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Top 8 Business Intelligence Tools in The World

Business Intelligence (BI) means the technologies, practices and applications that are used in collecting and integrating the business information and details so that this information can be analyzed and presented by business analytics in order to draw conclusions thereon. The scope and importance of Business intelligence have increased nowadays because it helps and supports in making better business decisions and eventually to earn more profits. There are several business intelligence tools which are used by analytics to interpret the business information and thus to make decisions. These tools basically brief the accounts and books of business and then report on them. This article will help you understand the most significant tools used in business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Tools

1. SAP

SAP is a business intelligence tool which is used for taking advanced analytics solutions like real time BI predictive analytics etc. it is also very useful for machine learning and to plan and analyze the business information. It basically gives a platform for data visualization, reporting and analyzing the information and for mobile analytics.

2. Micro Strategy

The next tool in the list is Micro strategy. It is considered as important because it gives you a dashboard which is comparatively very powerful and speedy. It also offers the facility of data analytics so that you can monitor the trend in business and also to keep a watch on new opportunities. Thus, it improves the rate of productivity and profits. The best part about this business intelligence tool is that it can be connected to multiple sources even if the data is extracted from the spreadsheet or from cloud based or even from any business data software. One more cherry on the cake is that you can use this tool from both mobile and desktop.

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3. Data pine

The next tool is Datapine. It offers you to simplify the complex process of data analytics for both technical and non-technical users. This is why non-technical users mostly prefer this tool over others with the help of this tool you can easily and speedily integrate several and different data sources and can also perform advanced data analysis. It facilitates you to create and build interactive business dashboards and to generate the actionable insights for business.

4. SAS

The next significant business intelligence tool is SAS because it facilitates advanced predictive analytics in easy steps.

It is considered a great business intelligence platform because of its being a self service tool. It facilitates the business decisions through leverage Data and metrics. SAS also has a set of APIs which gives you a lot of customization options.

This tool is very efficient for high level data integration and of course for advanced analytics and reporting thereon. 

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5. Yellowfin BI 

This tool provides you end to end analytics which enable you to combine visualizations, collaboration and machine learning easily. The best part about this business intelligence tool is that it helps to make more determined and better decisions as it can filter the tons of data with its intuitive filtering. 

6. Qlik sense 

The next tool is to learn about Qlik Sense. It is developed by the very well known and reputed company Qlik. Qlik Sense can be accessed through any device and at any time thus you can use this tool whenever and wherever you want to. 

It has an user interface which provides you touchscreen facility. This is considered the number one business intelligence tool. The other such feature of Qlik Sense is storytelling and you can also use snapshots and highlights. Thus it helps you to do efficient analysis of business and to take the right decisions on time. 

7. Zoho Analytics 

The next name in BI tools is Zoho Analytics which is majorly used for in depth data analysis and then in depth reporting.

It is the best choice for many business analytics because it has automatic data sync features and you can schedule it periodically. The next alluring feature of this tool is that it can create and build a connector in easy steps with the help of Integration API. 

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8. Microsoft Power 

The last business intelligence tool in the list is Microsoft power. It is basically an analytics tool based on the web and is used by many business organizations for data visualizations. You can in actuality check and analyze the trends in real time and now it has very new connectors through which you can increase your game in campaigns. Since it is a web based tool so you can access it from anywhere at any time. The best part about this tool is that you can easily integrate your apps and thus you can analyze and deliver reports timely. It also has a real time dashboard. 


Business Intelligence is a field by which you can easily make business decisions through the business information and data. It helps you to predict and forecast the consequences of any decision on the basis of past records. There are several business intelligence tools which help you in making business decisions. With the help of these tools you can easily and speedily take decisions for the organizations and which will eventually help in profit making. This is why nowadays many data analytics predict the result of business decisions through these BI tools. Get the best business intelligence assignment help from our business intelligence homework help experts.