Top 3 Tips on How to Solve Math Problems


Math can be used in various aspects of life, starting from measuring the distance of the destination from home and measuring the shortest route from destination to home, and so on. Therefore, it is always necessary that you must know why math is so important and how to solve math problems. Below, we have listed the math importance along with the necessary details like what math is, types of maths, and how to solve math problems. All these will help you to know the necessary details about maths.

What is Math?

Geometric Shapes, equations, function, and numbers. Some branches of mathematics are identified by the use of strict proofs based on assumptions. That is called math.

Types of Math

There are two types of math. We discuss below:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics

1. Pure Mathematics: This is the resolution of the mathematics which details without actual thought into direct applications such as Finance, Economics, and much more. These are following different types of pure mathematics:

  1. Algebra.
  2. Geometry.
  3. Mathematical analysis. 
  4. Number theory

2. Applied Mathematics: it is a mathematical calculation approach to solve the problems of mathematics that deal with subjects like physical science, computer science, engineering, and much more. In other words, we can say that this branch deals with daily life problems such as measuring the speed of your vehicle, etc.

Some common reasons: Why is math so important?

  • Learning mathematics is always good for the brain. 
  • Math helps individuals to tell time. 
  • It supports you with finance management. 
  • Math supports you to become a better cook. 
  • It is useful to improve problem-solving skills.
  • Math uses in practical life in each career in some or another way.
  • Math applications exist all around us that help each person understand the world in a better way. 

To understand more about why is math so important; let’s look at a trick called the “ 10 Rule Formula.”

A simple trick to use for sale-shopping
You can use the 10 rule formula for bargaining. Here, you need to subtract 10 from the original price and move the decimal value place to the left side for a single digit. 
Take an example: A t-shirt has an original price of $25.00. The salesman put a tag on this t-shirt as 24% off. Now, you can move the decimal value to the left side as $2.50. As there is a 24% off on the t-shirt, you need to multiply $2.50 x 2.4 that is $6.00. Finally, you need to subtract the original price value: $25.00 -$6.00 = $19.00. It means you need to pay $19.00. 
This math skill helps you to calculate discount value without any issue.

How to solve math problems: Different techniques for different type of problem

How to solve math problems related to common factors?

Common factors are the number(s) that divide the specific number exactly.

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  • Write down the numbers that include the problem question number in its table. 
  • You can check it from the table of 2 to 9 if it is included in these number tables; then it will definitely include in other number tables also. 
  • If you have two or more numbers, you check the common factor(s) or number(s) that divides each question number.

For example:

Calculate the common factor of 5 and 10.

  • The factor of 5 is 1 and 5 (as 5 include in the table of 1 and 5 only).
  • The factor of 10 is 1, 2, 5, and 10 (10 includes in the table of 1 (at 1×5=5), 2 (at 2 x5 = 10), 5 (at 5×2 = 10), and 10 (at 10×1 =10)).
  • Now, find out the common factor of both numbers; that will give: 1 and 5.

[Now, you can see that each common factor (that is 1 and 5) divides the provided math problem numbers 5 and 10 exactly].

How to solve geometry math problems?

To solve the geometry math problems, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Check all the facts about the given problem, like height, length, and diameter. If it is possible to draw a picture of the shape, then draw it that helps you understand the question more easily.
  2. Check the assigned problem, such as whether you need to calculate surface area, volume, and perimeter.
  3. Identify the formula that can be applied to the problem, like you can use the length * width formula to calculate the area of the rectangle. 
  4. Put the value to the formula and solve it step by step.
  5. Finally, remember to check the solution’s SI unit (like cm). If you do not write the SI unit, then you may lose the marks.

For example:

Calculate the area of the rectangle of length 10 cm and width 5 cm.

  • The formula for the area of rectangle = length x width.
  • Put the value in the rectangle formula that is 10 x 5 = 50.

As length and width are given in cm, do not forget to write the SI unit in the final answer, which is 50 cm.

How to solve trigonometric equations

Trigonometric functions can be used for various purposes, like for planning urban issues. To solve the basic trigonometric problems, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, understand the trigonometric identities and reference angles.
  • Grasp all necessary ratios that lie between the 0 degrees to 360 degrees of a graph. 
  • Proceed by using the substitution formula.
  • Solve the math problems to get the answer in degrees or radiations.
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For example:

Solve sin(x) + 2 = 3 in interval 0° ≤ x < 360°.

sin(x) + 2 = 3

sin(x) = 3 – 2 = 1

We know that sine 1 (+ve value) lies in the first quadrant that is between 0 degrees to 90 degrees. Moreover, we are well versed that sin (90) = 1. Therefore, the answer will be:

x = 90 degrees.

A real-life example: How to use mathematics to solve urban problems?

It has been seen that mathematics has various applications in solving urban issues. Moreover, there are various branches of mathematics in which urban problems can be solved, such as trigonometric functions that are used to determine the roof inclinations (to make a bungalow in the urban area), and much more.

