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Assembly Programming



The assignment is described fully in this
 (Links to an external site.)
 document. Please complete the assignment as specified in that document. Please copy
the code from your editor and paste it in the provided text area.
This assignment is very easy if you're paying close attention and following along in
lecture and in recitiation. If you try to do this one totally on your own without coming to
class, you're kind of doomed. Google will not be your friend on this assignment.
Please attend the lecture (if in a live session) or be sure to watch the machine language
video before attempting this project.
If you are watching the video, I used a Java-based application called xComputer. It is
powerful, but required a download and the java programming language runtime. This
caused some problems in the past because everybody's computer is a bit differen. (If
you take CSCI 24000 next semester, you'll learn how to program in Java)
There is a new browser-based version of xComputer online here:
 (Links to an external site.)
It is almost exactly the same as the Java version, and should be a lot easier to get
started with, as it should work with any modern browser. You are free to download and
use the Java version if you wish, but there is no particular advantage to it.
Note there are versions of the Multiplication code floating around on the web with
MUCH more complex solutions than I am looking for here. It's possible to find a
multiplier online. If your code looks suspicious, you will be called in to explain every
line. If you cannot do so, I will consider it to not be your code, and an academic
misconduct issue. Try to understand what's going on. The lecture really gave a
ridiculous amount of hints.
Blackbelt Challenge
This is the first assignment that has a blackbelt challenge. You may not attempt the
blackbelt until you've got the basic version working, and your blackbelt must be a new
file. The blackbelt challenge is to add a new twist to your multiplier. For example:
● negative numbers Make your program handle multiplication of negative
● zero Handle zero as a multiplicand.
● division See if you can make division work. It's fine to keep it integer division.
Just calculate a quotient and a remainder
● whatever else you can dream up

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