Top 10 Statistics Software That Has Changed The World

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Statistic software are becoming the life line of many business. Statistics is one of the crucial parts of our life. It is impossible to do plenty of things without the help of statistics. There are lots of tests and formulas in statistics that we use in our daily life. We can do a lot of things with data all because of statistics. But the problem is statistics is not that easy, and it is time-consuming as well. Apart from that, if we don’t handle data carefully, then we can get real facts about the data.

Statistics play a crucial role in the planning and execution phase. In this phase analyzing the data decides the success of the business. If you do data analysis manually then it will be quite tough for you to get the desired result from the data. But don’t worry, here is the top statistics software in the world that will help you to get the desired results from that data. This software is specially designed for statistical analysis that helps the entire statistics process super smooth and easy for you. Let’s have a look at some of the top statistics software that is playing a crucial role in the industry. 

Top 10 Statistics Software


SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is a widely used statistical software in the world. It is used for human behavior research. Apart from that, we use it for descriptive statistics, parametric and nonparametric analyses, etc. It has the facility to generate the scripts for automatic analysis. It is the product of IBM corporation.

SPSS is widely used in entity analysis, automated modeling, and decision management. SPSS offers the easy to use interface even a beginner can use without any prior knowledge with this software. The basic package doesn’t allow you to discover patterns and trends in structured and unstructured data. You need to purchase the cloud version to have access to these features. 


R is one of the best programming languages for statistics. Most of the mid-level data analytics companies are using R to fulfill their daily tasks. R is an open-source programming language; thus, it offers a free statistical software package. R also provides toolboxes that are quite useful for a vast range of applications that are used for data processing.

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R is the most compelling statistics software in the world. It is quite complicated for the beginners, and you have some basic knowledge of programming to start with R. But if you get started with R programming, then you can find help from the online R community. In this community, you will find lots of programmers that will help you to solve all your problems.

MATLAB (The Mathworks)

MATLAB is one of the best analytics platforms and statistics programming languages in the world. It is used by scientists and engineers to perform their daily tasks. It is the product of Mathworks. MATLAB is popular all because of its toolbox. You can expand the MATLAB functionality with the help of toolboxes.

That is why it is quite easy to work with MATLAB as compared to other statistics programming languages. You will also get the toolbox that will help you to get the answer to the research questions. It is quite easy to learn MATLAB because it also provides you the hints while you use it for the first time to code. 

Microsoft Excel

No other statistics software is better than excel if you are going to start with the statistical analysis. It offers you the cutting edge solution of your statistical analysis problem. Excel is quite easy to start with MS excel. It provides a wide range of tools for data visualization and simple statistics. You can also generate the summary metrics and customizable graphs and figure with MS excel.

Most of the big data companies are using excel as their critical statistics software. And almost every organization is using excel to fulfill their daily tasks. Advanced Excel is the term that is used to showcase the power of excel in the field of statistical analysis. If you don’t have enough budget or programming skills, then you should go with excel to start your statistical analysis. 

SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)

SAS stands for statistical analysis systems. It is one of those statistics software that allows you to use it either in GUI or create your scripts for more advanced statistical analyses. It is used for the study of variance and linear regression. Apart from that, it is also used in business for advanced level statistical analysis. Some of the top industries using SAS are healthcare and human behavior research, etc.

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SAS also offers you the charts and graphs for the basic to the advanced level data visualization. But if you want to do more advanced statistical analysis, then it might be tough for you because you need to work on the coding phase of SAS. There is a brilliant feature in SAS that helps you to cross-verify you to create documents with the government and corporate compliance needs. You will also get the 24×7 online help with SAS for high-quality services. You can easily manage data and deploy models in SAS.


Minitab is another best statistics software in the world. We use it for the basic to the advanced level data analysis. In Minitab, you can also execute the command in both ways i.e., with the help of GUI or scripted commands. More than 90% of the top companies in the world are using Minitab to analyze data. It is also used in top universities and colleges. Minitab works efficiently with MS excel. You can easily transfer MS excel files directly in Minitab Express without converting the file format. You can easily perform resampling techniques using Minitab.


Stata is also the best statistics software. It is best because it offers the complete package for data analysis, management, and graphics. Most professionals prefer stata over other statistics software for statistical analysis. Like most of the statistics software, you also work on either GUI or command syntax. But both of these ways are quite easy and authentic than other software. You can perform basic tabulations to the advanced multilevel models in Stata. You also have full control over data in Stata. Thus you can combine, alter, and perform a variety of functions over the statistics groups. You can also perform functions over duration data and time-series data with the help of advanced tools in Stata.

GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a free alternative to MATLAB. It is widely used for numerical computations. It helps us to solve linear and nonlinear problems. We also used to perform numerical experiments. It is also compatible with MATLAB. It uses the interpreter that is used to execute the octave scripting language. Octave is based on OpenGL to create plots, graphs, and charts. It offers one of the best GUI to the programmers. It is a high level programming language.

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Octave is written in C, C++, and Forton. It has functions, calls, and script. Apart from that, Octave is an object-oriented programming language. Therefore it is quite easy to start with Octave if you have basic knowledge of programming. It can work with other statistical languages. It has built in libraries that are used to perform basic to the advanced level mathematics calculations. 


Eveiws in another best statistics software. It was developed in 1994 by Quantitative Micro Software. It is widely used in the field of academics research. Apart from that, the corporations, government agencies, and students use Eviews. The primary use of Eviews is too powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools. Eviews is specially designed for Windows. In other words, it is a statistical package for Windows. If you are familiar with MS Excel, then you can easily use Eviews.


Tableau is another best statistics software in the world, and it is the closest competitor to PowerBI. It is considered as the best data visualization software in the world. Tableau is used to generate reports, dashboards, analysis of massive data from various sources. It is used for data visualization and to create data insights.

In this way, the data can become more user friendly, and anyone can understand the data without any technical knowledge. It helps us to create amazing data visualization charts and graphs that help us to understand the complex process in a simple way. Tableau is quite easy to use than other data visualization software. It offers various packages, and you can pick the best one as per your requirements. 


We have seen some of the best statistics software in the world. Some are paid, and some are free. Some require technical knowledge, and some require no prior experience. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best statistics software to fulfill all your need for statistical analyses. All these statistics software are best in their class. You can pick either one without any second opinion. 

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