Why an MBA Essay is Important for Students | How to Write an MBA Essay


Does the mere thought of writing long MBA essays frightened the wits out of you? Well, you need not worry more. MBA is an acronym for Master of Business Administration. Earning an MBA degree is perceived as a great thing, especially in the Indian society. However, a degree in MBA can never seem as a cake walk for any individual.

This article is authored with the view to help students understand the concept of MBA better. It will also provide you with an insight on how and why an MBA essay is written.

What is the concept of an MBA essay?

A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree program. The program provides an individual with an extensive amount of theoretical and practical training. The training mainly aims for business and/or investment management. MBA can excel the learner as a business executive. An MBA graduate has the ability to accurately and deftly analyze information and also to develop instant smart solutions to business issues.

Why is an MBA essay written?

Business school admission committees seem to care about more than just your GMAT score and GPA. They also have interest in knowing you are and are you fit enough to join the program as a student.

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Thus, this is where the MBA essay comes into play. MBA essays are one of the best chances other than the résumé to convince the person in authority. The essay should work as a powerful means to showcase your calibre to the targeted business school. It almost holds a 15 per cent weightage in a students’ application. The essays in MBA applications give an individual an opportunity to showcase points which were not included in the resume.

Tips on How to Write an MBA Essay

Since the question of why an MBA essay is written, the article stops next on tips to write an MBA essay. Business school essays for MBA degrees can be looked upon as a golden opportunity to impress the organization. An individual is supposed to share his or her credentials, within a certain word limit, with someone whose decision has the capacity to change their life in a good way. One must make sure to give it their best shot. This will surely help to grab their undivided attention as well as create a lasting impact on them.

MBA essays can play a very important role in communicating to the admissions committee. Here, written and communication skills are majorly highlighted. Thus, the following tips must be considered. Key areas should be focused on in order to draft a well-crafted MBA essay.

Focus on the background

Use this section as a chance to reveal your values and inner personality, put focus on the obstacles you have faced, and the experiences you gained that have moulded you into the person you are today. No two people can have the same history. Use stories, references and examples to make your background illuminating. The background section shall stand out to demonstrate what makes you unique and will answer the question what makes you pursue MBA.

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Set Goals

Writing your goals will show that you have a clear direction and purpose based on your experience and planning. You are keen on executing them. The essay should be strong enough to be able to convince the readers that business school is not just another opportunity to “find yourself”. It must describe the reasons behind your interest in MBA, your new goals, and how the program will help you accomplish them.

Explain the negatives

If your GPA was lower than you had expected in your undergraduate education, use this MBA essay to show how and what have you learned from this experience. Everyone tends to make certain mistakes. However, the ability to handle and how you deal with the mistakes can show a lot to the admissions committee – determination, discipline, success, resilience. These qualities will surely do you well in your MBA studies and later in life as well. Be sure that you explain your negatives points. But do not try to justify them and cover up the mistakes. That is a sign of immaturity.

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Professional experiences and achievements

Since you are entering a professional MBA degree program, you must have had professional and personal accomplishments to jot down in the essay. Point up your professional skills and successes along with relevant personal achievements. Discuss how the mentioned experiences and achievements have shaped you as a confident person, and how they have influenced your thoughts about pursuing MBA. 

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Respect the word count

How seriously should you respect the word count also acknowledges you more as an individual. When you are provided with a word limit for an essay, you are often expected to respect it. Nevertheless, a slight variation should be ignored. For instance, some schools and colleges may state that a ±5-10% deviation of word limit is acceptable. However, we recommend that you do not exceed it while writing the essay. One must avoid the use of repetition of facts that he or she has already mentioned in their resume. Allow the essay to be unique and concise at the same time.

Practice proofreading

After the process of reading your own essay a number of times, it is still natural to develop blind spots. Hence, in order to avoid that, proofreading is a necessary tool. The process usually involves the deep checking of punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Language and tone is checked thoroughly as well. Having a professional pair of eyes to review your piece of writing can also prove useful. 

Conclusion on why an MBA essay is written

From the final analysis, the concept and why an MBA essay is constructed is clearly determined. MBA is the short form for a degree program, Master of Business Administration.

The main aim of writing an MBA essay is for the Admission Committee of the school to get to know more about the student in detail besides his/her GMAT scores. The article also mentions tips on how to craft a good MBA essay. It is true that the essay has the power to speak for the individual. Get the best MBA essay writing services and MBA essay editing services from the experts at low charges.

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