Experts Tips On How to Get Good Grades in Exams


How to get good grades is a common question asked by students at any level of education. The reason is everyone wants to score good grades in their examinations. It not only provides mental happiness to the students but also plays a crucial role in their success of the students. That is why students always wonder how to get good grades in middle school exams. Some of them are successful in scoring A+ grades in their academics, but some fail to do so.

Getting higher grades in school can be a lot easier than getting high grades in college. Getting good grades is also helpful in winning competitive scholarships. Today I am going to share with you the best and most effective tips on how to get good grades in exams or how to get good grades in college exams.

Just studying is not enough for getting good grades. You need to have a solid strategy and plan that will help you to regain your focus and help you to achieve good grades. Before proceeding to the other details about how to have good grades, let’s take a “guess my grade quiz.” Answer the following mentioned questions, and we will estimate your grades. This will also help you to know the level of your own performance. So, without wasting more time, let’s move to the quiz.

Grade A or F?

Q1. How many hours per night do you study?
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) None 

Q2. How many times do you get distracted in your classrooms? 
(A) Not at all
(B) Not too much
(C) most of the time
(D) All the time 

Q3. Your teacher assigns you a class test the next day. On the same day, your friend invites you to the night party. What would be your preference? 
(A) Politely decline
(B) Go and leave at midnight
(C) Party all night
(D) Give reasons to the teacher for not giving the test 

Q4. How much time do you spend on social media at night? 
(A) One hour
(B) Two hours
(C) Three hours
(D) More than three hours 

Q5. Which is the best option to spend your weekends? 
(A) Studying at home
(B) Going on the beach 
(C) Going for the movie
(D) Attending night party
-> If you have selected the (A) option for most of the questions, then there is a higher probability that you will score the “A grade.”
-> If you have selected the (B) option for most of the questions, then there is a higher probability that you will score the “B grade.”
-> If you have selected the (C) option for most of the questions, then there is a higher probability that you will score a “C or D grade.”
-> If you have selected the (D) option for most of the questions, then there is a higher probability that you will score the “F grade.”

15 Tips On How To Get Good Grades

Table of Contents

Below are the top 15 tips for getting good grades in primary, secondary, or even college.

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1. Motivate yourself

Self-motivation is the key to success for every student. It is pretty often that the students lose their confidence when they don’t get good grades. But you should not make the same mistakes as other students do. You may not get satisfied with your grades sometimes, but at that moment, you should maintain your self-confidence to be in the game of getting good grades. You should believe in yourself to stay focused on your work.

When you start working to achieve those milestones, then in every achievement, you will boost your self-confidence. And this confidence will lead you to get good grades in your exams. This can be one of the most effective ways how to get good grades in university exams. Therefore, I am suggesting the students take it more seriously and follow it whenever required. This is the first tip on how to get good grades.

Pro Tips on how to motivate yourself:

1. Select the task on which you want to work.
2. Set a timer that must be of 25 minutes.
3. Carry out the work on the task.
4. Stop immediately once the timer rings.
5. Mark the checkmark to work on what you have done in 25 minutes.
6. Now, take a 5- to 10-minute break, and repeat the process from Step 1Repeat it at least 4 times, and take a break of 15 minutes to 30-minutes.
7. Finally, check your list of work to know whether your work was completed on time or not.

2. Listen and participate in the class

A student who does participate in the class always gets more grades than the students who don’t. But listening and participating in the class is not easy for any student, especially for the shy ones. But it showcases to the teacher that you care about the topic and you want to score high grades. The teacher gives the grades based on various factors.

Apart from that if you participate in the class, then you may get more awareness about the topic. Along with that if you listen to your mentor or teacher carefully, then you can learn a lot more than self-study. It will help you to prepare for the exams more effectively. Thus it helps you to get good grades in your exams.

Besides, if you’re a weak student, then you can sit closer to the teacher so that the teacher can know more about you and find your weakness, especially in math and statistics classes.

Apart from that, you can also write down some questions before the class and then ask the teacher to clear your doubts. This is the best way to get grades in school.

Pro Tips to show participation in the class:

1. If you have any questions, always try to reach me earlier in the classroom. Discuss it with your peers. If you do not find an answer to the question, ask the teacher.
2. Always prefer to sit closer in the front row of the class. It allows easy conversations with the teachers.
3. Comment in the group discussion positively. A short comment is always enough. Avoid arguing with your classmate and teacher about your point. 
4. Seek the opportunities to participate in the classroom and answer the query when you know about it.
Do not forget to organize your comments. It helps you to convey your point to others.

