What are the Applications of Math in Everyday Life

applications of math

According to a survey report, some students find that mathematics is a complicated subject, whereas others find it an interesting subject.

But, as everyone knows, math has a significant role in managing the different tasks of life.

There is a lot of importance of mathematics in our life.

Therefore, they learn different concepts of mathematics in math classes.

Besides everyday life, there are various applications of math that are useful for a wide range of academic subjects.

It means that if a student fails to learn mathematics, they might also struggle with other subjects.

There are several concepts that include maths, such as weighing, understanding chemical formulas, analyzing marketing data, measuring, drafting, and calculating statistics.

Besides, there is the possibility that students’ might have limited career options if they do not have the knowledge of basic mathematics.

There is a list of some of the daily tasks that involve the applications of math in everyday life:

  • Balancing the checkbook.
  • Preparing food.
  • Understanding loans for trucks, schooling, cars, homes, or other purposes.
  • Understanding sports (being team statistics and a player).
  • Baking.
  • Sewing.
  • Managing money.
  • Shopping for the best price.
  • Figuring out time, distance, and cost for travel.
  • Playing music.
  • Home decorating.
  • Gardening and landscaping.

The applications of math in everyday life (academics)

Science and Technology

Mathematics and science are correlated to each other, especially in the areas of astronomy, chemistry, and physics.

Students who do not have knowledge of basic arithmetics might struggle to read scientific graphs and charts.

Complex maths like algebra, geometry, and calculus, help the students to solve complex chemistry problems, learning the movements of the universe’s planets, and analyzing scientific studies.

Besides this, mathematics plays an important role in practical sciences, like computer science and engineering.

During academic studies, students need to solve different equations while writing computer programming and figure out the algorithms; therefore, maths is necessary to study these subjects.

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Let’s take an example of math and science. Engineers use maths while they need to make the balanced and working machine. Whenever a mechanical engineer builds a bike, a car, or any vehicle, they use math and advanced physics concepts. Math is used to solve queries related to geometry or figuring out material-related problems. Moreover, engineers need to keep in mind the gravity factor in measuring the air resistance during the vehicle’s speed.

Literature and Writing

You might be thinking of how mathematics is related to literature, but you might not know the arithmetics equations help the students to understand poetry better.

The number of words, the meter of poetry involved in a single line, and the effects of rhythm on the readers also involve the mathematics calculations.

Besides this, there are other uses of math in everyday life, like it helps the students to plan the reading of the assignments in literature classes.

By managing the average reading time and predicting how much time a paragraph can take to read.

Therefore, the logical thinking used for math problems aids students in writing in a more logical and clear manner.

Let’s take an example of it. While a person writes something, it is always necessary that he/she must have clarity about what they are going to write. Apart from this, they must have correct communication skills so that the writing idea can be cleared to the reader. Now, maths plays an important role in writing as it helps in organizing the writing. Here, organizing means writing the paper in proper sequence and delivering a point after a point. This helps the reader to understand the flow of the writing, just as Fibonacci’s sequence.

Social Studies

During the classes of social science, subjects like history need students to analyze and review the graphs and charts which offer historical information or data about the ethnic groups.

Whereas, in geography class, students require to know how the elevation of a particular field affects the population and much more.

Knowledge of basic math formulas and terms makes the students access the statistical data of the social science subject.

As per Adams, the fair treatment stem in social science can be modeled with the help of the below formula:
Here, the input is what the company’s employees put in their job (such as loyalty, effort, and so on). On the other hand, the output is what the company employees get back (such as job security, salary, and so on).
Therefore, we can say that math application also lies in the social science subject that might seem to learn without using mathematics.

The Arts

The students who want to pursue their career in music, art, theater, or dance can take the benefit of the basic math knowledge.

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The rhythm of the music also follows the complex math series; therefore, math helps the students to learn the rhythm of music and dance that are used in theater and ballet performances.

The study of the art involves the study of geometry; therefore, the students who have knowledge of basic geometry formulas can easily craft impressive art features.

Also, each photographer uses mathematics to measure the focal length, exposure time, shutter speed, and lighting angles to take the photos.

It has been seen that there are various formulas, such as Fibonacci’s sequence, that are used to draw a specific pattern. Apart from this, activities like dancing also need mathematics to learn the steps that need to perform to represent the dancing steps. Therefore, it is always necessary that an artist must have basic knowledge of math. 

The applications of math in everyday life (besides academics) 

Managing Money

The skills that are learned in algebra classes can be used to manage the money as it consists of calculating compound interest and simple interest.

Therefore, one can utilize these skills to organize their money; besides this, this helps the individuals to select the best bank offers.

Along with this, they can decide which of the credit cards can be best to use for their expenditures.

The person who wants to take a loan requires to understand the basic concept of interest.

The uses of math in everyday life can help to figure out the possible methods to invest and save money.

How math help in saving money
Let’s take a “penny jar challenge.”
Each day put your spare pennies within a jar for a year. [Like Day 1 = 1 penny, and so on]Keep track of how much you have put within the jar every day.Be consistent and develop the habit of saving as much money as you can.Count the money you saved in a year.
This is the money that you have saved without facing any issue. Moreover, you can use the 70 20 10 formula to save money in which you can spend 70% of your income for expenditure, 20% to save money, and 10% on investment, charity, or any other things.

Recreational sports

Trigonometry and geometry can help individuals to enhance their skills in sports as it helps them to know the possible ways to make a basket, hit a ball, or run around a track.

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The basic understanding of the mathematical subject also aids the sportspersons to keep track of the sports scores.

