7+ Best Types Of Marketing Research ( Updated 2023)

Some Important Facts: Types Of Marketing Research

Would you like to discover why, when, and how to apply types of marketing research? Marketing research is a process of evaluating the feasibility of a new product or service. It helps to directly reach the potential consumers interested in your product or services. This method allows the organization or businesses to discover some key points, which are –

  • The target market for whom your product is developed.
  • The audience who react to a product or service.
  • After conducting marketing research, what kind of advertising activities or services are required.

You can do marketing research by deploying surveys, interacting with a group of people, conducting interviews, and other similar processes.

Let’s understand with an example – Suppose you have launched a new product, but you are not sure about the type of consumers. So, it would be best if you went for market research to find the targeted consumer. It helps in collecting data for making your product a success. 

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Objectives Of Marketing Research

When we talk about a product, firstly you have to search for the consumer interested in your product. So, it would help if you had market research for finding the right consumers, and for that, you must focus on these three key objectives –

1. Administrative

Admins play an essential role in developing a business by adequately planning, organizing, and controlling both humans and resources. Thus it can satisfy all the needs or requirements within the market at the right time.

2. Social

Social marketing creates social change but does not directly benefit the brand. It sells the behavior or lifestyle that benefits society to make the desired change instead of selling a product. 

3. Economical

The expected cost of market research should be lower than the expected benefit or profit of market research. It means when you research a new product, the price must be lesser than its benefit.

Why Marketing Is Important?

Here are some of the main points on why is marketing important which are as follows:

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1. Increases Brand Awareness

Effective marketing campaigns can help businesses increase their visibility and brand awareness towards potential customers.

2. Increase Sales

Marketing efforts can generate leads and convert them into customers, ultimately increasing sales and revenue growth.

3. Builds Trust And Credibility

Well maintained marketing strategies can help build trust and credibility with customers by highlighting the company’s strengths, values, and achievements.

4. Provides Insights Into Customer Behavior

Through market research and analysis, marketing teams can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. As a result, allowing them to customize their messaging and offering services accordingly.

5. Supports Product Development

Marketing research can provide valuable feedback on customer needs and desires, helping businesses improve their products and services to better meet customer demands.

6. Enhances Customer Engagement

Effective marketing strategies can help businesses engage with their customers and build relationships with them, which as a result can lead customers engagement.

7. Enables Competitive Advantage

A strong marketing strategy can differentiate a business from its competitors and help it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

7+ Best Types of Marketing Research For 2023

When we talk about a new product, we have to collect their needs, audiences, etc. It is the action or activity to gather information about the market needs and preferences. It also helps to know the targeted market, which shows the behavior of the consumers. Let’s explore the types of marketing research –

1. Primary Research

You collect data by yourself, directly exploring the targeted market in this research. It is the data (raw data) that is created by you and then analyzed to gather the latest trends. This method helps get views from lots of people in less time but sometimes creates management issues. The interviewer has to prepare a way to gather information by engaging many people together in conversation. The survey is the best example for carrying out primary research as participants need to be physically present when gathering information. This method is a little bit time-consuming in gathering information on its own.

2. Secondary Research

Secondary research can overcome the methods of primary research. It uses data that has previously been collected, analyzed, and published. Primary research activities prepare secondary research. Whatever the information is collected in secondary research does not provide the specific information to explain the results compared to the primary research. Both primary and secondary research has their advantages and disadvantages, but when they work together, then it gives the best results. Let’s understand by an example – Mostly information is freely available; therefore, their cost is less than the primary research.

3. Qualitative Research

It is the combination of primary and secondary data that is non-numerical that is hard to measure. Researchers are keen to collect data in this type because it adds more depth. Qualitative market research is used to summarize the data instead of pin-point the truth held by the targeted market. For example, qualitative research helps find a market reaction for a new product then translates the response into a clear explanation. It enables the company to gain profits because they have a clear picture of selling a new product.

