How to Deal With Your Discrete Mathematics Assignment

discrete mathematics

There are several students who face issues related to the preparation of a discrete mathematics assignment because of the inadequate knowledge for the difference between continuous and discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics is contrary to that of continuous math, as the following can deal with concepts that vary smoothly. How much be the complication of the assignment, one needs to prepare instant and good discrete math assignment. Various topics under discrete math involve focusing on executions, algorithms, and efficiencies. These can be done to improve the knowledge so that one can master the discrete maths’ skills and comfortably complete their assignment.

What is mathematics/maths?

Math is a discipline that includes the study of quantity, shapes, and arrangements. It is the basic foundation of each one’s daily life, such as in sports, engineering while driving the bus/car on the road, and much more. Maths lies in all aspects of daily routine.

There are two types of math which are discussed below

Continuous Mathematics

It deals with the real numbers or continuous number lines. It is described by the point that within any two numbers, there is nearly always an infinite numbers’ set. For instance, a function of continuous math can be outlined in a constant curve without dividing the line anywhere.

Discrete mathematics

It includes distant values that are between the two given points, which are countable numbers. For instance, if one has a finite number set, then the function defines as an ordered pairs’ list that has several objects, and it can be presented as an overall list of these defined pairs.

Topics that include in the discrete mathematics

Though it does not have a definite number of the branches, still, there are following topics that are always considered as discrete mathematics in the study. Almost all students need to make the discrete math assignment based on these following topics:

  • Mathematical logic.
  • Counting theory.
  • Recurrence relation and mathematical induction.
  • Trees.
  • Relation, Set, and Functions.
  • Group theory.
  • Probability.
  • Graph theory.
  • Boolean Algebra.
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Why one needs to study the discrete math

It is essential for college-level maths and beyond that too

Discrete mathematics comprises abstract algebra and calculus, which are the core subjects of maths at the undergraduate level. Therefore, it is necessary that students must learn this before taking admissions to the colleges. So that they can easily study this subject in college and after college studies.

Discrete math uses for computing

The modern computer science’s mathematics is entirely based upon discrete mathematics, particularly with graph theory and combinatorics. It implies that if one wants to learn the basic algorithms for the computer programming language, they require to have a solid background in this mathematical subject. Even though, at various universities, an undergraduate course with discrete mathematics is mandatory to pursue a degree in computer science subjects.

Discrete math deals with “real world” mathematics

Several students have complained that subjects such as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and other maths branches do not have any use for them. Therefore, if they feel these subjects as boring, but in contrast, discrete math, especially probability and counting, grant the students to explore non-trivial problems of the “real world” quickly and effectively. It might be challenging for them, and besides this, it is very interesting too.

Discrete math involves in content at middle and high school to increase knowledge

Renowned American math competitions (at high school level) and math competitions like MATHCOUNTS (at middle school level) feature the questions of discrete math as an essential portion of the contents. Other harder level of the competitions like AIME, the level of discrete math is even larger. Therefore, students who do not have any ideas about discrete mathematics may work against them in these kinds of contents. There is a coach of MATHCOUNTS who tells that he spends almost 50% of his practice time with the students for covering probability and counting topics, as both are the important topics of discrete math in MATHCOUNTS contest.

Discrete math increase knowledge of mathematical proof and reasoning techniques

Algebra deals with the series of algorithms and formulas, and students need to memorize them (for instance, solving the linear equation with substitution methods, the quadratic formula, and much more), whereas geometry deals with the series of definitions, its theorem, then finally of exercises, which are done with the rote (for instance, “Two-column proof”). So, we can say that it is undoubtedly the subject of being taught with effective material so that it helps you to develop creative mathematical thinking. Besides this, discrete helps the students to think creatively and flexibly, which leads to thinking out of the box. Discrete math deals with various formulas that need to memorize, instead, masters with the fundamental concepts.

