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The purpose for this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified Vendors to perform a complete Network Infrastructure install for VIPER MEDIA INC.



1.1      Objective

The purpose for this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified Vendors to perform a complete Network Infrastructure install for VIPER MEDIA INC.

VIPER MEDIA INC. is seeking proposals that include all elements of the design, build, install, provision, and all aspects of the technical support for their local area network.

Vendor proposals should include:

  • A proposed logical and physical network design

  • Bill of materials (BOM) for the purchase, test, installation, initial provisioning and warranty maintenance of the network equipment which are included in the proposed network design

  • A visual presentation of the overall proposed network design in video format (PowerPoint with Video or YouTube link)

A specification and quote for the emergency maintenance, repair, or replacement of the network equipment. This can be included in the warranty maintenance section of the equipment proposal.

1.2      Viper Media Inc. Background

Viper Media Inc. will now have its new headquarters in Keller, Texas. The state of the art office space has about 4,030 sq. ft. Viper Media Inc. currently has 14 full- and part-time employees. Viper Media Inc. specializes in all types of digital media, including video productions, website design, social media marketing, and photography.

1.3      Viper Media Inc. Technology Environment

Viper Media Inc. has an existing contract with Apple for all its smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computing. Here is the list of the current computing inventory:

  • 1 iMac for Receptionist

  • 10 Mac Pros for Media Specialists

  • 9 iPad Pros for full-time employees (3 Managers & 6 Media Specialists)

  • 10 iPhones for full-time employees (3 Managers, 6 Media Specialists & Receptionist)

  • 3 MacBook Pros for Management (CEO, CFO, and CIO)

Viper Media Inc. needs storage locations:

  • Amazon AWS

  • Microsoft 365 Small Business Environment

  • Local NAS cache server

2     Proposal Overview

2.1      Project Overview

A successful vendor proposal will include:

  • Furnishing, installation, testing, and configuration of selected network components. Then the vendor should describe the test data it will supply to VIPER MEDIA INC. prior to acceptance of the equipment and configuration. This description should include adherence to security, VLAN, QoS, and

  • QoS controls to guarantee bandwidth allocation and prioritization for mission-critical application traffic, de-prioritization of less critical network traffic, and VoIP

  • Necessary, scalable network capacity to support future technologies including hybrid cloud services and internet bandwidth transfer support of 1 Gb and internal 1 Gb internal network traffic

  • Firewall capabilities to protect the network

  • Network support for three small network printers for the manager’s offices

  • Network support for one large high-end network printer in the general office area

  • Network security cameras for outdoor entry points and one for inside near receptionist area

  • Network resilience with 99.99999% uptime

  • VoIP telephony for all cubicles, offices, break room, receptionist area, and conference room

  • Network support for access control (RFID badge access or biometrics) to enter the facility

  • Conference room needs a large HDTV with network capabilities with video conferencing capabilities

  • Wireless access for employees and guests

  • Network support for alarm and fire detection systems

  • Detailed bill of materials (BOM) of equipment and services Spare parts inventory that supports an appropriate balance of downtime risk, investment cost, and procurement latency of warranty replacement components. VIPER MEDIA INC. desires to have at least one complete spare switch, wireless access point and phone (include cables and modules).

  • A specification and quote for the operation and maintenance or the layer one infrastructure (copper, fixed wireless, or alternative transport medium).

  • A specification and quote for the emergency maintenance, repair or replacement of the network equipment. This can be included in the warranty maintenance section of the equipment proposal.

  • Diagrams of physical network interconnections

  • Diagrams of logical network interconnections

2.2      Proposal Preparation

2.2.1    General information

The proposal must provide a summary of the firm’s qualifications to perform the duties outlined in the requested services section. A complete proposal should include the following sections and statements:

  • Cover Page

  • Table Of Contents

  • Cover Letter

    1. “Proposal may be released in total as public information (Proprietary information must be

clearly marked)

  1. “Proposal and cost schedule shall be valid and binding for three hundred and sixty (360) days following proposal due date and will become part of the project that is negotiated with Viper Media Inc..”

  2. Name, title, address, e-mail address, and telephone number of the person or persons to contact who are authorized to represent the firm and to whom correspondence should be

  • Proposal Summary

  • General Supplier Information

  • Scope of Services. The scope of services section should include the following:

    1. The scope should include development and design objectives for the network design. The objectives must be defined sufficiently to direct network designs for 10 to 15 years and will include such objectives as increased reliability of administrative computing functions and data storage, increased protection against cybersecurity threats, increased accessibility, flexibility, and expansion, increased use of cloud-based services and enhanced network security

    2. A detailed view of the tasks included in the current network assessment; the new network design, network construction, and network equipment acquisition/provisioning

      1. A timeline for the new network design

      2. a timeline for test and eventual turnover of the infrastructure/transport medium to Viper Media The transport medium fiber/fixed wireless or other transport medium proposed to service each Viper Media Inc.

  1. The timeline for order, receipt, test, and installation of the equipment necessary to provision the new Viper Media Inc. network

  2. The scope of work included in the ongoing maintenance and operation of the transport

  3. The scope of work included in the ongoing technical support of the network

  • Price Proposal

  • Visual Presentation (5 – 10 minutes long)

3     Work Description

Vendor proposals should address how each phase of work and each task will be undertaken

3.1      Scope of Work

This will be the preparation phase for the implementation of the new network.

All work should describe the installation of equipment and services (including wireless, switching, voice, firewall, and other security) from the previous network environment to the new network environment. Vendors should highlight how their design minimized single points of failure.

3.2      Network Design

Design and Documentation

Prepare and present final formal design documentation, including drawings, plans, spreadsheets, specifications, Bill of Materials, technical specifications for layer 1 connectivity, and estimated construction costs that address the current needs and support the approved design objectives. Provide draft copies for review and comment. Incorporate comments from Viper Media Inc. staff and provide

final copies of network design documents.

Deliverables (PDF and Source Files)

  • Drawing – Proposed Logical Network Topology

  • Drawing – Proposed Physical Network Topology including recommendations for spares

  • VLAN Segmentation plan

  • Spreadsheet – Proposed Bill of Materials

  • Electronic Vendor Datasheet for each piece of equipment proposed

  • Outline specifications covering products and installation

  • An estimate of probable construction cost

  • Wireless Features (Corporate & Guest)

  • 1X Authentication

  • Guest Wireless access with temporary passwords

  • Firewall Features


Provide the cost for the following onsite training time:

  • 24 hours (3 business days) training on switching infrastructure

  • 8 hours (1 business day) training on firewall

  • 8 hours (1 business day) training on monitoring

  • 12 hours of on-call training support for each

Deliverables (PDF and Source Files)

Provide the following documents:

  • Spreadsheet of all usernames, passwords, IP addresses, serial numbers, and location of installed equipment.

  • Drawings – As-Built Logical Network Topology

  • Drawings – As Built Physical Network Topology

  • Drawings – As-Built Equipment Rack Elevations

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