The basic math concepts that we use to solve the urban problems are:

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus I and II
  • Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Number theory
  • Statistics

Now, the question is how to use math for solving urban problems. Urban designers use mathematics as they need to design the appearance, functionalities, and arrangements of the city and town. Apart from this, with the help of using mathematical concepts, urban designers can easily shape and secure public areas.

Let take an example of it

Suppose an urban designer plans to make an avenue (the road that has trees on both sides). During the plantation of trees, he attaches a tree with the wire that is connected with a knot with a wooden stake. The tree wire length is 8 feet, and the angle between the connected knot tree and the wooden stake is 42º. Now, the designer needs to calculate the height of the connecting point of the knotted tree so that he can tie a knot at the same distance to balance the tree during plantation.

  • We have given the angle of elevation from the ground as 42 degrees.
  • The tree is located in a vertical direction that is perpendicular to the ground level.
  • Therefore, this problem will deal with the “hypotenuse” and “opposite” that results in sine function.

Hence, sin (42 degrees) = x/8 (feet)

0.669 = x/8

x = 5.4 feet.

It means the designer needs to tie a knot on the other tree at the height of 5.4 feet to balance the tree.

Bonus Tips

If you are looking for the solution for How to Understand and solve the maths problem by reading the book, then you can follow the below- mentioned steps. These steps are:

Here we will give you some tricks and tips which can be very useful in solving the math problems.

Step by step, you will know about every prospective in which you will about How to Solve Math Problems:-

1. Knowing the Problem

Analyze type of problem

You first have to know about the difficulty and brainstorm to get the idea to solve it very quickly. If you are taking some time to identify the problem, that’s not the point, but you will solve it quickly if you recognize it instantly.

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Read it carefully

 Read the problem until you get some hint from it and get some logic to solve it. Maths is a subject which is based on the logic so that you have to get points to explain.

Summarize the difficulty

To summarize the problem to your mind, you can write or speak out. By doing this, your account will be able to think about the issue and can get solutions. After this, you will get the problem in your own words, and you can now solve it in your words or your way quickly.

Outline the problem

There are many problems in math, and some have drawable solutions, or you can get help to outline the issue. See the weather the diagram is showing the exact problem asked in the question. If it relates to the challenge, then go ahead or re-read your question.

Study the examples

By study, the examples that are the same as the problem can be solved by following the same patterns. Creating a table can also help to support the design equal to the example.

2. Outline the answers

Write the things you need to get the answer

First, you will need the formula to solve the problem. Here you need to spend some time reviewing concepts in your textbooks that will help you solve the problem. Make a list that follows the question pattern, giving a full organization to get the answer. By doing this, you can get an estimate of the solution without solving the whole problem.

Easier to harder

If you are tying any problem that is hard one, then leave it and do the easier one, which is similar to earlier. This will help you to understand the concept and pattern of the problem.

Using a graphical calculator

If you are facing a graphical problem in pre-calculus work than you can also take the help of graphical calculator. There is some tips to use the graphical calculator:

  1. Make sure you can solve for y before you try to construct a graph.
  2. Consider all available shortcut menus and use as many calculator functions as you can.
  3. Type an expression exactly as it looks, and the calculator will do the work and simplify the expression.

3. The last step is problem-solving

There are three simple steps, which are followed for problem-solving.  Steps are given below:

Go with your plan

Your plan makes your answer proceed smoothly. Moreover, there are higher chances of getting accurate answers.

Another method implement

If your estimate does not match with the answer, then use another way or a method to get a satisfying solution to the problem. Find your mistake, make it correct, and implement the technique again.

See the problem again

After solving the problem, go back to your question again and reflect on it. It will give you the idea to see a similar problem again and solve it quickly.


From the above discussion, you’ve now got clarity about how to solve math problems. Follow these tips while practicing your math. If you want math homework help then you can get the math homework helpers here.

FAQs Related With How to Solve Math Problems

What is Math?

Geometric Shapes, equations, function, and numbers. Some branches of mathematics are identified by the use of strict proofs based on assumptions. That is called math.

What are the types of Math?

There are two types of math. We discuss below:
1.Pure Mathematics
2.Applied Mathematics

How to solve math problems?

The following steps can help you in solving math problems:
1. Knowing the Problem
2.Develop the plan to solve it
3. The last step is problem-solving

How do you solve math problems?

Four steps help you solve any math problems quickly:
Read the problem carefully, understand it, and recognize the type of problem. 
Try to draw and review the math problem. 
Create a plan to solve it. 
Use the relevant formulas to solve the problem.

What are the 7 hardest math problems?

There are 6 math problems that have not solved till the date of July 2020:
Hodge conjecture.
P versus NP.
Yang-Mills existence and mass gap.
Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.
Riemann hypothesis.
Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness.

Why do I struggle with math so much?

Math resembles one of the toughest subjects as it needs time as well as energy. Many students don’t have enough time to “get” math lessons. At the same time, several of them get into more complex concepts. Therefore, the reason why you struggle with math can vary from person to person’s mental abilities.