SPSS vs Stata: All You need to Know

Difference between SPSS vs STATA is always a major concern for the statistics students. SPSS and STATA both are the best statistics tools. But as a statistics students you should know the actual difference between SPSS vs STATA.

Today, I am going to share with you the best and most effective difference between SPSS vs STATA. After having a look on this comparison, you will be more confident to compare these software.


SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It was developed in the year 1968 in a university. After a few years SPSS Inc. come into existence that organisation was completely based on the SPSS. Later on SPSS was acquired by IBM in the year 2009. Nowadays SPSS is known as IBM SPSS.

It is a statistics software package that is used for interactive statistical analysis, it does the analysis in the form of batches. SPSS is a licensed software, but you can use it a trial version of SPSS with the help of SaaS (Software as a Service). We can run SPSS program on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux.

IBM SPSS software is a leading statistics software in the world. It helps in finding the insights of the customer or end users data.(based on the organisation operations). SPSS is quite outstanding tool that contains a comprehensive set of statistical tools. It offers easier statistical analysis, and also you to do open source integration.


Stata is a general purpose statistics software package. It is widely used for statistical analysis. It was developed in the year 1985 by Stata Corp.  Stata is the proprietary licensed product. Besides, it also support different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Stata is the best data analysis and statistical software.

It offers the best solution for data science needs. It is quite easy to retrieve and manipulate the data in Stata. Apart from that it also offers to visualize data models and generate useful reports. It is one of the most effective statistics software package tools for data management, data analysis, and graphics.

The Best ever Comparison Between SPSS vs Stata

1. Key Features

SPSS offers a variety of features to the users. It includes forecasting and decision trees on data, base edition, advanced statistics and custom tables. Apart from that you will also have the add-on package for statistics and charting capabilities, complex sampling. You will also have the testing add-on in SPSS.

On the other hand, Stata has different add-on packages. These packages are latent class analysis, endogeneity, Spatial AR models, markdown, nonlinear multilevel models, finite mixture models, threshold regression etc.

2. Data Visualization

SPSS allows the data to be summarized. And it also displayed data and gives production ready analysis. We can export different types of documents from SPSS such as Excel, PDF etc.

On the other hand, Stata combines endogenous covariates. It also offers the sample selection and endogenous treatment models for continuous and positive outcomes.

3. Advanced Features

SPSS offers the advanced features such as random effects with solution results. It also offers the robust and standard error handling. Besides it offers the profile plots with error bars.

On the other hand,  Stata discovers and understand the unobserved data groups. Stata works on the basis of Latent Class Analysis (LCA).

4. Uses

We use SPSS to compute statistics and standard data errors from complex set of data sample designs. We also use it to analyses data on multi-stage designs too.

On the other  Stata allows you to create web pages, texts, regressions, results, reports, and graphs etc. All these features will automatically apply on the pages you created with Stata.

5. Statistics Functions

SPSS has become more powerful than ever before. The latest version of SPSS executes new Bayesian Statistics functions. These function contains regression, t-tests and ANOVA.

All these functions are becoming more popular. On the other hand Stata has mixed logit models. This model provides the advanced choice modelling that makes dozens of choices in every single day to introduce random effects. 

6. Charts

SPSS is the best software to create the charts. You can quickly create modern charts attractively. After that you can do their editing in Microsoft Office tools. This process is not an easy process if you do it in the native methods. SPSS offers the chart builder feature to create the publication standard charts easily.

On the other hand, Stata is having the Finite mixture models. This model provides continuously, count, binary, categorical, censored, ordinal and truncated outcomes. We can customize it with estimators and different combinations.

7. Programming

SPSS offers you to edit and edit syntax with editor shortcut tools. You can join the duplicate, delete, remove and move lines up and down with a simple keyboard shortcut. You can also trim trailing or leading spaces effectively with the help of some shortcuts.

On the other hand Stata is having Spatial autoregressive models. It uses the observational units in this model.

8. Functions

SPSS has lots of function it is having the SPSS Analytic Server, SPSS Modeler, SPSS Statistics. Apart from that it also has different variable formats and types.

On the other hand, Stata has a unique word document. These documents to be created to automate the reports more effectively. Apart from that it also generate results and graphs in tabular as well as the text formats. 

9. Special Functions

SPSS is the best statistics software that allow you to perform Simple Statistical comparison tests and the appropriate test.

On the other hand, Stata allows the multi-level regression. This multi level regression is use for interval measured outcomes. These outcomes can be recorded into groupings, averages, aggregation and thousands of other measures too.

10. Measurements

SPSS is having the classical approach for measurement levels. For this Nominal variable, internal variable, and Ordinal variable are the major parameter used by SPSS. All these variables called the metric variables.

On the other hand, Stata is the best tools to perform powerful linear regression models. Besides, we also use to find out the most effective size, sample size, and power.

11. Complexity

We use SPSS to model the high level of complex data. You can model any level of complexity of data using SPSS. Besides, it is quite easy to model the complex data using SPSS. For this we use multivariate analysis procedures for large amounts of data.

On the other hand Stata is suitable for complex data analysis. It is quite overwhelming to analyze the complex data using Stata. The reason is it provides normal analysis procedures. If your data complexity is  high, then you should not use Stata.

12. Applications

Here are the few applications of SPSS:- 

  • Data Transformation.
  • Data Collection and Organization.
  • Output of data.

Here are some more applications of Stata:-

  • Statistics Analyze
  • Cutting-edge statistical methods.
  • Excellent built-in support for structural equation modeling.
  • Models can be built with syntax or with a path diagram.
  • Large, active online community.

Conclusion SPSS vs Stata

As we are going to end the discussion on the comparison between SPSS vs Stata. Now we get the conclusion that both are excellent statistical analysis software. We use them to manage and operate the large amount of data or dataset.

At the end we can say that we should choose SPSS, where we need the complex data analysis. On the other hand Stata can be used in research area when the data is not complex in nature.

SPSS and Stata are excellent tools and provide many benefits to the users as per the requirements. In contrast, I can say that SPSS is quite useful to analyze the large set of complex data. On the other hand, SPSS is quite useful to get high productivity data reports. 

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