3. Take thorough notes during a class

Notes are quite helpful in getting high grades. You should make notes during the class. Notes help you to cover the important information about the topic. You can create notes by listening to your teacher. Apart from that, you can also create notes on the important topic with the help of some reference book about your topic.

It will help you to prepare for the exams more efficiently. Sometimes the students just need to have a look at the notes, and then they prepare for the exams within a few hours. Apart from that, these notes are also helpful just before the last few minutes of the exams.

Put your notes in the folders to take them with you to the school.

Pro Tips on how to take notes during the class:

1. Organize your note.
2. Use colored pencils or highlighters to highlight important points.
3. Write in points to revise your work easily.
4. Avoid copying the note as you are the one who is going to study them in the future. So, write your own notes.
5. Use a different section for each topic.

4. Do not hesitate to ask for help

The majority of students make this mistake. I don’t why they always hesitate while asking for help from the teacher. The students need to take help from the teacher. Even intelligent students also look for help from the teacher.

Because the students can’t cover everything about the topic without taking help from the teacher. It is quite common for tough subjects like statistics. You should ask for help from your teachers and your peers in the class. It helps you to learn more about the topic and clear your doubts without much effort.

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Apart from that, you can also ask your parents for help if they can help you with the topic. Along with that, you can also ask them for a private tutor, who will help you to learn more about the topic.

This always works for how to get good grades on tests as well as in exams.

Pro Tips for decreasing your hesitation:

1. Do not feel shy to ask any questions.
2. If someone laughs or comments on your question, ignore it.
3. Always try to stop others from comment other students while they ask the question.
4. Sometimes your ego does not let you ask the question, so put your ego apart and ask your query.
5. If you are able to ask your question in the classroom, ask it to the teacher outside the classroom.

5. Stay focused during your homework

Focus is the key factor in how to get good grades. Lack of focus will not help you to get good core grades; You need to be well focused during your homework. Did you know homework plays a crucial role in your academic scores? Homework helps you to get ready for the exams and learn more deeply about the topic.

That’s why you need to stay focused during your homework. Now the question is, how can we do that or how to get perfect grades? The best answer to this question is to find a quiet place to do your homework. Remember that the place should be located in a distraction-free environment. There are some other factors too that create a distraction during your homework writing.

Mobile devices are a major distraction from that. You should put your mobile phone aside. You can also put it into silent or mute mode. Moreover, You can also use some apps that will lock your phone for a certain period. You can also do your homework with the help of some experts. Suppose that you need to have the statistics homework help.

Then you can take the statistics homework help from the experts. They will help you to clear all your doubts more effectively.

Pro Tips for how to stay focused during homework:

1. Have a proper routine.
2. Create an atmosphere that develops creativity as well as productivity.
3. Tell your friends and family to respect your study time.
4. Set deadlines.
5. Avoid distractions.
6. Prefer to listen to study music or play any study music videos.

6. Reward Yourself by taking the short breaks

The majority of students don’t give importance to the breaks between their studies. But remember that breaks work as an amplifier for your brain. If you study, then you may not get good grades. Because continuous study usually ties up the brain.

That’s why taking a short break always helps you to refresh your body and brain. You should take a break every 45 minutes of your study. The break should be as long as 15 minutes. During your break, you can walk around your house to get some fresh air.

You should also drink some water to regain energy. Apart from that, you can also eat some snacks to fuel your body.

It works as a reward for yourself and makes you more productive by doing something that you enjoy. 

List of rewards that you can give to yourself

1. Gaming.
2. Jamming.
3. Netflixing.
4. Social Media.
5. Napping.
6. Sweets Per Paragraph.

7. Prefer group study (If Possible)

Sometimes group study works better than self-study. The reason is in group study the members of the group help each other to motivate themselves and make them more productive. It also helps you to clear the doubts of each other if you find any trouble with the topic.

Moreover, you can be sure of how much you have prepared for the exams. Because most of the time we assume that we study enough and get ready for the exams. But in reality, we may not be ready for the exams.

On the other hand, in self-study, there may not be any motivation for you. You need to motivate yourself. If the group study style suits you, then you should organize such groups.

You can also do group study after school or school classes or on weekends. 

Pro tips on how to group study:

1. Select a well-fitted meeting place.
2. Make a format for the group study.
3. Show that you are prepared.
4. Bring your notes.
5. Take breaks in between the scheduled study.

8. Organize your study space

In most cases, the students don’t organize their study space. It is a common thing that perfect planning leads you to perfect achievement. You should organize your study space efficiently. You can do this by managing all your books and stationery in one place. Don’t you ever try to not let your desk become cluttered with papers and stationery?

