How To Write Analysis Essay – A Comprehensive Guide


You have often been asked to analyze something like a place, a company, a movie, an event, and a book. There are times when you had a chance to choose the topic of your choice from several analysis essay topics. 

So, what makes this type of essay different from other types? How to write good analysis essay? What do you need to include in your analytical essay? You will get the answer to all these queries as you continue reading this blog.

The analytic essay is not just about a simple summary and explanation. Instead of telling the audience the situation’s circumstances, the analytic essay requires you to examine the information and evaluate it. In different words, the analytic essay doesn’t just ask what, when, and where; it asks how and why. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything you want to know regarding How to write good analysis essay. But before that let us see what an analysis essay is.

What Is An Analysis Essay?

Analysis means breaking things into parts or discussing something so that it becomes an analysis of the whole. An analytical essay type is a bit difficult and differs from other kinds of essays. Its main goal is to explain something bit by bit so that readers can understand it easily. 

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An analytical essay is mainly written about analyzing something like a place, a company, a movie, an event, a book or a process, or an idea. However, in literature, it is a critical analysis of some literary text that is done to enhance its understanding.


Analysis essays are among the more challenging types of essays because of their technical nature. Therefore, here are some of the analysis essay examples to better understand writing one of your own.
Forrest Gump, a landmark film by Robert Zemeckis released in 1994, is included by several people as a moral tale of great insight. A short history of celebritySmoking banWhy people get plastic surgeryUrban Farming

Types of Analytical Essay

  1. Cause and Effect: One way of examining something is to explain the causes and effect of something on other things.
  2. Comparison and Contrast: This is another way of analyzing something is to compare and contrast something.
  3. Classification: To learn the nature classification is another way of analyzing things.
  4. Process: Process is also another kind of analysis writing.
  5. Definition: For analyzing the nature of things, defining things is also another way.

What Is the Purpose of an Analysis Essay?

The main purpose behind writing Analytical essays serves two purposes, one for the reader and one for the writer. Usually, teachers and professors assign analysis papers to students to help their writing and thinking skills. Analytical essays enhance a student’s writing skills and improve their understanding of a particular topic.

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These essays also help readers. Magazines and Newspapers routinely publish significant analysis essays to help the readers make sense of the day’s news. 

Analysis essays enable writers, who may be specialists in their areas, to teach their fellow citizens on politics, culture, art, economics, architecture, and other important subjects.

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How to Structure Your Analytical Essay

Just like other essays, analysis essays also have the same structure. With a catchy eye introduction (including a thesis), some body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Below we have provided the outline to follow when structuring your analysis essay, and in the next section, we will discuss how to write good analysis essay.
A hookShort background details describing the subject/textYour thesis
Body Paragraph
An introductory sentence describing what you will include in the paragraph (kind of mini-thesis)Analysis pointEvidence that supports the analysisRepeat analysis and evidence
Summary of thesisReview of important points of analysisFinal concluding thoughts

How To Write Good Analysis Essay

The most successful analytical essays have a distinct point of view, are well organized around the main point, discuss counter-arguments, and are entirely backed up with primary and secondary sources. 

Here is a stepwise guide on how to write good analysis essay. Follow these tips to break down things into manageable steps. 

Pick your point of view

No matter what topic you choose and what you choose as your main point of view, provide to anchor your complete analysis essay around a single thesis statement.

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Write an Eye catchy introduction

If your introduction is engaging, then the reader will take more interest. Therefore, your opening paragraph is good enough to capture the reader’s interest. 

A good introduction always starts with a hook such as a start with a question or a bold statement and gives a global context, describing questions that your analysis will begin with. 

A good introduction ends with a thesis statement that works as the north star for the whole essay.

Organize the body of your essay

Once you are done writing an introduction for your analysis essay, it’s time for you to write the body paragraph. All body paragraphs should serve the primary goal of establishing your thesis statement, either by giving background information, delving into details, or presenting different viewpoints. 

The number of body paragraphs will vary depending on the scope of your essay. The analysis essay structure is important as the essay’s subject; therefore, take your time to plan each body paragraph.

Populate your essay with evidence

Make sure the main body of your essay has a mixture of matter and analysis. You cannot convince your readers by making definitive statements if there is no solid evidence to back it up. 

Therefore, it is crucial to support the central points of your analysis with solid evidence used from both primary and secondary sources. 

Summarize your Essay

Whether you are trying to get good grades or just to give your readers a pleasant reading experience, conclude your analysis essay with a concluding paragraph that recaps your argument. 

This final section is not the place to add new evidence. Instead, it is the final impression of your entire essay. Remind your readers of the most important points and leave them with some last words for consideration.


From the above discussion, I hope you got a clear idea of how to write good analysis essay. We have also given some examples for your convenience. Keep all the points in mind before you start writing any kind of analysis essay. 

The analytic essay is not just about a simple review and explanation. Instead of telling the audience the situation’s circumstances, the analytical essay requires you to examine the information and evaluate it.

In case you need analysis essay help, you can get in touch with us or you can leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of an analytical essay?

Like every other type of essay, an analytical essay consists of three main parts i.e., an introduction, main body paragraph, the conclusion.

How To Write Good Analysis Essay?

Pick your point of view
Write an Eye-catchy introduction
Organize the body of your essay
Populate your essay with evidence
Summarize your Essay

What is analysis in writing?

When you are asked to write an analysis, it is not enough to summarize. Analysis means separating things into their various parts and then asking critical thinking questions such as HOW and WHO in order to reach some outcomes of your own essay writing.

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