Quick Guide on What is the Purpose of Accounting for Students


When people hear the term accounting. It seems arduous and boring to them. But the reality is quite the opposite. Yes! Accounting is very interesting. Once you know the purpose of accounting in your personal and professional lives. Let’s get familiar with the term accounting.

Definition of Accounting

Accounting is collecting financial information. Such as what amount of money you get as a profit. And what expenditure you did in the last year, and the net profit and loss at the end of the year.

Accounting operations tell you what you need to improve. And what services you have to remain the same in the future. In addition, it enables you to enhance the more money-making skills in your business. And helps in better decision making.

Importance of Accounting

Let’s understand it with the help of a situation.

Consider you run a confectionery shop, and you are earning a handsome amount of money monthly. But one day, your shop catches fire and burns entirely.

What now?

It is obvious you are sad and lost your business in a while. But you are a strong person, and you forget about the mishap. You want to restart your shop. For that you need a loan and you have to fulfill the requirement of the loan process.

After deciding when you go to the bank for a loan. The loan officer asks you about the profit of the current year, your assets, debt, and cash flow. But unfortunately, you do not have any idea about these terms.

  • You are blank.
  • What do you think?
  • What will be the answer of the loan officer?
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The loan officer will say clearly ‘No’. Because you don’t have any financial information regarding your business.

But again, instead of getting fired, you find an accountant to meet your requirement for the loan. The accountant prepared the financial information for you, like your profit, debt, assets, and all.

When you collect all the information. You again go to the bank and ask for a loan. This time, you are presented with all the financial information regarding your shop. Luckily, you get the loan to start your confectionary shop.

So, now I hope you clearly understand the importance of accounting with this scenario.

Purpose of Accounting

It does not matter if you are a businessman or working for somebody/employee. The main purpose of your business and job is to earn profit. If you have the caliber to understand the financial information. You will always be in demand for an organization.

With accounting knowledge, you will know how to make money. And what strategy you need to apply to your services or products, how you can avoid losses, etc.

Accounting skill enables you to manage your money for different purposes. Accounting is considered as a “Language of Business”. Below we are providing you with different objectives. Or we will talk about the purpose of accounting.

Helps in planning and budgeting

A businessman needs to analyze how they are utilizing the resources. Such as machinery, labor, capital, and tools to accomplish the organization’s goal. Planning and budgeting are the important pillars of any organization. And allow business endeavors to plan in advance by predicting the requirements and resources. Apart from this, it is helpful in the coordination of various sections of an organization.

Provide assessment to Transaction Records

Transaction records are the mainstay of the accounting system. The main purpose of accounting is to systematically keep a proper and complete record of a business’s financial transactions. The reason behind this is when a businessman needs to retrieve. And analyze the transactions, he can do it easily by accounting.

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Evaluate the Business Performance

You can find out the performance of your business with the help of financial reports. These are the authentic sources to compare the business performance with the past versions. Furthermore, financial statements are beneficial to compete with competitors.

Assist in Effective decision-making

Accounting provides us the assistance to make effective decisions. And develop policies to enhance the efficiency of an organization’s operations. It enables the business owner to analyze the past decision and make the new decision on behalf of previous experiences.

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Determine Financial Position

The financial reports created at the end of the financial year through the balance sheet show a company’s financial position. It flaunts what amount has been invested. And how much a company utilized, the number of assets and liabilities, profit or loss of a corporation.

Helpful in financial projections preparation

Accounting is constructive in making financial records. And the projections that fulfill the organization’s requirement of a loan process.

Determine Liquidity

In order to avoid the risk of bankruptcy, it helps in detecting the bottlenecks. It helps in finding out the liquidity of an organization. Such as cash and various liquid resources.

Fulfill the legal requirements

It is mandatory for the organizations to keep an appropriate financial transactions record. And allow the shareholders, regulators, and tax authorities to access the statements. These statements are also needed in the tax filing.

Regulate the organizations losses

Accounting helps to avoid losses because of theft, errors, fraud, mismanagement, damage. And hindrance by applying several measures in the organizations. The internal regulating team protects the business assets and controls long-term losses.

How is accounting beneficial for small businesses?

Accounting assists small businesses to grow by providing beneficial information. In the company’s initial year, there are more chances to fail due to improper financial management.
Apart from this, small businesses often don’t have flexible budgets and resources. In this case, accounting plays a vital role in the development of the industry.

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Here we are listing some reasons how accounting is beneficial for small businesses.

  • It maintains the cash flow records.
  • A small businessman can bank upon the cost accounting to get the concept of fixed costs, variable costs, and project costs.
  • For the well-being of your organization. You can learn to read income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.
  • Accounting allows you to detect frauds and theft by customers and protect your business.
  • It enables you to understand the finance and business connection.

Analyzing your financial records on a daily basis is the key to growing your business. If you save a little bit of capital on various expenses. It can bring astonishing results in the long run.

What is the role of an Accountant in Accounting?

It is possible for a small business owner to manage the business finances on his own. But for a large organization, it needs a professional to handle the responsibilities correctly. Accountants help the business owner to make great strategies and decisions.
Below are some roles of an accountant-

  • For the long life of any business, it is vital to analyze the financial data and services for enhancement. An accountant does it correctly.
  • An accountant prepares the financial records as per the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).
  • Give suggestions on your business requirements.
  • Provide the logical information to the owner.
  • Acts as an advisor and assists the businessman in productive use of budget and monitor cash flow.
  • It helps in tax filing by identifying the possible reduction and avoiding investigation/checks.


We explained the purpose of accounting with the help of different parameters. And tried to get acquainted with the different financial information. In conclusion accounting is a must have process for the positive growth of any business or to achieve the goals.

I hope this blog is helpful for you in terms of accounting benefits for any organization. Get the best college accounting homework help from the experts.

Frequently Asked Question

What are accounting skills?

Accounting requires various skills, such as identifying and mitigating errors in an organization’s account. Other than that, it requires logical thinking, problem-solving, mathematical skills, and computer skills.

How is accounting beneficial for investors?

It enables the investor to acquire timely and accurate financial information. It also provides transparency in managing and planning projects. In a nutshell, accounting is crucial for the smooth functioning of any business.

What is the ultimate purpose of accounting?

The ultimate purpose of accounting is to give the Information required for better decision-making. It prepares the financial statements to provide details of any organization.

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