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Discrete math is “fun”

There are some students who find geometry, calculus, and algebra uninspiring and dull. But this is in some cases. But a study shows that various students whose favorite topics are “number theory” or “combinatorics”, but the same students define their least favorite topics are related to geometry. Therefore, it can be concluded that discrete math has more fun than that of geometry or algebra. 

How to deal with your discrete mathematics assignment effectively

During a class

Attend regular math classes that help you with discrete math assignments by providing the course notes and relevant materials. As the classes can not be repeated; therefore, you need to attend them regularly. Ask your teachers questions related to discrete math and practice them. After the class, review your class notes and rework on them to have the command on them. If you still face any difficulty with your assignment, then you can take your teachers’ help to solve them.

Outside of class before the material would be covered within the class

At the beginning of the exercises, you might face issues while your teacher assigns you a discrete math assignment. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the problems; for this, you can read the notes of the exercises, understand definitions. Make the effective notes of definitions understand properties, formulas, and theorems. Keep in mind that one does not spend more than 20 minutes on a single exercise. When one comes to study materials, one needs to believe that it helps you to solve the exercises, make relevant notes, and try the exercise. Besides this, take participation in an online quiz of each unit.

Outside of class after the material would be covered within the class

Work on the section in which you find the most difficult and if one is not able to progress in that section, make you can take your teachers’ help to make the relevant notes. Always keep reread the notes and practice them so that you can easily make a discrete mathemati assignment effectively. Reread lectures and exercises note and cover all the study material that you have given during the classes as you know that after completing the syllabus, the teacher can take your test or exams to know what you have learned during the classes. Therefore, you need to revise the notes that you have made during the class and practice them several times to get perfect in these problems.

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Other tips for dealing with discrete mathematics assignment

Study at the same place

When you study in the same place, you get familiar with it, which helps you to get comfortable so that you can write your discrete math assignment easily.

Avoid distractions

Distraction like smartphones, t.v. noise might cause a problem to focus on your study. This might also be the reason for low grades in your discrete math assignment because discrete math needs high concentration to understand its definitions, theorems, and other things.

Schedule your study

Discrete math is one of the complicated subjects of mathematics; therefore, it is necessary to schedule your study with at least 90 minutes that involve 10 minutes breaks. Structure it with proper planning about what you have to study in these 90 minute periods and complete your discrete math assignment within this duration. 

Avoid passive study

When you are studying notes, try to take your own written notes, conclusions, grouped topics in a meaningful manner, write the questions related to your readings, and practice exercises that you have involved in your notes.

Make weekly plans

Because of the complexity of the mathematics, it is necessary that one should divide the units in a small portion. This will help you to solve the problem more effectively. This can do it by studying each unit for at least 3 days each week outside of the classroom.

Group study

Prefer a group study with your classmates or with the people who love discrete mathematics. Work thoroughly with them, and this helps you to make your discrete math assignments too. Besides this, keep in mind that your intensive study and initial reading must be done alone as you are the only one who can understand your own problems and analysis where you stuck while solving the problems.

Avoid dehydration and hunger (like junk food)

Keep yourself hydrated, and do not eat snacks too much as it leads to laziness while studying. Try to include bananas, power bars, raisins, and other healthy snacks in your diet. Exercise regularly to remain active. 

Manage your break time

f you need a break for lunch or dinner between your study, then manage it for at least 30 minutes. Other breaks must be of 10 minutes, also ensure that when you take the break, it should be a complete break. 

NOTE: Adequate food and sleep are mandatory to remain healthy and to keep your brain work properly. Besides all this, try to include some extra in your life and your schedule such as sport, other activities. One requires to plan “playtime” to enjoy life outside of the classes.


This blog has provided all the relevant information about how to deal with your discrete math assignment effectively. This post involves the definition of mathematics, its types, topics that include discrete mathematics, why one needs to study discrete math, and methods to deal with discrete math with tips. Follow all these methods to learn discrete math effectively. Make sure that you should test yourself with online test series so that you can work on your mistakes to score good grades in academics.

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