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Undoubtedly, writing a critical analysis exhibits your critical-thinking powers. These skills are essential for the completion of some educational courses and functioning in the academic field. It can be as a critic or in some managerial post. It can also enhance one’s decision-making process.

In this blog, we will discuss what the concept of critical analysis is and offer some suggestions for writing tips. It will also provide a well-written critical analysis essay example. This example will demonstrate how a critical analysis essay example is written that further flaunts your critical thinking skills in the area of work.

We are certain that reading this essay example of a critical analysis can assist you to study the best format and persuasive skills for authoring your own analyses in the future.

What is the meaning of the critical analysis essay example?

Critical analysis can be defined as a detailed examination and evaluation of someone’s thoughts or work. It is called subjective writing as it expresses your understanding and analysis of the work by studying each part of it. To give an example, one may author a critical analysis to review a literature, a film or TV series. It can also be a business program, an artistic painting or even a student’s academic report.

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Usually, a critical analysis is presented in the form of an essay or a research paper. Good critical analysis critiques the work in an equal way that puts focus on its positive and negative aspects.

Tips on how to draft a well-written critical analysis essay example

The following are some standard tips for writing a critical analysis essay example. Make sure to always include these five tips into your writing pieces in order to improve your critical analysis essay:

Refer to outline

Referring to the critical outline through the process of writing can assist one to be attentive and cover all the ideas one intends to. It also makes the essay easier to follow.

Use of transitional words

Using transitional words and phrases, for example, “thus” and “in addition” help your writing to go with the flow and also to build connections between your thoughts.

Write concisely

Drafting your essay concisely has the power to make your writing appear persuasive to the readers as well as clear to understand.

Write sensibly

The critical analyses you write must be arranged in a way that makes sense to your chain of thinking.

Write in third-person

Unless you are told to write in another point of view, critical analysis should always be written in third-person point of view.

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The following is a critical analysis essay example

Since we have learnt about the tips for drafting critical analyses, the blog will now come across the main section, which is, providing a critical analysis essay example. Before you start critically analysing the given work, it is important that you have a good understanding of the same. For instance, if your work involves critically analysing a movie, you may want to watch the movie several times. Try to determine the directors motive and principle ideas and how deftly has it been portrayed in the film.

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It is always a good idea to take notes in order to refer to them during the writing process. Moreover, thorough research will help one in understanding the film better. Given below is a short critical analysis essay example on a poem. This essay focuses on the famous sonnet ‘Ozymandias’. It was written by Percy Byssche Shelley.

Ozymandias: As Relevant Today as It Was a Couple of Years Ago

Percy Byssche Shelley’s famous poem, Ozymandias, was published in the year 1818, but its relevance is evident even today. In the poem, a speaker speaks of a ruined statue of a forgotten ruler who believed that his deeds would make him eternal in the eyes of history. Without directly stating it, the poem questions the readers whether the present evolution and the actions of ordinary individuals will also be forgotten just like this great emperor. Even today, after 200 years, this particularly relevant question is still seeking an answer.

In the first part of Ozymandias, the speaker tells one about his acquaintance with a traveller. The traveller then turns to be the speaker for the remaining parts of the poem. Reading this classic poem feels like reading a History book. It makes it seem as if an actual event had taken place.

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Furthermore, the traveller describes viewing the statue’s face. Its facial expressions manage to illustrate the personality of the leader. The words appear on the foundation of the statue. It emphasizes the expressions on the face saying “My name is Ozymandias, king of the kings.

The final lines of the poem suggest the brevity of the fame he received as well as highlights the short memory of the literary society. This poem is just as memorable and relevant as it was the day it was published for the public.

Conclusion on critical analysis essay example

From the above discussion, the concept and how to write a well-drafted critical analysis essay example is explained. The blog also points out an essay example of the same. We can also say that critical analysis is similar to critical thinking. It is a thorough evaluation of someone else’s work or ideas.

A critical analysis can be done of any given piece of writing. It must be able to capture the writer’s main thesis. Make sure to incorporate the 5 useful tips above in your critical analysis essay to make it appear better. Critical analysis requires you to do a lot of research before starting the work. Get the best analytical essay writing service from the experts to get high quality solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a critical analysis essay example?

Critical analysis is a subjective writing that highlights the detailed examination of someone’s thoughts and ideas. Basically, it is a thorough review of any write-up. Research is very important in this field.

What are some standard tips for writing a critical analysis essay?

Some useful tips given in this blog are writing the essay logically and concisely, using transitional expressions and to always present a critical analysis in third-person point of view. We suggest you scroll up for reading the tips in detail.

For instance, while critically analysing a film, what steps must be taken?

Before one starts writing the critical analysis of a film, it is necessary to view it several times. Attempt to find out the filmmakers’ main idea or motive behind each scene. It is essential to research deeply as well as to take notes of the film.

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