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Here is a code provided by the professor for the Second one which will guide you


Here is a code provided by the professor for the Second one which will guide you

public class LLInArrayNode implements Comparable<LLInArrayNode>


  private int NUL = -1;  

private String value;  

private int next;  

public LLInArrayNode()  { } public LLInArrayNode(LLInArrayNode clone)  


 this.value = clone.value;   this.next = clone.next; 


public LLInArrayNode(String value)  


this.value = value;   this.next = NUL;


public LLInArrayNode(String value,int next)  

  this.value = value;   this.next = next; 


public int compareTo(LLInArrayNode other)


  // calls the String compareToIgnoreCase() method   return this.value.compareToIgnoreCase(other.value);   } 

 public String getValue()  { return value; }    

public void setValue(String value)  { this.value = value; }  

public int getNext()  { return next; }  

public void setNext(int next)  { this.next = next; } 

 public String toString()  { return "Value = " + value + " "      + " next " + next; } 

import java.util.Scanner;

 public class LinkedListInArray  


static Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);  

protected static final int NUL = -1;

   // End of list symbol  //*** debugging statements are left in and do not have 3 stars  protected static LLInArrayNode[] nodeArray = new LLInArrayNode[1000];   //*** Array of AListNode holds the linked list 



 //*** This array is static, this one array is used by all  //*** instances of the class protected int list = NUL;       //*** Reference to the first node on the list protected static int free;           //*** Reference to the first node on the free list private static boolean nodeArrayIsInitialized = false;  //*** the boolean nodeArrayIsInitialized is set to true when the //*** first class instance is created. private void initializeStaticArray()  


 //*** fill array with nodes   

for(int x = 0; x < nodeArray.length; x++)   

{    nodeArray[x] = new LLInArrayNode();   }   

//*** connect each node to its successor    

for (int index = 1; index < nodeArray.length; index++)  

 {    nodeArray[index - 1].setNext(index);   } 

  //*** the last node has its link set to NUL   

nodeArray[ nodeArray.length - 1].setNext(NUL);   

//*** the pointer free is set to the first node of the array   

free = 0;  

 //*** this next line guarantees that the nodeArray is   

 //*** initialized only once.  

  nodeArrayIsInitialized = true;  }  

public LinkedListInArray() 


 if(!nodeArrayIsInitialized)     initializeStaticArray();  


public void read() 


  boolean moreNodes = true;   

while(moreNodes)   { System.out.println("Please enter a string." );  

  String s = scan.nextLine(); 

   //*** a new node is assigned by the method getNode();    int newNodeIndex = getNode(); //*** the new node is given values    nodeArray[newNodeIndex].setValue(s); nodeArray[newNodeIndex].setNext(NUL);   

 //System.out.println("new node is " + nodeArray[newNodeIndex]);


 System.out.println("Are there more Strings? Y/N ");   

 String choice = scan.nextLine();    


  {     moreNodes = false;     //System.out.println("moreNodes " + moreNodes);    } } }  

private void addTerm(int term)  {//*** add a term to this list. It is stored alphabetically    //System.out.println("in addTerm"); int previous = NUL;  


  int location = this.list;     

 while(location != NUL)   { // System.out.println("nodeArray[location].getValue() " + nodeArray[location].getValue());   

// System.out.println("nodeArray[term].getValue() " + nodeArray[term].getValue());       if(nodeArray[location].getValue().compareTo(nodeArray[term].getValue()) > 0) { previous = location;     location = nodeArray[location].getNext(); }  




if(previous == NUL)//*** insert as first node   { nodeArray[term].setNext(this.list); this.list = term;   } else {//*** location and previous have been set. Add in the middle of list    nodeArray[term].setNext(location); nodeArray[previous].setNext(term); } //System.out.println("end of addTerm");  } 


 protected int getNode()  //*** Returns the index of the next available node from the free list  //*** and updates the free list index 

 {   int hold;   hold = free; 

  free = nodeArray[free].getNext();  

 return hold;  }  

protected void freeNode(int index) 

 // Frees the node at array position index by linking it into the  

 //  free list


 nodeArray[index].setNext(free);   free = index; 


public String toString() 


  //System.out.println("in toString"); 

  String output = "";  

 int temp = this.list;      

while(temp != NUL) 


 //System.out.println("in while loop"); 

  output = output + nodeArray[temp].getValue() + "\n";    temp = nodeArray[temp].getNext(); 


 return output;  } 



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