9 Effective Ways to Make Money Online During This Lockdown Situation

make money online

Our earth planet no longer is what it used to be. The entire planet is facing extended lockdowns because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have to maintain social isolation and taking a lot of steps. A lot of people are facing problems in their jobs in such a situation. They are searching for 9 to 5 job alternatives or other new ways to make money online. I’ll share some effective ways in this article to earn money online during this situation by doing work from home.

Because the entire world is now staying at home, people are using the internet heavily to make use of their time. Many businesses have shut down overnight because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Various forms of company don’t make sense when we think about social distancing. The travel section, for example, has crashed fully. 

Yet this does not mean the end of the planet. Opportunities are also coming in during this tough period. Yeah, you have to think smartly. Put your concentrate on those areas that are of great significance in this time of Pandemic. 

earn money online

Effective ways to make money online during this lockdown situation

We should say thank you to the internet, because of it we can do work from home. There are many ways through which you can make money online and prevent too much interaction with people during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

 1. Work as an online tutor

 At this time of the Pandemic, the demand for online tutoring is going to get strong. Just look around, all colleges, schools, institutes of education, training centers are not working. Yet there is a demand for education, and indeed it will go up as people begin to understand that the world is heading for something different. Yeah, that’s the perfect time to use your teaching skills.

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There are plenty of sites where you can enter as an online mentor, or announce through Whats-App group within your society or some other way. Via numerous video sharing apps, such as Zoom, Skype, etc., you can thus start providing education and earn some money.

2. Start writing a blog

I am sure that Blogging will now draw more interest among people. While the way to Blogging can change, there is no doubt that during this pandemic situation, many people will begin their journey as a blogger to make money online. If you had a strategy to start a Travel related category blog, then there will certainly be less room. Only find out which sectors have lost traffic in this pandemic situation, and which are getting more.

Yet there are some regions where people are now spending more time & money on it. For example, the section health & fitness, how to build a website, online training, consulting, etc. all these are the areas where people spend most of the time. Now you have to find out what exactly people do from home, where they spend their money and select the blogging niche to start your career accordingly.

3. Content writing

Online platforms can be an excellent place to continue. Someone gets paid according to the quality of the content. The specific guidelines also provide at the time of assigning work to someone. Build a niche in your field of expertise and develop the strength to increase the revenue stream in that domain.

4. Make a YouTube channel

If you don’t feel confident penning your thoughts by blogs and writing material, use your camera to make a video. Make your YouTube channel, upload, and start monetizing your videos. Choose a genre or subject you want to film and start videos on, but make sure it’s a subject that will attract a lot of people. 

Many takers on YouTube can find anything from cooking shows to political debates. You need to make a YouTube channel that operates as a blog on a similar model. When you popularize your platform, and as the number of subscribers rises, so does your earning capacity. The payment one receives based on every 1,000 views.

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5. Make Online Courses or write eBooks

It is another perfect way to make money online during this scenario of lockdowns. People spend more time at home; reading something and up-skilling to new technology is helpful. The market for online courses has gone up like everything in that situation.  

So, it’s obvious the world is going through a massive change, and many people will be losing their jobs in the days ahead. So, now is the perfect time to try something new and practice it so that with the help of these skills you can earn money. And this is why there is an extreme demand for online courses. If you can build a course or write a new eBook, then it is high time for you to did that.

6. Set up Podcast

A podcast is also a way people like to learn about content. In recent years, listening to podcasts has become very famous, and I think even in this pandemic situation, this will continue to expand. If you’re good at any ability, then this you can use it by start making podcasts and spread among others about your thoughts.

You can turn your text content to a Podcast, for example, as a blogger, and target those listeners who love to listen to podcasts. You can then sell them free eBooks or Paid courses later. I am sure you know there are different ways in which you can market your goods to your audience. Podcast has many ways to make money, Google it, and you will discover several ways.

7. Social media

By connecting with friends, relatives, and strangers, it is also possible to use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to make money online. Industries and famous brands are paying social media strategists to increase the visibility of their products online. 

With lots of competition around and the online viewers’ attention time continuously shortening, innovation is important to create posts, videos, etc. that can easily go viral and boost the brand value. Social media requires a lot of time and energy devotion to staying for the long term. Then you need to share posts and communicate with your followers regularly.

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8. Online trading

Online stock trading is one of the most common forms of making money online in a share market. Yeah, some people make a significant amount of money by engaging in regular trading. But that is not an easy job to do. You need to contribute ample time to master these skills and then get the benefits.  

The whole global economy is facing a tremendous challenge during this period of shutdown or Pandemic. The stock market in almost every country has gone down, and they are watching major ups & downs, which is an ideal trading scenario.  

9. Paid for reviewing websites and apps

There are so many sites and apps that pay you for reviewing so many websites and applications that help them to improve their business through it. The example of these sites is Usertesting, Enroll App, etc.

After you’ve logged in to these services, you’ll get a list of websites or applications you require to go through. You will have to express your thoughts, including advantages and disadvantages after visiting a website or trying out an app, and how you think it might be changed. Usually, it only takes some time to complete, and you can make money online for every analysis.

Final words

Now it is not the time to get panic. I realize we can not control our minds from what’s going on outside all the time. Yet that is the fact the things are going to be better one day (maybe in different terms), and we need to deal with the new world and get our lives back. Therefore, we have to prepare for the future so we can defend against the worst case.

The more comfortable we get with the “Work From Home” climate, the more we can adapt to the future. The above are the various ways to make money online during this critical situation. You can select as per your interest. Using this opportunity to learn more, put more focus on yourself, develop new skills that will be in demand, watch more videos to inspire yourself, and try new ways to tackle all the challenges in life.

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