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Create an Entity Relationship Diagram using,ERD Plus, create a conceptual ERD that satisfies thesebusiness rulesfor a Personal Information Manager


Rules to follow for the Assignment:

  • All names should use Pascal case (i.e. each word starts with an upper case letter; the rest of the word is lower case. e.g. Customer, CustomerId, FirstName)
  • Table names are singular (Customer not Customers)
  • Primary keys are identified by table name and Id (CustomerId)
  • No prefix or suffix (i.e. FirstName instead or CustomerFirstName)
  • Foreign keys named the same as primary key in parent table


Part 1: Create an Entity Relationship Diagram:

Using, ERD Plus, create a conceptual ERD that satisfies these business rules for a Personal Information Manager (PIM): Use ER diagram which is located on the menu tab of ERD PLUS when completing part.

  • A family is a collection of persons living at the same address
  • A family contain 1 to many persons
  • A person belongs to 1 and only 1 family
  • A person can work for 0 to 1 companies
  • A company can have 1 to many persons

Now these business rules may not be realistic.  You may know people who live at multiple addresses, and you certainly know people who hold more than one job.  But these rules simplify database creation by eliminating many to many relationships.  (The next module tells us how to resolve many to many relationships more realistically.)

A conceptual ERD contains only the entities (there are three) and the relationships between them.  Be sure to name each relationship and indicate the cardinality on your diagram.  No attributes are required for this part.

Copy your ERD into a Word or Writer file called YourNameERD.  



Part 2: Add attributes to ERD

  • Use New Relational Schema found under the menu tab on ERD PLUS to complete this part of the assignment

Add a primary key (following our naming standards) to each entity of the ERD created in Part 1.  In addition, add these fields (attributes) to the ERD.

PIM Database Fields
LastName FirstName DateofBirth
Role HomeAddress HomeCity
HomeState HomeZip PersonalEmailAddress
HomePhone CellPhone PersonalWorkEmailAddress
CompanyName JobTitle WorkAddress
WorkCity WorkState WorkZip
CompanyEmail CompanyMainPhone PersonalWorkPhone


Put each field in an appropriate entity that reduces data redundancy.  For example, WorkAddress could logically be put in Person or Company, but if we put it in Person, redundant information would have to be entered for each person who worked in the same company.  It is more efficiently put in Company.

Most fields should be pretty self explanatory. The Role field depicts what role each person plays in the family. We will give the person we most likely want to talk to, the role of 'Main Contact'. After that, the spouse will be 'Spouse', and each child will have the role of 'Child'.  

Finally, add foreign keys, as indicated by the relationships. 
(The primary key of "the one" becomes a foreign key in "the many". )

Post any questions about the fields to this week's discussion board.


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