Marketing management has become necessary as far as the growth of a business is concerned. Through the marketing process, target audiences are made conscious of the goods and services produced. Therefore, business students around the world are given many assignments on marketing management. The students may face problems while writing their marketing management assignments due to the many concepts included in it.

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What do you mean by Marketing assignment?

Marketing assignment is the way of analysis across various markets, including retail and distribution, including product or service manufacturing and promotion. Marketing is the process used to decide what products or services may benefit customers and the strategy to use in sales, information, and business development. Marketing defines marketing management as planning and performing the conception, pricing, advertising, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services.

The assignment, along with the analysis and references, need a detailed understanding of the subject. The assignment is a progressive step to develop the subject 's awareness and research. The marketing assignment is about the latest marketing and strategic reality.

Why Is Marketing Management Important as per the Marketing Management Experts?

Marketing management has brought a lot of popularity with the increased competition between the companies. The progress of any business enterprise depends mainly on how well its product and services are marketed. According to Marketing Management Experts, Marketing Management includes some major business activities of which few are listed below

  • To generate new ways of information and communication
  • To start new commodities and services
  • Helping to improve the per capita income by the increased demand for goods from the consumers.
  • To reduce the distribution cost as well as a sales cost
  • To ease the manufacturing of existing products

These days, every business enterprise includes marketing management principles in their business projects as they are well-versed in its importance. A marketing plan is to be developed with the application of marketing concepts. A marketing plan cannot be developed without a precise plan and allocation of budget for various activities. The presentation of the budget becomes a hard task depending upon the product or the service being marketed. The division of the budget should be ideal for providing a realistic approach.

Marketing Management Important Functions

Below we have listed some of the important functions used in Marketing management

Marketing goals

The first thing is defining the goals for promotions so that the organization's resources are used in the right way. All of these goals are in keeping with the general organizational purposes.

Planning & Organizing

This role also trades with developing a business plan, forecasting, and other policies. By organizing the resources accordingly, the company managers start their work towards implementing the plan.

Lead & Coordinate

As managed by the respective managers, this function provides for proper coordination between different locations.

Control, resourcing & evaluation

These are the main marketing strategy roles. The company must ensure that all defined targets are met or not. The strategy will be in line with expectations.

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Job possibilities in marketing management

It can be highly rewarding to follow marketing management because it opens up several career choices for students with enough work prospects and decent pay. Students can select any employment choice and position according to their preference, and few of them are listed below

Sales executives

Sales leaders are accountable for directing and implementing marketing campaigns to promote the company's products and services. These promotional activities are made through advertisements on various platforms, together with offers of coupons and deals. The sales manager is responsible for boosting market share and sales, resulting in higher revenues.

Marketing directors

They are the representatives of a corporate enterprise and are accountable for shaping and conducting all marketing efforts to gain attention among the target market. They are designing new goods and services and setting their cost according to consumer demands.

Marketing research strategist

An analyst's job is to analyze information about different buying patterns and consumer preferences to market the goods and services effectively. They hold their competitor's records and conduct surveys. All of this is achieved to ensure that the goods and services are advertised successfully to meet the target audience.

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Marketing Management Assignment Sample

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