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Business Statistics

Assume your role as a business analyst in a multinational e-commerce company


Task/assessment brief:

Assume your role as a business analyst in a multinational e-commerce company (like Amazon, Walmart etc). As a business analyst you must prepare a report on 4000 words equivalent by analysing the company’s business processes, various business strategies used and their business growth rate etc. You can choose any global business organization providing ecommerce services and define the scope of your investigation. The purpose of the report is to discover, analyse and comment on the inadequacies in the company’s business processes (or analyse needs) with suitable tools and techniques and suggest on how the business processes can be enhanced to improve the business further.


You need to select, apply, and evaluate the suitable techniques and tools for the following activities


1.Strategy analysis 

2.Investigate situation

3.Analyse needs

4.Consider Perspectives (understanding stakeholder perspective)

5.Modeling the business processes

6.Defining the solution


Describe about the company’s Global business strategy, Growth strategy and Marketing strategy etc and perform strategic analysis using suitable techniques and tools (Internal, External Environment or SWOT Analysis). Investigate the current situation by analysing the business processes involved, challenges or constraints in current scenario and the operational performance etc using suitable techniques and tools. Also add justification of your chosen package of techniques and tools. You need to analyze the needs i.e identify where improvements can be made to the business system by analysing the activities and business processes. You also need to analyse stakeholders’ perspectives on the business using suitable techniques. Finally, by gathering the requirements (socio technical and functional) a business model can also be suggested also justify how the suggested business model or solution will improve the business. The content of the report should be organized accordingly in appropriate format. You can cite the sources you refer during your study about analysing business processes in respective sections of report.


The Assessment task is divided into 2 subsections

I. Business Process Analysis

2.Business Data Analysis


Part 1: Business Process Analysis (75% weight for the Final grade – 3000 words)


Task 1 (500 words): An introduction that includes a background information about the business organization, strategic goals of the company, their business model etc. A brief description on the business processes involved and their growth rate or operational performance over period. Cite relevant sources in appropriate places to justify the information mentioned.  


Task 2(2000 words)

An application to the scenario of your chosen package of techniques and tools for all mentioned activities (Strategy analysis, Investigate situation, Analyse needs, Consider Perspective, Modelling the business processes, Defining the solution) produced using a CASE tool if appropriate, together with assumptions and appropriate description/documentation* 


Task 3 (500 words): Comments and observations on the inadequacies of the current system also include recommendations for further improvement in business


Part 2: Business Data analysis (25% weight for the Final grade – 1000 words)


Students could use either a dataset from the business analysis they made in Part 1 of this assessment, or you can choose relevant dataset supporting your study or choose from the pool of datasets given by the module leader and analyse the data and present insights about the business using data analysis tool (using any Python IDE (or) Power BI). Students should confirm the data set with the module leader by 11th week of module.


Task 1: Introduction 

Task 2: Application (Business insights, Comments, observations, and recommendations)

Task 3: Conclusion



Word count (or equivalent):

The word count of the WRIT1 report should be 4000 words equivalent 

Part1-3000 words equivalent

Part 2-1000 words equivalent



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