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In this question you are to show your work that verifies multiplying the 4th row of the first matrix, by the 4th column of the second matrix.


Objectives: To learn about the AES encryption algorithm, digital certificates, EAP protocol, and WPA and WPA2 security.

  1. (4 pts.) It is known that the matrices used in the mix-columns and inverse mix-columns transformations of the AES are, respectively, multiplying the AES mix-columns matrix, by the AES inverse mix-columns matrix, yields the identity matrix as given in the below equation:


IN this question you are to show your work that verifies multiplying the 4th row of the first matrix, by the 4th column of the second matrix, will yield a value of 1 in the (3, 3)-entry of the resulting identity matrix, i.e., calculate that {03}·{09} Å {01}·{0D} Å {01}·{0B} Å {02}·{0E} = {01} where the braces notation {

} and product notation · are defined in both the course notes and the NIST publication NIST FIPS-197

  1. (6 pts.) In this question you are to use a web browser to retrieve and report information about the digital certificate issued to UCF, by using the directions described in the article “How to View SSL Certificate Details in Each Browser and What You Can Learn”, at https://www.globalsign.com/en/blog/how-to-view- ssl-certificate-details/. Specifically, use a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) and go to the secure site https://www.ucf.edu, retrieve UCF’s digital certificate and report the below information:

    • The “Issued to”, “Issued by”, and “Valid from and to”

    • The certificate’s Version, Signature algorithm, Issuer, Subject, the Public key, the Thumbprint algorithm used, and the Thumbprint

    • The certificate’s path and status

Note: Be sure to report the name of the browser and equipment (make, model) used, and briefly describe the procedure you used in your work.

  1. (6 pts.) Answer the two below questions about WPA’s TKIP method and WPA2’s AES-CCMP method, respectively:

    • Describe what features of the TKIP, and how and where they are used, to protect transmitted messages against message tampering (i.e., detecting attacks that attempt to modify the message content).

    • Describe what features of the AES-CCMP, and how and where they are used, to protect against replaying messages (i.e., detecting attacks that replay/retransmit old messages).

  2. (14 pts.) In this question you are to use Wireshark to open a pcap (packet capture) file which contains packets protected by WPA2-PSK, decrypt the packets assuming the password “Induction” (case-sensitive,


without the quotation marks) was used in the WPA2-PSK protection, and answer questions about the pcap file. Specifically, follow the below steps and “document” your work including: the procedure, steps taken, results, and explanations as appropriate. Additionally, use screenshots if they can help to better describe/explain your work, but screenshots by themselves should not be used to replace your descriptions and explanations. Also, be sure the submitted screenshot images are legible, and relevant information in the screenshots highlighted/annotated.

  • Open the assignment file “wpa-Induction.pcap” in Wireshark. Report the SSID, channel used, and the access point (AP, the device that is sending out beacon signals) identified in the traffic. For the identified AP be sure to report both its MAC address and its more readable device

  • Identify the management frames of authentication subtype and management frames of association subtype, exchanged between the device/STA “Apple_82:36:3a” and the AP device of Part (a). (Hint: Enter a filter string such as “wlan.fc.type_subtype eq 0” (without the quotes) into the filter toolbar (below the main toolbar) then click on the right arrow button at the end, will display (management type) packets with subtype 0, i.e., association request frames. Click on the X button    on the right end will cancel the filter. A one-page reference on Wireshark’s 802.11 filters can be found at https://www.semfionetworks.com/uploads/2/9/8/3/29831147/wireshark_802.11_filters_-


  • Identify the 4-way handshake (4 EAPOL messages) between the device “Apple_82:36:3a” and the AP of Part (a), and report the below information for each of these 4 frames:

Frame number, source, destination, all subfields under the “802.1X Authentication” field. In addition, determine which of the 4 frames is/are used by the AP to authenticate itself to the STA, and determine which used by the STA to authenticate itself to the AP.

Note: To report the details of a selected field (and its subfield) in your answer, the preferred method is to select the field in the middle pane (i.e., packet details pane) of Wireshark’s display window (see below example although this example is not using the same pcap file as in your question):

Right-click the selected field (e.g., 802.1X Authentication) then choose “Expand All”. Next, right-click the selected field, choose Copy>All Visible Selected Tree Items, then paste the result (all texts) into your answer.

  • To decrypt the encrypted packets of the pcap file using Wireshark, click Edit>Preferences on Wireshark’s main menu, expand Protocols, select IEEE 802.11 from the protocol list, then check the box “Enable decryption” and click the “Edit…” button, see below:


  • Click the “+” button on the lower-left corner to enter the given password, by first selecting “wpa-pwd”

as the Key type, see below:

Then, clicking in the area directly below the “Key” tab will open a small window. Enter the key in the format of password:SSID, such as “Induction:XXXX” (without the quotes) where XXXX is the AP’s SSID determined in Part (a). After entering both Key type and Key, click the “OK” button; Wireshark should display the captured packets/frames in unencrypted format. If you uncheck the “Enable decryption” box described in (d) Wireshark will display the pcap file in its original (encrypted) format.

  • After decrypting the pacp file, select Frame 99 in the middle pane (i.e., packet details pane) of Wireshark’s display window, right-click then choose “Expand All”. Next, right click Frame 99, select Copy>All Visible Items, then paste the results into your answer (all texts). Compare this frame details (which is decrypted) with the details of the same frame in the original (encrypted) pacp file, and report/describe the

  • (Extra-credit, up to 3 pts.) Research and/or demonstrate how to decrypt the pcap file of this question using tools but without prior knowledge of the decryption


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