Apart from that, you should also make separate notebooks for the separate subjects. Don’t you ever try to make the notes in the same notebook for every topic? Because during the exam sessions, it will be overwhelming for you to study from that notebook.

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Also, remember that when you prepare for the exams. You should always have your notes and your books along with you at the same time. In this topic, I also talked about planning. You should plan your entire day and divide it into small parts.

 Along with that, you can also write down the important dates for tests. 

Pro tips for organizing your study place:

1. Use different color codes for each study material.
2. Clean up all the irrelevant clutter.
3. Keep your phone away.
4. Select proper lights and temperature.
5. Use this space only for studying.

9. Develop a study schedule

Scheduling your study is crucial to getting good grades in your exams. Whenever you decide to study. Then you should divide your time into small chunks. Small chunks help you to prepare for the topic more effectively.

Suppose that if you’re preparing for the test, then you should divide your time into small chunks and put the small topic into these chunks. You should also manage the time as per the topic’s hardness. If the topic is hard enough, then you should give it more time.

If the topic is easy enough then you should give it a little time. The majority of students were waiting last night to get prepared for the exams, but it is the worst strategy. Because no one can get good grades with a one-night study.

Because no one can get good grades with a one-night study.

Pro tips for developing the study schedule:

1. Analyze your present learning style and study habits
2. Evaluate the present schedule and try to manage your time accordingly
3. Outline how much time you require for studying each subject
4. Assess the weekly schedule
5. Make required changes as per the need

10. Take Care of Your health and stay fit

Health is wealth for everyone, whether it is a student or a professional. Health is a crucial factor behind how to get good grades. You should take care of your health during your study. Don’t you ever try to avoid food during your study?

Because your mind and body need nutrients for study. Therefore you need to make sure that your meals are nutritious, balanced, and varied. Because It works as fuel for your brain and makes it more productive.

Never miss breakfast before school because breakfast provides you with the necessary nutrients for studying longer. 

Pro tips to take care of your health:

1. Exercise DailyTake enough nutrition.
2. Move more and Cut unhealthy food out of your diet.
3. Stay Hydration.

11. Sleep well

It is often that the students don’t get the proper sleep while studying for their exams. It is proven that sleep plays a crucial role in the performance of students. If the students don’t get the proper sleep, then they may not be able to keep their focus during the class study and self-study. Our brain needs proper rest.

Therefore sleep helps the brain to relax for a couple of hours. Moreover, it also recharges our body and makes it ready for study. It has been proven that the students should take at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

It also helps them to stay fit and active during their study. 

Pro tips to sleep well:

1. Increase the exposure to bright light during the day hour.
2. Decrease blue light exposure mostly in the evening time.
3. Avoid consuming caffeine during the day late Lessen long and irregular daytime naps.
4. Set the temperature of the bedroom.

12. Utilize Your Textbook

Textbooks are quite helpful in getting good grades. Professors and teachers assign textbooks based on some reasons. The crucial reason behind this is, that textbooks work as a supplement to the lectures and discussions of the class.

You should buy all your textbooks to study the topic. Read all the material on the assignment topic. It will help you to get deep knowledge of the topic. You should read everything about the topic from opening vignettes to the case studies.

Also, try to figure out which topic is most critical. Also, try to highlight the most important materials in the text. It will help you to prepare for the exams. 

Pro tips to utilize your textbook well:

1. Add all necessary and important points of the book.
2. Read the single section at a time.
3. Use the color-code system for making effective notes.
4. Create an effective outline.
5. Always initial from the beginning.

13. Develop an atmosphere to study to increase productivity in exams

You require a specific place to study during your exams. Do not assume that one can utilize any place; that is not how a brain operates in some situations. Relocating to a new area with the desired record can result in a disturbance, as it can occur in the specified place with their laptop when others perform their actions.

You require an out-of-the-way place where one chooses to concentrate on study. Utilize it as a comfortable place, keep it always managed, keep it neat, and think of placing some daily affirmations/motivational posters.

Also, try to figure out which topic is most critical. Also, try to highlight the most important materials in the text. It will help you to prepare for the exams. 

Pro tips to utilize your textbook well:

1. Add all necessary and important points of the book.
2. Read the single section at a time.
3. Use the color-code system for making effective notes.
4. Create an effective outline.
5. Always initial from the beginning.

14. Avoid heavy meals before the study or during the examinations 

This can be one of the useful techniques to know the exact methods for how to get good grades in exams? Avoid taking a big meal before studying or while studying for the exams. It can reduce your concentration and make the students feel inactive and sluggish. A snack might be okay for you after studying or while taking a break in between your study. These are also unusual snacks that are not good for improving productivity during study or during exams. Avoid them while your studying time is nearer or while you are planning to study or revise your study notes.