In the basketball game, the players use math to improve their performance. The concepts of angles and percentages are used to achieve the goal of ball shooting into the basket. With the help of the most logical percentage of shots with an accurate angle, one can easily find which player will score the maximum baskets.


Another example of the applications of math in everyday life is cooking; for example, people use ratios and proportions to make the right measurements for each recipe.

If any of the recipes need ⅓ of a cup of milk, then a cook needs to measure the value of double or half of ⅓ of a cup.

Suppose you want to make a recipe that needs 2 cups of choco chips, but you do not have enough of it. So, you decide to add 1/3 cup of coconut and 1/6 cup of almond. Then you find that your recipe has enough quality to add. Now, find out how many cups of choco you have for the recipe.
As per the statement:
2 – 1/3 -1/6= 12/6 – 2/6 -1/6= 9/6=1 and 1/2
It means that you had 1 and a half cups of choco for the recipe.
Now, you can see how you can use the math formula for cooking as well.


It is necessary to know the basic applications of math in everyday life while one is going shopping.

Let’s take an example of it; whenever one wants to buy a new computer, it is necessary to figure out which of the stores is offering the best financing or best price.

Therefore, math can play an important role in reaching the best deal of various items.

These kinds of mathematical skills are useful as it aids to measure the different discounts so that one can buy an item at reasonable prices.

PRO TIP: You can teach your children about different shapes while doing the shopping.
Tell your kids to pick the cookies with a square shape and select the different things with shapes like rectangles, circles, and more. This is how you can use math to make your kids familiar with the different shapes and sizes. 

At the store, ask your child questions to focus her attention on the shapes that you see. Ask her to find, for example, items that have circles or triangles on them or boxes that are in the form of a cube or a rectangular solid.

Applications Of Math In Engineering

Here are some applications of maths in engineering – every engineering student must know:

1. Calculations and Design

Engineers use math to design structures, machines, and systems. They perform calculations for load distribution, stress analysis, and fluid dynamics to ensure safe and efficient designs.

Example: Engineers use calculus to determine the stress on a bridge and ensure it can withstand heavy traffic.

2. Modeling and Simulation

Math enables engineers to create computer models and simulations. This helps them predict behavior, optimize designs, and test scenarios without building physical prototypes.

Example: Using differential equations, engineers simulate how a car’s suspension responds to different road conditions.

3. Control Systems

Math is essential for designing control systems in various industries, such as robotics and manufacturing. Engineers use feedback loops and linear algebra to ensure stable and precise operations.

Example: In a self-driving car, engineers use linear control theory to keep the vehicle on track.

4. Electrical Circuits and Signals

Electrical engineers apply complex numbers and differential equations to analyze and design circuits and signal processing systems.

Example: Engineers use Fourier transforms to analyze signals and remove noise from audio recordings.

5. Optimization and Efficiency

Math helps engineers optimize designs and processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency in various applications.

Example: Math is used to find the most efficient route for a delivery truck, saving time and fuel.

Applications of Math in Finance

Here are some applications of maths in finance – every finance student must know:

1. Investment Analysis

Math analyzes investment opportunities, calculates returns, and assesses risk. Financial professionals employ concepts like compound interest and probability to make informed decisions.

Example: Financial analysts use algebraic equations to determine the future value of an investment with varying interest rates.

2. Risk Management

Math plays a crucial role in modeling and managing financial risks. It helps in pricing insurance products, assessing market volatility, and developing risk mitigation strategies.

Example: Actuaries use probability theory to calculate insurance premiums based on certain events’ likelihood.

3. Portfolio Optimization

Math helps investors create diversified portfolios that balance risk and return. Optimization techniques, such as the efficient frontier, assist in selecting the best mix of assets.

Example: By using linear programming, investors can identify the optimal allocation of assets to achieve the highest return for a given level of risk.

4. Derivatives Pricing

Mathematics is essential in pricing financial derivatives, such as options and futures contracts. Complex mathematical models, like the Black-Scholes equation, are used to determine fair prices and assess risk exposure.

Example: The Black-Scholes model is used to figure out the possible price of an option by using partial differential equations.

5. Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Mathematics is widely employed in building financial models to forecast future trends, analyze business performance, and make strategic decisions. Time series analysis, regression, and other statistical techniques are used for accurate predictions.

Example: Financial analysts use regression analysis to predict a company’s future revenue based on historical sales data.


This blog has mentioned various applications of math in everyday life that are based on academic studies and besides academics.

As one can see that there are various ways to use mathematics in everyday life.

Therefore it becomes necessary to have basic knowledge of maths subjects.

So that one can easily use it to perform several works with ease.

If you have any issue with the mathematical and want math homework help online or related to any other subject’s assignments, then you can avail of our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is National 5 applications of mathematics?

National 5 Applications of Maths has been divided into three main work units: Finance & Statistics, Numeracy, and Geometry & Measure. This course is considered challenging and tests the students’ numerical skills in both a calculator and a formal non-calculator exam.

What is the meaning of application in mathematics?

Applied mathematics is applying mathematical techniques in various fields like engineering, physics, medicine, business, biology, industry, and computer science. Therefore, applied mathematics is a blend of specialized knowledge and mathematical science.

Why is math so difficult for me?

Math considers as a difficult subject because it needs energy and time. Several people do not have enough time to “get” into the math lessons, and as a result, they lack behind. On the other hand, several people can do studies with more complex concepts. We usually fail with a weak structure that also leads to frustration. As concepts do not get cleared to us and we feel demotivated to study the subject.

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