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Top 7 Most Powerful Data Analytics Tools For Beginners

Data Analytics can be defined as a process of working on data to gather information through arranging such data in the correct manner which can be presented in a meaningful way. Data Analysis plays a very important role while taking decisions. Most businessmen rely on data provided to make decisions. Accordingly, it is very much necessary to know that the data is correctly interpreted, evaluated, and organised to make data presentable. Data can be analysed through the adoption of two methods namely qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Interviews and observation can be done for qualitative analysis.  Surveys and experiments can be conducted for data analytics tools.

In the current scenario data analysis is deemed as core practice of organisation. Nowadays, it is very challenging to choose the right data analytics tools. It needs to consider several factors while choosing the data analytic tools. Under the data analysis process, the first thing is to understand the data and remove unnecessary things. Once removing unnecessary data, it needs to select data sources, table, and column within them and replicate them to a data warehouse for creation of a single source for analytics.

List of data analytics tools has been described below:


R Programming is a type of data analytics tool which can be used to analyse statistical data. It is one of leading analytic tools of data analytics tools. It helps to manipulate the data and present in several ways. Capacity of data, performance and outcome can be exceeded through R- programming. R -Programming have 11556 packages which are categories and users can choose as per their preference. One of the easy things is that it can be installed automatically as required and it also can be assembled with big data. It is also compiled with several platforms such as Windows, UNIX and MacOS.

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Tableau Public

It is one of the data analytic tools which is available free in the market. Tableau is a type of data analytical tool which can be used to import data in any format such as Microsoft Excel or web- based data and provides visual presentation in forms of charts, maps and dashboards.  One of the best features is that it can be updated with real time data. It seems very useful in the current scenario as it can be shared easily among other people through social media and can be downloaded in prescribed format. It is more important as it provides better visual presentation of data rather than other software available in the market.


Python is such a type of data analytic tool which can be easily read, written, and maintained. It is converted in object oriented scripting language and freely available in the market. Python supports both programming methods such as functional and structured. Python can be learned easily and its features are very similar to Ruby, PHP and Javascript. It is very much compatible with another platform like SQL Server, JSON and can be assembled.

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SAS is one of data analytic tools which can be used to manipulate data. It was developed in 1996.Nowadays it is one of the leaders in data analytics. One of the best features of SAS is that it can be easily accessible and data from any sources can be used for data analysis. SAS developed products which are specific for customer intelligence. It is such a type of product which helps businesses to obtain information about customers based on customer preferences via their attitude, behaviour and communication. It basically linked the social media profile to obtain the information on movement of customers.

Apache Spark

Apache is one of data analytic tools which is famous for their faster processing capabilities. It executes data in hand loop clusters and processes large scales of data so faster as 100 times in memory and 10 times faster on disk. It makes effortless data science even if it is developed based on data science. In addition to data analysis, it is also more famous for their known data pipelines and machine learning models development. The library of sparks includes several components such as a set of machine algorithms for repetitive data science techniques which includes, classification, regression and clustering, sampling and collaborative filtering.

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There is no need to introduce excel as It is used by all business organisations. Excel includes data analysis tools which can be used to manipulate and analyse data in different manner. There is no need to take guarantee that you did not need to know about the excel as you are an expert in SAAS, R or Tableau. Excel is advanced tools which can use pivot tables to summarize data and create and filter the data as required. The excel is also considered as advanced business tools. Such tools help data modelling capabilities though its several strong features such as automatic relationship detection capability, time grouping and DAX measures.


Looker is one of data analytic tools. It is based on a cloud business intelligence and data analytics platform. The main feature of looker is that it scans data schemas. On or after scanning data schemas, it infers relationships between tables and data sources.


As all over the world, the digital market is growing on a consistent basis. There are flaws in data which can be useful for several decision making organizations. Observing and analysing the data correctly in correct time is one of the biggest advantages of using data analytical tools. Hence, the businesses can hire data analytic tools to observe data and make appropriate decisions based on data analytical tools. Get the best data analysis assignment sample from the experts.