How to Make an Effective Analysis Essay Outline


Any type of essay is a daunting task for the students. They feel stressed when they are assigned to write an essay or assignment for high school and college. Whether you are a master of writing, still the blank page is terrifying, especially when writing an analysis essay. In this scenario, an outline is your bosom friend. It helps you write an essay in a structured way, even if you are writing your life’s first and last essay. 

An Analysis essay outline provides you a point to start and a proper format to follow.This blog will give the perfect tips to write an analysis essay and create an outline for it. But before that, we should know what an analysis essay is.

Definition of Analytical Essay

The analytical essay is the analysis of the textual or visual document. It focuses on the process of something or the evolution of something. It specifies how text is written and how work is accomplished. The analytical essay can be named as Rhetorical Analysis or Critical analysis.

One thing you have to remember is that an analytical essay is neither an argumentative essay nor a summary. You do not need to be persuasive in this essay or convince anybody to change their perspective. Here you are required to narrate how an author portrayed his work. So to write such a type of writing, you must have an analysis essay outline/work plan. With the help of this work plan, you can overcome the difficulties in the way of your writing. You can present your argument and then analyze it quickly with an outline.

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For instance, when you are writing about a movie, you have to analyze how the producer produced, and the director directed it. In addition, you need to analyze the ways they are used to make the movie and its impacts on the population.

Steps to create an analysis essay outline

Whether academic or analytical, every essay needs an organized structure of the content to read and understand it easily. So for this purpose, an outline is created to shape all the information relevant to the topic. Let’s have a look at the steps of outlining.

Make an exciting Introduction

We cannot overlook the importance of an introduction in any type of essay. It is when you can grab the reader’s attention by providing an accessible and interesting introduction. You need to explain the thesis and brief description of your evidence to prove your point of view. Your introduction should include a hook line, a thesis statement, and support.

Hook line

The hook line is the first and foremost sentence of your essay. It compels the reader to read further by creating excitement. You can write background information of the topic like statistics or anecdotes related to the question in a hook line. Furthermore, you can pose a question, represent facts or controversy relevant to the topic. 

It is easy to find a hook when you finish your essay writing because now you have a detailed view in front of you, and you can make a perfect hook line that suits your question.

Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement is a significant statement/sentence of any essay. It confines your extensive content into a particular goal. It gives the idea to the reader what the reader is going to read or what the writer is going to write. Here you specify your point of view and make the reader clear about your perception.

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Involve Supporting facts

In your essay, you have to briefly describe your supporting ideas or facts in your thesis statement. You do so to express how you recall the thesis. In an extensive essay, the thesis line may be more than one. In this case, each thesis should have its supportive facts. 

However, you have to give further details of these supporting facts in the essay’s body paragraphs. The number of supporting facts depends on what you have to say rather than the number of paragraphs.


The body is the most significant part of your essay because you include all the researched content like a topic sentence, main idea, supportive idea, elaboration, and sum up in this part.

It is the structure of the thesis statement. Your body should have three body paragraphs for an analytical essay. All the paragraphs should be unique or full of various concepts. Avoid repetition of the arguments in the body paragraphs. If you are making three body paragraphs, each paragraph should involve-

  • Topic Sentence
  • Proof
  • Interconnection
  • Transformation

Topic Sentence

 A topic sentence is a claim for your paragraph. It is an opening sentence of your body paragraph. You have to write about your main topic in the first line. It tells the reader that a further paragraph will be about elaborating your Claim or topic sentence.


Evidence is the information that supports your main idea. The evidence could be theories, studies, experiments, surveys, etc. You present evidence to strengthen your perspective. It provides a solid framework for your thesis.

Interconnection (elaboration)

When you state the evidence to support your essay, you need to answer “why” to the reader. If you are using quotes, examples, or paraphrases, then explain why these are vital. It is significant to connect the evidence and argument together to create cohesion within the analysis content.

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Now, to move on to the next paragraph, you have to present a rational transformation. This transformation depends on the flow of your previous paragraph. You can include it in the last line of the previous paragraph or at the beginning of the next paragraph. When you proved your first argument or idea now you have to consider another argument in the next paragraph.


This is the last paragraph of your essay. In this section, you summarize your essay, revise your main ideas and restate the thesis statement. This is the last time when you can impress the reader. Make a solid and relevant conclusion. Don’t use complex sentences and difficult words in your conclusion. Try to make it simple and precise.

Finally, when you worked on planning effectively, you began your objective writing process quickly. If you have a perfect analysis essay outline, it will be like a piece of cake for you to write.

Template of an Analysis Essay outline

Hook line
Thesis Statement
Supporting Facts
Body Paragraph 1
Topic sentence/claim
Main Idea/argument
Supportive Idea (evidence)
Elaboration (why)
Example (studies, survey, discoveries)
Sum up 
Central Idea
Thesis statement

Sum up

In this blog, we explored the steps for an analysis essay outline which is very important before writing an essay. It gives you an organized way to express your ideas regarding the given question/topic. In order to write an impressive and great essay, a perfect outline is imperative. I hope you are eligible to make an outline for your essay after reading this blog. Get the best business paper writing services from the experts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an analysis essay in simple words?

An analysis essay is an academic paper that high school/college teachers assigned the students to analyze a particular topic. The student needs to introduce both advantages and disadvantages of the given topic/issue. The primary purpose of this essay is to discuss the points on a selected topic as answers to a group of questions.

What are the tips for writing an analysis essay?

Choose a topic( consider your interest)
Do research (use credible and reliable sources for the research)
Collect the relevant points/information( gather the information from discoveries, surveys, studies, etc.)
outline (structure your content)
write an introduction(start from a hook line and do a thesis)
Body(detailed information of the issue)
Conclusion (summarize your essay, ideas)
Do proofreading(filter your essay, remove extra words, sentences, correct your spellings.
Submit it within the guidelines.

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