital
  • Issue and redemption of Debentures
  • Financial statements of a company
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Accounting Ratios
  • Cash Flow Statement

Textbook of accounting for College and University Students-

Graduation Level

After passing 12th grade students enroll themselves in Graduation Degree. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a three years full degree course for the aspirants who are willing to make their future in finance, taxation, accountancy.

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For this, they need to study various concepts from different books to be perfect in this field.Thousand of books are there related to accounting and choosing the best books of them is a difficult task for the students. Here are year wise best books for students of B.commerce.

Textbooks for First Year

1. Subject-Financial Accounting

Book-Financial accounting-Concepts and application

Writer-J.R Moonga

2. Subject-Business Mathematics

Book- Business mathematics

Writer-Dr. Sarita Kumar

3. Subject-Microeconomics

Book-Principles of microeconomics

Writer-Dr. Deepashree

4. Subject-Business Statistics

Book- Business mathematics and statistics

Writer-N.D Vohra

5. Subject- Business organization and management

Book-Business organization and management

Writer-T.N Chhabra

6. Subject-Business Law

Book-Business law

Writer-M.C. Kuchhal and Vivek Kuchhal

Also Read

Textbook of accounting for Second Year Students-

1. Subject-Corporate accounting

Book-Fundamentals of corporate accounting


2. Subject-Company Law

Book-Modern Indian Company law

Writer-M.C. Kuchhal

3. Subject-Cost accounting

Book-Cost accounting

Writer-Jawahar Lal

4. Subject-Income Tax law and practice

Book-Guide to income tax

Writer-Vinod k Singhania, Monica Singhania

5. Subject-Business Communication

Book-Communication for business

Writer-Shirley Taylor

6. Subject-E-Commerce

Book-Electronic commerce-framework, technology and application

Writer-Bharat Bhaskar

Books for third Year Students

In the final year of graduation students are mature enough to understand the advanced concept of accounting with a full description of the topic. So in the final year college and universities focus on providing more detailed knowledge of accounting.

1. Subject-Indian Economy

Book-Indian Economy

Writer-Mishra and Puri

2. Subject-International Business

Book-International Business

Writer-Charles W.L.Hill, Arun Kumar Jain

3. Subject-Auditing

Book-Auditing principles and practices

Writer-Ravinder Kumar, Virender Sharma

4. Subject-Banking and Insurance

Book-Banking and Insurance

Writer-O.P Agarwal

5. Subject-Corporate tax planning

Book- Corporate tax planning

Writer-Vinod K. Singhania, Monica Singhania

6. Subject-Investment

Book-Invest Analysis and management

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Writer-C.P Jones

7. Subject-Human Resource Management

Book-Principles of Human Resource Management

Writer-Bohlander and Snell

8. Subject-Principles of Marketing

Book-Essence of marketing

Writer-Manjaro, Simon

9. Financial Management

Book-Financial Management and Policy

Writer-James C. Horne and Sanjay Dhamija

10. Subject-Entrepreneurship

Book-Entrepreneurship-A South Asian Perspective

Writer-Kuratko and Rao

11. Subject-Management Accounting

Book-Management Accounting

Writer-Surrender Singh

12. Subject-Consumer Protection

Book-Consumer Affairs

Writer-Sri Ram, Khanna, Savita Hanspal, Sheetal Kapoor, H.K Awasthi

This is the booklist you can refer to in your graduation programme to achieve a great knowledge of accounting.


Accounting is an interesting and demanding field nowadays. This field is vast to cover, but it will be easy to cover all the aspects if you study step by step with full concentration. In this blog, we have covered the textbook of accounting for grades 11, 12, and for graduate degrees.

I hope the information regarding the reference books of accounting will help you to pursue your study. Using these books as your source, you can achieve good marks in your exams and make your career in this ever-increasing field. Get the best management accounting homework help.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the sources to get full knowledge of accounting?

The best source to get accounting knowledge is books because all the topics are organized and arranged in a proper sequence. Books are written by professionals with proper research.

Other than books, you can broaden your horizon with the help of online sources such as websites, tutorials, blogs, and online paid courses. If you are a student, you can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting to lead the way to success.

What are the ways to learn accounting easily?

You have to make a proper schedule to learn accounting skills. It would be best if you focused on-

Reading and analyzing Economic/financial statements
Reliable learning sources, either online or offline
Spending time with your sources
Implementing accounting concepts in a practical world
Seek the help of other professionals or your peers.