Brain food that you must include in your diet:

1. Beans.
2. Berries.
3. Pomegranate juice.
4. Nuts.
5. Pumpkin seeds.
6. SalmonDark chocolate.
7. Avocados .

15. Listen to study music to enhance your concentration while studying for exams

Your mind requires relaxation while performing any task by which it can increase creativity, thinking, and productivity. That is why there are numerous recorded tracks available (online and offline) for the students. These are specially composed for the students to aid their brain concentration during studying.

Whether the students practice binaural rhythms or simply instrumental melody, the suitable and appropriate sounds might really improve to harmonize the students’ minds in a more fruitful frequency. This is the last tip on how to get good grades.

List of music that students must listen to while studying:

1. Classical music.
2. Mozart.
3. Ambient instrumental music Sounds of nature like waves, rain, animals, or jungles.
4. Your favorite songs.

5 Expert Tips On How To Get Good Grades

Improve your writing methods in exams by following the good rules of writing:


1. Arrange your ideas before you start writing.

A variety of mindfulness can work in a journal or daily (and might have been utilized at the high school level), but this might be the best to draft a plan before you begin the real writing in your exam.

2. Recognize demands for paper.

Each teacher has a particular approach; she or he requires it in an organized paper, and this might be best to understand those things before one starts writing. Make sure to follow the reference method of writing the paper (margins, font, footnotes, cover sheet, and much more).

3. Write a plan (and receive feedback whenever feasible).

Particularly for longer papers, one needs to have a greater quality writing (and a more high-grade ). One can reveal to the teacher a plan early adequately before the exam deadline to execute modifications.

4. Write, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite.

Determine that rewriting and editing can be your best friends. No one can be a good suitable writer to write down the ultimate assignment in one session. The most skilled students work through a method to score good grades in their exams.

5. Proofread, improve, correct.

Several spellcheckers detect spelling errors, but no separate writing issues, so master the technique of proofreading. Or it can be better for you, to use a partner system with your friend by which one can proofread each other’s writings so that you can avoid the same mistake in your examination.

Top 4 tools That Help In Enhancing Your Grades

Below are the top 4 tools that are used to enchance your grades.

1. Alarmy


One of the secrets of a successful student is never to miss a class. It is the highest-rated alarm clock app in the world. It has various excellent features that will help you to complete your work on time. It has a crazy loud ringtone for heavy sleepers and night owls. It is a very useful tool for students. 

2. Grammarly


It is a very useful and effective tool for students. They can check and proofread any piece of work. It is very accurate. The free version helps reduce any grammar, spelling, or repetition mistakes. It also makes suggestions regarding complicated sentences. 

3. Evernote


Both professionals and students use this software. It is the most efficient method to plan out your projects and ensure that everything is done within the deadline. You can set out the time, write notes, and make lists of works to complete. 

It is very helpful to set reminders about when to start on each task. Students also have the chance to upload their files and study materials and share them with others. 

4. Google Drive


It is a well-known software that is available for everyone. It is free software. But still, many students do not use it. It is the simplest way to hold all your documents and study programs in a single place. It also adds safety as everything is saved on the cloud, which reduces the chances of losing valuable files.


Getting good grades in exams is not an easy task. There are some other ways too that will help you to get good grades in your exams. If you will follow these tips on how to get good grades in exams. You should not only follow these tips to get good grades. But you should also try your best to get good grades.

All these tips provided by academics help experts. There are some other ways too to get good grades without studying. One of the major ways is to attend your class on a regular basis. Because if you attend your class regularly, then you may be aware of the topic more deeply. And you can also prepare for the exams during your classes.

In this way, you do not need to do extra preparation for the exams. Last but not least, I would also like to mention that you should also control your stress level. Suppose that if you’re not doing well during your class test, then don’t lose hope and don’t get into stress. Because you still have a chance to get good grades in your exams.  Get the best math homework help from the experts to get ready for your math exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do i Get Straight A’s?

Below are top 5 ways to get straight A’s in the class:
1. Plan your schedule.
2. Note-making technique is the best technique to revise your syllabus.
3. Solve previous years’ question papers (if possible or available).
4. Try to understand the concepts while studying.
5. Group study is also helpful.

Q2. How to Manifest Good Grades?

Common Steps to Manifest Good Grades are as below:
1. Acknowledge Your Limiting Beliefs
2. Visualisation
3. Clarify What You Want
4. Recite Affirmations
5. Let Go and Allow

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