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Statistics Assignment Help

What is statistics

Statistics is a significant branch of mathematics. It is considered as one of the most robust and crucial subjects in the world. The primary purpose of statistics is used to perform various operations, i.e., data collection, organization, analyzing, and so on. We use statistics in our daily life. Statistics play a crucial role in the world. It is the base of almost every modern technology. There are various methods in statistics to get the conclusion for the data and make the best use of the data. The primary purpose of statistics is to make the raw data more useful for the statisticians.

Example of statistics

Suppose that you want to calculate the average number of students who got below 50% in their final exams, along with their attendance is also below 40%. And they have also scored more than 70% in their recent class tests. You also have to calculate the difference between their marks and other students' marks. We can solve this complex problem with statistical methods.

Two Major Branches of Statistics

Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics is a short descriptive coefficient that summarizes the data set, which can be either a team of the entire or a sample of the population. Descriptive statistics are parched in the measures of central tendencies and variable measures.

Types of descriptive statistics
  • Central tendency measures
  • Variability measures
Inferential Statistics

Inferential statistics are one of the two main branches of statistics. We use Inferential statistics to take a random sample of data taken from a population to describe and make deductions about the population.

Types of inferential statistics
  • Regression analysis
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)
  • Statistical significance (t-test)
  • Correlation analysis

Functions of statistics

Majority of students are still not aware of the statistics functions. Here are the top functions of statistics in our life:-

1. Presents facts in simple form

Without statistics, it is hard to understand the facts and figures. Statistics show the facts and data most prominently. Even non-statisticians can understand the facts and figure with the help of statistics. Statistics makes the data more logical and help us to present the data in graphical form. Statistics also help us to merge the figure into a single one.

2. Reduces the Complexity of data

Raw data is always complicated and hard to understand. Even an expert statistician may not understand the raw data because of its complexity. Statistics help us to make the raw data simple and intelligible by performing some measure. Some of the important and most commonly used measures are graphs, averages, dispersions, skewness, correlation, etc. With the help of statistical techniques, anyone can convert the raw data into an understandable form.

3. Facilitates comparison

Statistics is offering the best function to make a comparison between different sets of observations. In other words, we can use statistics to find a correlation between different data sets. The comparison is a necessary task to get to the conclusion. Even we can use statistics to make a comparison between the past data and present data to get to the outcome for future changes. We use averages, ratios, coefficients, regression, etc. to make the comparison.

4. Testing hypothesis

Statistics is limitless. New theories can be developed in statistics with the help of formulating and testing of hypothesis function. Statistics is the best way to explore new ideas because statistics are based on facts and figures.

5. Formulation of Policies

With the help of statistics, business formulates their plans and policies. Every business use statistic from their policies. Statistically, analyze data is used in policy formulation. Without statistics, the industry can make robust policies for their business. In this way, statistics play a crucial role in the economist, scientist, managers, and various programmers or business head.

6. Forecasting

Forecasting is a crucial part of our life. Many businesses survive in critical circumstances only because of their precise prediction. Future is always uncertain, and no one can predict the future. But statistics help us forecast the trend and the future. Statistics offers a variety of techniques to predict the future values of the business or anything. Government use statistics to do the forecasting for their policies.

7. Derives valid inferences

There are multiple methods of statistics that aim at deriving inferences from an inquiry. The companies use statistical methods, government, scientist, to evaluate different projects and policies. These techniques are used to draw assumptions regarding population parameters based on sample information.

Our Statistics Homework Help Covers The Following Tools


It is one of the major statistical software. It is used for learning about statistics research.


Eviews is a statistical package for Windows operating system. Statisticians use this software for time-series oriented econometric analysis.


MATLAB is one of the primary programming languages of mathematics. It is used for matrix calculations, developing and running algorithms, data visualization, and creating UI.


PHSTAT is mainly used with Microsoft Excel. It is not developed for commercial use.

Rapid Miner

Rapid Miner is one of the essential statistics software. It is a data science software that provides an integrated environment for data preparation, text mining, predictive analytics, and deep learning.


JMP Is one of the popular computer software for statistics. It is used for engineering, design of experiments, and quality assurance.

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