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4. Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is also an important part of the types of marketing research which helps in the collection of primary or secondary data, but it is numerical. You can collect more quickly as compared to qualitative research. Researchers collect historical data like historical benchmarking based on facts and figures evidence. 

5. Branding Research

Branding means the company’s product brand has to be maintained. It is related to the company’s branding, tone, images, and values. You can research by taking interviews, focusing on groups, or surveys. 

Let’s understand with an example – After a brand awareness survey, you ask your participants whether the brand is known to them or are interested in buying your product.

6. Customer Research

It targets your customers or how the company makes changes to encourage sales. This research helps to know your customer and how they interact with the company. Some points you must consider like customer satisfaction (must be happy to increase customer retention), customer loyalty, and customer segmentation (customer, its behavior, and their shared characteristics). 

7. Competitor Research

As we all know, it is necessary to know your competitor when we talk about the competition. Competitor research helps understand their strengths and weaknesses compared to your organization. You have to compare many things like sale price, a method to approach target consumer, etc. 

Let’s understand with an example – When we do competitive analysis, researchers create SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) for your business. Then they compare your business with your competitor. 

8. Product Research

Product market research is one of important types of marketing research that to make sure that help your product or services are fit for launching in the market or not? They see how the customer reacts or their views about your product. They can form new ideas about the upgradation and future product development. For example, in this method, primary research plays an essential role by doing surveys. In a survey, you can rank your product by the consumers based on popularity or usefulness. 

I hope now you understand how these types of marketing research help sell your product and make your business a success. Every business needs market research because it covers all the information we need to sell a product.

Important Aspects For Successful Business in 2023

Here are some important aspects for business in 2023:

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To make the best decision or be ready for risk, the company needs market research. The most effective way to gain information about your customer is consumer base, competitors, and the overall market. It is necessary for small businesses that are trying to enter the market. They try to determine whether a new business idea is good or we are ready to move in the market, or the company can launch a new product or service. Let’s explore more in-depth how it helps new businesses or small businesses and these types of marketing research helps you in understanding the tactics.

1. Competition

The focus of small businesses is on making revenue, and for that, they must view the competitor behavior for insight research. You have to learn about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to position your product or offerings. Small businesses need to understand what products and services competitors offer and their prices.

2. Customers

Understanding the customer is an important part of selling a successful product. Whenever you launch a new product before that, you have to survey your consumers consuming your product. After conducting research, you can create a plan to make a habit of your product in customers to pay for your product happily. 

3. Opportunities

Opportunities can’t be stable because consumers and trends are instantly changed. After conducting research, you can gather information regarding customers, complementary products, or services. Market needs and trends change over time; you need to meet the latest trends. It considers new opportunities for your businesses or companies.

4. Forecast

It means thinking about the needs and market you have to target before launching your product. It is a matter of worry when consumers don’t want to spend money on your product which affects your business. It’s all about making a plan before launching a new product by conducting market research.

Every business man use these types of marketing research before entering into the market. When they launch a new product, they have to research regarding so many things like consumers, price, offerings, etc. These types of marketing research helps in making a business or company a success.


To make efficient use of resources, you must know the market research and its types of marketing research. It is beneficial for every business, whether it is a small or a large one. Successful companies are those who are aware of their consumers and budget. If they launch their product at a higher price, consumers think before buying your product. 

So, market research is essential to know your surroundings and targeted consumers. For making a business successful in the long term, they must be up-to-date because changes come frequently. Consumers consistently demand the latest product at a reasonable price. So, be aware by conducting researches and applying the types of marketing research efficiently for making your business successful.


Q1. Is market research so valuable?

When you want to know your consumers, you have to conduct market research. You must have an idea regarding your customers, like who they are and their needs? You have to survey before launching a new product and these types of marketing research helps to gather information regarding audience.

Q2. Who is your ideal customer?

To know your ideal customer is essential because you must know the customer’s gender, education, income level, or location. It’s necessary to know all these because you must know the average customer for buying before selling a product and these types of marketing research helps to gather information.