Best Data Visualization Free Tools to Get Better Insights

data visualization free tools

Data visualization is a method to represent the data or information graphically. It helps to analyze such data and information as you can present such information through charts, graphs and maps. There are various data visualization Tools by which you can easily analyze the data and also you can understand and check the fluctuations, trends, outliers or any patterns in such data. 

Don’t worry about the price of such data visualization tools as there are various free tools for data visualization. If you are searching for data visualization free tools then this article is for you. Data visualization converts the boring data into interesting through depicting such data in an interesting way like graphs, charts etc. 

List of data visualization free tools

1. D3.js 

It is also known as D3. The first data visualization free tool is D3.js because of its large data visualization library. It helps you to create even the complex charts and graphs in a simple way and this is the important factor for preferring this tool over others. 

Secondly, it is widely preferred because it uses open web technologies such as SVG, Html, CSS etc.  Thus, it supports cross-platform and this tool can be run through iOS, Android, browsers or desktop apps etc. The point to remember is that it is designed for modern browsers only and so it cannot be supported or used with old browsers. You first have to learn the functioning of this tool in order to use this free tool. 

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2. Fusion Charts

The next data visualization free tool is fusion charts and it is popularly known for its collection of 90 charts and 960 maps. Therefore, it fulfills all the essential needs of developers and data visualization experts. It can also work with both the data formats that are JSON and XML. But it is not absolutely free, rather it costs you a certain amount.

3. Tableau Public

The next tool in the list is Tableau public as it is very easy to use.  It has both free and paid versions.  The free version of tableau has a big footer of it so you can generate charts easily. Thus, it is widely used by non- commercial customers and is not completely suitable for commercial customers so they have to pay to get more facilities like cleaner, brand free versions etc.

4. Charted

The next data visualization free tool is charted. It is very easy to use and free as well. The only thing you need to do is to upload a CSV file or a Google sheet link thereafter it will automatically generate a chart for you and more importantly it will refresh the chart for you in every 30 minutes. Thus, it keeps the chart’s data source absolutely up to date.

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The next important thing about this tool is that it is absolutely free and its source code is also free so you can run this tool in your web server completely free of cost.

5. Google Charts

The next tool in the list is Google charts because it is very compatible with all the browsers and other platforms as well and also it is very user friendly and easy to use. This data visualization free tool covers all types of data visualization whether it is a simple line or any bar graph or any other complex hierarchical tree maps. This is suitable for all the projects and you can easily use it and that too free of cost.

6. Flot

This tool is also easy to use as it has its own charting library and this library has several charts and graphs. It has advanced features such as you can plan, zoom, resize or even can switch a data series accordingly etc.

 7. Chartist.js 

The next data visualization free tool is chartist.js. it is very useful for transitioning from excel very efficiently. It has a list of charts which are comparatively very responsive and animated. This is why it is widely used for animated charts. It has a small JS library having a weight almost 10kb and that too without dependencies. 

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8. High charts

This tool is well known for its array of charts and maps. It can use several plugins in this tool so as to allow you to use all the efficient features and you won’t need any javaScript for that. This is why this data visualization free tool is widely used by non commercial customers.

9. Data wrapper

The last name of the data visualization free tool is data wrapper. It is very easy to use and is widely used by developers for plotting the interactive charts. For using this app you just have to upload the CSV then you can choose the chart you want to plot. This is the reason that it is mainly used by the journalists so that they can easily and efficiently use this tool for embedding live charts in their articles. It is also used by non-technical people.


Data visualization tools are used for representing the business data in charts and tables. It helps the business analysts to analyze the position of the business. Thus, they can easily interpret the health of the business. There are a number of data visualization free tools also having wide features to perform data visualization. This article has enlisted the majorly used data visualization tools and that too absolutely free. Get the best data science homework from the experts.