how to write an assignment introduction

How to Write An Assignment Introduction Like A Pro

Assignments have become a crucial part of students’ lives as they have to encounter writing assignments on a daily basis. Writing an assignment in itself is a big and tough task but most of the students face problems in writing an introduction for such assignments. An introduction has to be precise and complete to give a brief about your assignment and there is a fixed word limit for writing an introduction of an assignment. This is why the most searched question about assignment is How to write an assignment introduction. So if you want to make sure that your assignment’s introduction is eye-catching and précis then follow the following guidelines on writing an introduction of assignment.


First we need to understand the significance of writing a good introduction of an assignment. So you must have heard that the first impression is the last impression and an introduction of your assignment works as a first impression for your assignment. Thus, if you wish to attract your examiner’s attention or of your readers then you should write a good introduction for your assignment.

Moreover, the important role of introduction is to give an overview of the assignment which helps the reader to determine whether they want to read it or not.

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Hence, before writing an assignment it is very important to understand how to write an assignment introduction. 

Strategies: How to write an assignment introduction

  1. A good introduction of assignment manifests the following strategies –
  2. It must show the main objective and purpose of the assignment.
  3. The importance of assignment.
  4. Purview of the assignment’s study that is what it includes.
  5. A brief description of the assignment’s content and its organization.

Characteristics of Good Introduction

Before knowing how to write an assignment introduction, the most crucial thing is to know the characteristics of good introduction. Because then only you can write a good introduction. So following are the essential characteristics of good introduction-

  1. A good introduction is written precisely and clearly so that everyone can understand it. In short, there must not be any language error.
  2. It must be written while remembering that it should be attention-grabbing so that it can grab the attention of its readers.
  3. A good introduction always shows the purpose of study and what the study is about.


1. Background

– First thing you have to write in an introduction is the brief background of the study. You have to give an overview of your assignment as in what your assignment is about, its impact and area of study.

2. Context in brief

You have to include a gist of the context of your assignment. It helps the readers to get information about the scope of study in assignment.

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3. Your Contention

You have to write your stance on the question involved in the statement. It should be limited to one statement. It will help the readers to understand your stance on such points and that assignment is based on such points.

4. Main points of study

You will write one line on what are the main points of your study as it will help the readers to circumscribing limits of the assignment.

5. Definition of the Topic

The most important step in how to write an assignment introduction is to write a definition of the topic of the assignment very briefly. So that readers can understand the title of the study at once.

6. Why are you writing on this topic only

It is always suggested that you should write in the introduction of an assignment that why are you writing on this topic only.

7. Outline

Write in brief about the outline or structure of the assignment so that readers can read accordingly and also it will help you to define the scope of assignment in short.

Guidelines/Tips on how to write an assignment introduction –

  1. Always start your assignment’s introduction with a broad idea about the topic of the assignment. After giving a broader picture of the study, you have to narrow down the discussion and write the main object of the study.
  2. Don’t forget to state the significance of your assignment in brief. It is the prominent part of the introduction.
  3. You have to smartly write about the tasks you are dealing with in the assignment in brief.
  4. Make sure you use easy and understandable language so that readers don’t find it difficult to understand the introduction otherwise they will not read the other parts of the assignment as well.
  5. Double check and proofread your assignment introduction to ensure it is free from spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.
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These guidelines are very important in writing a good introduction to your assignment. If you want to be well versed with how to write an assignment introduction then it is mandatory to first be acquainted with these tips and guidelines.


Since the time assignments have become a crucial part of our studies and grades, the need to learn the concept and structure of assignment has arisen. An introduction is the important part of the assignment to grab the attention of readers and to tell in brief about the background and information of the assignment.

Thus it is very important to learn how to write assignment introductions. Introduction of an assignment should be eye catching and alluring in order to capture the audience and to make them read the whole assignment.