Best Ever Example of MBA Essay to Help You in Admission


Have you been trying long enough but just could not succeed in writing the perfect MBA essay? Well, now you will be able to breathe freely! It is because we present the right solution for you. Several admission officials have stated that there is no secret ingredient as such to get an individual to write a compelling MBA essay. However, they say that the only prime key here is authenticity and eye-catching content.

In this blog we are going to share with you an example of an MBA essay. It will also make an applicant understand the power of the essay.

What is the concept of an MBA essay?

MBA is used as an acronym for Master of Business Administration. It is a graduate degree program which goes on to provide hands-on experience in theoretical and practical training. This program aims at honing the student’s business skills and management techniques. While studying other aspects of the program, focus is also thrown on written, communication as well as business abilities in this prestigious course.

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Essay writing or the widely known ‘Written Ability Test’ appears to be an important part of the admission process. It is a means of knowing whether or not a candidate is fit for the program. Undoubtedly, an MBA essay can speak for the applicant as well as see their real self. It holds as much as 15 per cent weightage in the student’s entire application process. It is truly said that an MBA essay has the ability to speak for the candidate.

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The following is an example of MBA essay

It is always a good idea to look up for an example of an MBA essay for starters. By doing this, it will prove helpful to get some first general orientation. However, one must make sure that an example of an MBA essay should be used only for references and gaining ideas. Copying the same not only violates academic ethics but will also result in automatic rejection by the admission committee. It is equally necessary to respect the word count and the proofreading process.  

The entire point of an MBA essay example is for the reader to generate a unique essay. The content must not be similar to other essays. Thus, below we provide you with an example of an MBA essay along with a drafted question.

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Describe your interest in pursuing a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications program from XXXX business school? What experiences have provoked you to apply for the same? What will be your biggest contribution to the program? (300 words)

Amidst World War II, our neighbouring country Taiwan went through rapid economic growth. With the help of western finance and the useful application of economic principles, today Taiwan is recognised as an industrialized nation. While the nation continues producing consumer goods, our country is severely lacking in innovation and development.

What ignited an interest in me to pursue a career in Integrated Marketing Communications is to completely sharpen my marketing and business skills. My aim is to use XXXX business school’s education to establish an IP management consulting company in Taiwan that makes use of operative IP marketing with a clear view to maximize the value of India’s innovative expansion. It is extremely important for a candidate like myself to excel in marketing as well as understand modern media skills.

I have selected the said program because it stands to me as a wonderful combination of technological savvy with front-line writing and communication abilities. As a learner, I am very attracted to the media innovation lab that permits students to develop innovative mediums in a collaborative surrounding.

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As noticed in my resume, I worked as a marketing intern at XXXX, Taiwan. My job involved managing the ‘Office TW’ official page on social media platforms. On a regular basis, I updated Office TW related news and provided helpful tips for the viewers.

I am assertive that a graduate degree from XXXX business school will surely give a head start to my professional career, thus letting me ameliorate a current societal issue in Taiwan. My biggest contribution to this particular program will be putting forward and implementing my international perspective, an experience to work abroad. It will highlight my undying passion to use my abilities to help others, as well as the society in general.

Conclusion on example of MBA essay

Above is an example of an MBA essay. Before submission, it is necessary for the writer to go through the process of proofreading. Language and tone should not only be clear but also understandable.

This blog also provides an outstanding example of an MBA essay. MBA is a short form for Master of Business Administration. The administrators of a college use an MBA essay to understand that the applicant is eligible for the program or not. MBA essay helps to test the written and communication skills.

The reason for providing an example of an MBA essay is to author a unique piece of writing. Word count and proofreading must be considered. Read and understand the format of drafting an MBA essay with the help of the above essay. It will surely help you to charm your way through the admission committee of your desired business school. If you still struggle to write your MBA essay. Then it is the time to get the best MBA essay writing help.

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