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All students must have completed Art 115B, 115C, Desn 120A, 120B, Desn 344A and Desn 232, prior to enrolling in this class.


Project 1- Retail Experience Design


All students must have completed Art 115B, 115C, Desn 120A, 120B, Desn 344A and Desn 232, prior to enrolling in this class.  If you have not completed, or are currently enrolled in these classes, you will need to enroll in this class at a later date.  Priority is given to Interior and Industrial Design Majors.  If there is extra space available, other majors can add or remain in this class.

Objectives and Goals

This project is to design outdoor retail and public space. This space could be a shared alley or walkway between businesses or restaurants, it could be an empty lot in a commercial district or any under-utilized outdoor space. The goal is to consider the surrounding businesses and integrate their branding and graphic qualities to create a unifying space that supports the activities of the neighboring commercial buildings. For example, a pedestrian alley or walkway between restaurants could become a shared outdoor patio for dining and relaxing. An unused lot between commercial buildings could become a pocket park or a place to relax while on a work break. The choice of the location and the integration of the surrounding area should inform and support your choice of graphics, accessories and the overall style and materials that you select. The goal is to develop a successful way to integrate brand messaging, graphics, interactive technology and the commercial spaces within a limited space. 

Project Description

Students will locate an actual site and visit the site at different times of day over several visits. Photograph the site and the surrounding community to document the visual brands, the materials, colors and existing nature. Using all of these influences choose a purpose and style for the outdoor space.

The final model will be either a scale model or a digital model. Show a combination of views to document all of your features.


Phase One: Surrounding Community Research Analysis and Image Board (10 Points) Due 1/30

Research the following SEGD professional work and write an analysis of the three designers: Wayne Hunt, Jan Lorenc, and Robin Perkins. Also select work that interests you from the Los Angeles Chapter page for your discussion. Examine work that involves public spaces, retail clients and outdoor space. Give an analysis of






Select a site and research the community surrounding it. Examine the commercial or natural environment and also the community that lives near this site and will use it. How is your design concept going to be developed through the community's vision?

Phase Two: Graphic Research – Zone Plans (10 Points) Due 2/6

Create a site plan with a list of the zones with model numbers to be in the environment. Make zones for each activity and name and organize the categories.

Phase Three: 25 Preliminary Sketches (10 Points) Due 2/13

After final site selection, research similar sites. Collect examples of interesting and successful outdoor environments. What makes these environments successful or unsuccessful? How can they be improved? How does the environment enhance the community? What kind of designs will make the environment more effective and functional?

Phase Four: Graphic Presentation, design sketches, plans, and model (30 Points) Due 2/27

Construct or digitally produce a high-quality 3D model of the environment. The sketches of the site design must include an accurate and high-quality plan, two elevations and one perspective drawing.

From the sketches, create a final high-fidelity model or 3D rendering to show all aspects of your design. Create a visual brand for the space by using well thought out and consistent use of type, color and branding. Color and materials should be well utilized and create an effective and dynamic brand semantic.

Phase Five: Poster (20 Points): Your project research and design -Due 3/5

Each student must design and print a poster that includes all three phases in the content. The design and layout should reflect the brand quality of the environment and the design of the various parts or zones.

Process Book: Materials and Message (20 Points)

Include a written analysis of your project and a complete description of each phase including sketches, models, UX research and brand research. You should have a table of contents, clear labels for each section, large photos or sketches that clearly show the key elements of your design.

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