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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of different topics like quantity, structure, space, and changes, etc. Math is present all around us and in everything we do. There are various formulas in mathematics which are used in our daily life. Math is the foundation of statistics, accounting, computer science, and the latest technology. You can't imagine the world without math. That is why industries around the world widely use it.

Different categories of Math

There are two categories of math

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
Pure Mathematics

Maths is an Art, and Pure math is the backbone of mathematics. It is defined as a particular part of Mathematics that is done without immediate consideration of the direct application. Finance, economics are existing examples of areas to which pure mathematics is applied significantly. Pure Maths have more branches. And some of them are listed below: -


In algebra, abstract methods are used to study what are known as discrete structures. It has a long history of essential applications throughout mathematics, science, and engineering, and has also been considered for its intrinsic features. With the advent of computers, discrete structures have become important, and algebraic methods have become increasingly useful.

Mathematical analysis

Mathematical analysis handle approximation of particular mathematical objects–like numbers of similar functions, etc.


Geometry is the first field of mathematics, and of course, the oldest of all sciences. Initially, this mathematical aspect was studied to know the physical world. However, geometry is greater than far beyond physical applications, and it is not unreasonable to say that geometric ideas and methods have filled other fields of mathematics too.

Number theory

Number theory is interested in the basic properties of numbers. Many complicated problems in number theory can be easily formulated with the help of the equation (xn+yn=zn) for where x, y, and z are variables, and n is a real or imaginary number.

Applied Mathematics

Applied Maths is a mathematical approach to solve different problems, commonly found in fields like Physical science, engineering, computer science, etc. It is the application of mathematics in real-world situations. It performs dual goals.

Types of Mathematics Assignment Help From Our math experts

Elementary Math assignment help

It is the necessary level of mathematics. In this type of assignment, the students need to solve basic algebra, geometry, and number equations. Our experts can assist the students in clearing their doubts and scoring high grades in their exams.

High School Math Assignment Help

In this assignment, the students need to solve a few advanced mathematics problems, i.e., geometry, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and probability. The students require some skills to solve all the problems related to their assignments. But don't worry, you need to pay some amount to get the best help in your math assignment.

College Math Assignment Help

This type of math assignment involves advanced mathematics i.e., advanced statistics, 3D geometry, advanced calculus, differentiation, integration, and lots more. Most of the students find it difficult for them to solve college math assignments. Here we have the most skilled and experienced math experts who can solve the complicated mathematics assignment within the given deadline and perfection.

Math Topics Cover in Our Math Assignment Help

Math is one of the vast subjects in the world. There are lots of branches of mathematics from basic to advanced. And we cover almost every topic of math, including elementary education to the doctorate level. Here are some of the crucial topic cover in our math assignment help:-

Geometry and Topology assignment help

Geometry and Topology deal with shapes, size, figure, and positions. Both of these subjects are concerned with similar properties like shapes, sizes, positions, and figures. But Topology is one step further from geometry. It also deals with various object properties, i.e., bending, twisting, stitching, and so on. We have geometry assignment help experts who will help you to get good grades in geometry and Topology.

3D Geometry assignment help

3D geometry involves all the coordinates, i.e., X coordinate, Y coordinate, Z coordinate. In 3D geometry, we draw the mathematics shapes in 3D space. Our experts have good command over 3D geometry assignment help, so don't worry about the quality they provide high-quality assignments to the students.

Calculus assignment help

Calculus is divided into two parts, i.e., differential calculus and integral calculus. And both of this calculus is widely used in the field of engineering. Therefore we are here to offer you the best calculus assignment help within our limited budget.

Algebra assignment help

It is widely used in geometry. The basic concept of algebra is to represent the value of symbols and numbers. And then implement the formulas of the equation. We offer the best algebra assignment help to the students at nominal charges..

Trigonometry assignment help

Trigonometry is used with the right angle triangle. It involves the relationship between the sides of a triangle. Our experts have the keen skills to provide you with the best quality trigonometry assignment help. Get the best mathematics assignment help now.

Combinatorics assignment help

When we need to analyze the algorithm, then we use the combinatorics. It is one of the best mathematical methods to obtain formulas that are used to analyze computer algorithms. Our experts are ready to provide you the best combinatorics assignment help.

Number theory assignment help

It is the study of integers that deals with different properties of numbers. Our experts provide basic to advanced number theory assignment help to the students. Get the best mathematics assignment help now.

Differential assignment help

The differential equation is widely used in the field of engineering. The basic concept behind differential equations is to define the relationship between the two different objects. The differential equation relates one or more functions and derivatives of different objects.

Permutation and Combination assignment help

Permutation and combination are playing a vital role in the field of sports. It is used to create the league schedule in any game. We also use it to make choices in our life. But permutation and combination are not that easy; therefore, we have the experts to solve your assignment problems related to permutation and combination.

Probability and Statistics assignment help

Probability and statistics are interrelated with each other. There are various types of probability that might be tough for the students to understand. On the other hand, statistics is also a tough subject. But don't worry, we have the experts for you. You can avail of the best engineering mathematics assignment help now.

Computation assignment help

As the name suggests, it deals with computer oriented methods. The primary role of computation is to deal with various algorithms of computers that use both arithmetic and non-arithmetical steps. We have computation assignment experts who can solve the most complicated assignment within a few minutes.

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There Are lots of real-world applications of polynomial functions.

We know that there are many real-world applications of polynomial functions. In the business world, the demand, profit, and revenue are modeled by polynomial functions. It also helps the architecture to design the bridge and other structures. Apart from that, the demographer uses polynomial functions to predict the trends.

  1. In the first step, all you need to do is research over the internet to find out how polynomial functions are used in the real world. You need to discuss in at least 4 to 5 sentences.
  2. In the second step, create a polynomial application problem*. You should keep in mind that the problem should be at grade 12 Advanced Functions level***. Also, make sure that you are doing the level four math for this math assignment.

Provide the solution in your worlds with the proper explanations of the problems. It will help you, classmates, to attempt the problems because they have the solution available.

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