A Useful Guide On Statistical Package For The Social Sciences [SPSS]

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Each business wants to operate: Efficiently, Effectively, Profitably. But, it has been seen that new risks and threads can cause a hurdle in the path of operational goals. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) provides a systematic approach that helps achieve the operational goals.

Several businesses collect the details to analyze the customers’ requirements and analyze their behavior related to the products. For this, SPSS is one of the best tools that can detect the patterns to create powerful predictive models. 

With the help of the predictive model, a business can easily identify irregularities. By which, the business tycoon can draw the necessary decisions and give a boost to their businesses. 

If you are worried about the question “what exactly Statistical packages for the social sciences is.” Don’t worry; I have listed all details that can easily solve your queries related to SPSS. So, let’s understand this software in-depth. 

What is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences?

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” refers to SPSS was launched in the 1968 year. As IBM acquired SPSS in 2009, its official name changed to IBM SPSS Statistics. But it has been seen that still many users called it just “SPSS.”

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Key point:
This software can help in editing and analyzing the sorts of data. This sort of data can be taken from various resources, such as customer databases, scientific research, or Google Analytics. Moreover, the data also comes from the website’s server log files.

SPSS has the tendency to open each file format, which is used for structured data like:

  • plain text files (.csv or .txt)
  • STATA and SAS
  • spreadsheets from OpenOffice or MS Excel
  • Relational database

What are the key features of SPSS?

Statistical package for the social sciences offer various great features, such as:

It creates charts and tables that contain summary statistics or frequency counts over variables.
SPSS can open the data file in its own file format as well as other formats.
It can use for editing the data like calculating sums and means over rows or columns of table data. SPSS has various excellent choices to compute more complex operations.
SPSS can save the data and results in different file formats.
SPSS can run various inferential statistics like regression, ANOVA, and factor analysis.

What is the use of SPSS?  

SPSS uses for data analysis for bivariate and descriptive statistics, predictions to identify groups, and numeral result predictions. Moreover, it uses for data transformation, direct marketing, and graphing features.

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The interface of this software shows the open data as that of the spreadsheet in the main view. Using the secondary variable view, it is possible to display the metadata, which shows data entries and variables in the data files. 

Why do you prefer SPSS over other software?

The IBM SPSS provides advanced statistical analysis, text analysis, integration with various big data analytics, a wide library of ML algorithms, open-source extensibility, and deployment to other applications.

Because of the ease of use, scalability, and flexibility, SPSS can easily be operable to all skill level persons. Moreover, it is suitable for projects that have complexity.

As per a survey report, it is noticeable that an organization that uses SPSS has enhanced efficiency, finds various new opportunities, and reduces risk.

There are two statistical package for the social sciences family products: SPSS Modeler and SPSS Statistics.

SPSS Statistics uses hypothesis testing using a top-down approach. On the other hand, SPSS Modeler uses for generating hypotheses using a bottom-up approach.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Statistical package for the social sciences?

Data Analysis.Random forest function is not available.
Data visualization.It requires external tools for data collection.
Tabular creation & modification.It has less flexibility.
Data modeling.SPSS is pricey and might burn a hole in your pocket.
User-friendly UI.Quite hard to switch between the programs.

Let’s check the reviews and some statistics about SPSS!!

Below is the graph that has provided the details about SPSS. As per our analysis, IBM SPSS has been used by the statistician, researcher, and data analyst, and it has a market share of around 21.8%. 

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What are the industries and countries that use IBM SPSS?


It is quite clear that computer science (8%) uses SPSS the most. And it is further followed by Higher Education (7%), Hospital & Health Care (7%), and Education Management (5%).


Almost 50% of customers in the USA are using IBM SPSS. It is followed by the United Kingdom (7%) and India (6%).

Company sizes (Employees)

As you can see that 27% are small size company’s employees that are using SPSS. 40% by medium-sized companies, and finally, 33% are large-sized companies.

Company size (Revenue)

The majority (54%) of customers of small size companies are using SPSS. This is followed by 11% of medium-sized and 27% are large companies using SPSS.

Where can I learn about SPSS?

There are several online and offline resources where you can learn about Statistical package for the social sciences. Below, I have categorized the resources that make it convenient for you to know the best resource.

Online resources

Best Platforms and websites

  • IBM (official website)
  • SPSS Tutorials
  • Statanalytica (best blogs)
  • Codeavail
  • Udemy

Best online communities to follow

  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Talk Stats
  • Cross-Validation

Offline Resources

Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics – By Andy Field
How to use SPSS – By Brian C. Cronk
Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics- By Earl R. Babbie
Data Analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics: Implementing data modeling, descriptive statistics, and ANOVA – By Kenneth Stehlik-Barry and Anthony J. Babinec
SPSS Survival Manual: A Step by Step Guide to Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS – By Pallant


From the above points, it is quite clear that Statistical Package for the Social Sciences helps in increasing revenue, conducting research, outperforming competitors, and making better decisions. 

I have detailed all the useful details about SPSS. Hope you understand each detail easily. Still, you are unable to get the answer related to SPSS, don’t worry! Comment your query in the comment section, and I will answer your query in the best possible way. if you have a question about who can do my spss assignment then you are in the right place. our spss homework help experts provide the best services.

“Keep learning with STATANALYTICA about new software to make your work easier.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SPSS is better than Excel?

SPSS is a statistical analysis software, whereas Excel is spreadsheet software. The statistical analysis can perform in excel, but SPSS is quite powerful. With the help of SPSS, data manipulation is easy. But if you work with excel, you have to do a lot for it.

Is SPSS qualitative or quantitative?

Software like SPSS is used for analyzing quantitative data. Qualitative data shows the characteristics or qualities of the data. It collects using interviews, questionnaires, and observations.

Can you get SPSS for free?

IBM SPSS is copyrighted and commercially available software. That is why it is not accessible at zero cost. But if you are a student or any staff member, you can request a respected university or organization to access it.

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