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Glastonbury Festival 2019 Project Summary Scenario. Create a fully proof-read and well-structured Microsoft Word Evaluation Report that includes the following sections


 “Glastonbury Festival 2019” - Project Summary Scenario

  1. A Single UI page with Multi Browser Compatible and Mobile-friendly Responsive Layout 

The client requires you to design and develop a browser-based user and ticket registration service compatible with popular desktop browsers (e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox & Safari) and mobile device browsers (e.g. IOS, Android and Windows).  In addition the system must be capable of adapting and re-rendering its layout to help provide an optimal user experience regardless of the viewing device size or orientation.


  1. Database Design and Validation

All data entered by the user MUST be verified and validated prior to being posted to the server and confirmation email send to the user. Validation must include the prevention of invalid or unexpected characters being entered (review KEY events) and/or being copy and pasted (review BLUR or CHANGE events).  As part of this requirement your system must be able to accept, validate and appropriately store (e.g. data type, size, index, etc.):


  1. HCI and UX Design

Ideally the system should allow the user to quickly and easily enter the required data (regardless of the device) and receive immediate, dynamic and helpful details indicating success or that a validation error has occurred (e.g. by highlighting the specific input and providing clear feedback on how to resolve the problem).  In addition, the system must provide immediate details on the state of the email being entered (e.g. if the address would cause a duplicate record) supported by an appropriate message indicating the issue and how it can be resolved. 


Once the form has been completed and fully verified on the CLIENT SIDE the system should automatically enable a SUBMIT button allowing the user to complete the registration by POSTING the data to the server and confirmation page send to the user along with the details registered, registration data and time, and a unique complex password for editing the registration details later.


Once the data has been sent - the server will carry out reasonable SERVER SIDE validation (including re-formatting all text fields to proper case and trimming whitespace, etc.).

If no errors occurred the system will:

  • Create a complex password
  • Store the re-formatted data including the created password and record an accurate registration date and time
  • Compose a confirmation message consisting of all re-formatted data 

If an error does occur: 

  • Compile a reasonable response regarding the problems and provide suggestions on how the issues could be corrected

Confirmation of SERVER SIDE success (or failure) must be sent back to the user with the additional information (e.g. a formatted version of the submitted data, the SERVER SIDE generated password and the registration timestamp).


To improve the UX and avoid information having to be re-entered the user’s registration page should not lose state (meaning all data entered by the user must remain, or at least be re-populated automatically by the system).  If the submission was successful, the system must prevent the user re-submitting the same data twice.


Your page design(s) should be stable and any updates (including feedback, etc.) should be well integrated.


  1. Branding

Maintain consistency (wherever possible) with the imagery and branding used on the existing Glastonbury Festivals website.  Colour, Font and layout can be improved to provide a good user experience. 


  1. Development

You are expected to fully comment each line of code (denoting its purpose, how it works and what the outcome is). Optimise your code so that it becomes smaller size, consumes less memory and improves loading time and rendering speed.  In addition, you are free to use or reuse jQuery plugins, snippets of code and published services providing you make clear reference to them as long as you are being able to fully explain their workings as well as identifying any possible issues.   Although the user interface must be limited to 1 page you are free to add pages to support any SERVER SIDE services you feel are appropriate. 



Task 2 – Project Evaluation & Review (1800 words) CODEAVAIL THIS IS WHAT I NEED

Create a fully proof-read and well-structured Microsoft Word ‘Evaluation Report’ that includes the following sections:

2a. Evaluate your project with respect to client-server relationship in a web development context (include responsibilities of client and server components, advantages and disadvantages of N- tier architecture, client-server security issues, client-server communication using a diagram illustrating the entire registration process).

2b. Discuss the pros and cons of basic technology for mobile devices including responsive website vs native application and hybrid Application with respect to your project.

2c. Evaluate the solutions to optimise responsive web registration service (including mobile first approach, techniques like fluid layouts and media queries to optimise the layout and content, solution for Forms on mobile devices like field zoom, input format, pop up menu controls etc.) to enhance User experience.

2d. Review your registration service against the project requirements (e.g. complete & incomplete features, problems & solutions, extended aspects, branding, feedback mechanisms, techniques, technologies as well as possible outstanding issues and suggested resolutions etc.).



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