A Realistic Take On Making Money Online Using AI

A Realistic Take On Making Money Online Using AI

Using AI is like a sandbox game mode for building businesses online. You get to create whatever you want. There are only two questions you need to ask to lay the foundations.

What do I want?” and “How do I get it?”.

Both are broad questions. We’re here to narrow it down. If your answer to “What do I want?” is “I want to make money online using AI”. This article will help answer “How do I get it?”. 

5 Realistic Ways to Use AI to Make Money Online

Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT became the catalyst for thousands of influencers creating 60-second shorts on TikTok and YouTube about generating “passive income” online. Unfortunately, most lack a crucial aspect—realism.

The question “How to make money with AI” might be the wrong answer. Maybe, you should ask “How do I leverage my skills in conjunction with AI to create sustainable businesses?”. AI alone won’t make you money. A 60-second clip won’t be enough. 

But, if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and commitment—here are five ways you can get money online with the help of AI. 

Building a Website

Zero developer skills? No problem. As long as you have a solid concept, building websites becomes a breeze thanks to AI. You can use several drag-and-drop site builders like Elementor or more customizable builders like Oxygen. 

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Moreover, with the assistance of Experro DXP , you can enhance your website-building experience even further.AI can help you create custom CSS and javascript tailored to your needs. Let’s use an example. I made a countdown timer inside a button using an AI script generator

I promoted chatGPT to create a Javascript that displays a countdown timer on a button for one week. It also showed detailed instructions on how to apply this to my button. Cool stuff.

But, you still need to learn the basics of web design. Once you’ve got that down, use AI tools to help you create elements for your site. You can make money from selling the site, selling products on the site, or affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing

The majority of “passive income” videos you’ve seen are probably about affiliate marketing. You get a small commission for every customer that clicked on your link and buys a product. The most popular strategies for affiliate marketing include blog posts, social media, or videos. 

Regardless of the medium, you need to attract an audience. The quickest and most cost-effective way to do so for each is through high-value content. You need lots of it if you want to compete. AI can help you scale your content creation

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Use AI to create engaging copy for your products or streamline content creation for blogs. It can even help you brainstorm ideas for videos. Don’t use AI to write everything. There are tools that can easily detect AI-written content. You’re going to need a human element to make it authentic. 

Answer Questions for Students at Scale

It’s about time you get some ROI from school. Find websites where you get paid for doing students’ assignments. This ranges anywhere from writing essays to answering complex math equations. AI can easily do both. 

As a rule of thumb, verify the answers. For essays, make sure to edit. Fact-check everything. Again, don’t just use AI to write the entire essay. Professors can detect that easily. You can use AI to build an outline you can fill in yourself or try specific prompts to try and avoid detection. 

Sites like Livingston Research pay around $10-ish dollars per 300 words for high school and college-level case studies and essays. 

Freelance ATS Resume Writer

ATS or Application Tracking System is a search engine dedicated to streamlining the hiring process. Your job as a freelance ATS resume writer is optimizing resumes for ATS. It’s like SEO for resumes. Like SEO, you need to optimize resumes for specific keywords.

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A big part of this job is also ensuring an ATS-compliant formatted resume. This helps boosts a candidate’s visibility and ranking in the system. AI helps you create outlines and the necessary formatting for ATS. 

Write a prompt asking for an outline of a resume that’s formatted for ATS. Fill in the prompts using the information your client has and let the AI complete the resume for you. Afterward, edit everything and make it more engaging. People are charging $10-$50 on sites like Upwork. 

Build a Social Media Brand

Ever seen screenshots of Tweets circulating on social media platforms like Facebook and IG? A lot of them aren’t even real Tweets—a lot of them is AI generated too. But they still get traction!

Twitter threads with high-value content like this from Ali Abdaal, are also AI-generated!

Organic traffic doesn’t get much love on platforms that favor paid ads. High-quality content won’t be enough. You also need volume to keep up. AI helps you scale the volume of your content. 

Key Takeaways

There’s no easy way to make “passive income”. But, as long as you have the outline for an idea, no matter how wacky or weird—AI can help you streamline the work needed to help it come to life. When you’re ready to commit, you can try the following:

  • Building a website using AI to create custom CSS or javascript. 
  • Creating high-quality content at scale using AI to streamline the process. 
  • Answering high school and college level assignments.
  • Writing ATS-optimized resumes.
  • Building a social media brand.
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