Top 9 Highest Paying Programming Languages (2023)

Highest Paying Programming Languages

Programming is one of the most famous and promising careers in the tech world globally. There are over 700 languages present. it is a good question to ask which one is among the top highest-paying programming language. 

If you are a programmer or wish to start a career in programming this blog is for you. This will help you give a vision of which language to learn and pay more focus to. Let’s take a look at the top 9 programming languages that are the highest paying.

What Is Programming Language?

Programming language are a set of instructions that are used to communicate with computers and create software applications. These instructions are written using a specific syntax and grammar that the computer can understand and then execute. However, just like humans use language to communicate with each other, programmers use programming languages to communicate with computers.

On the other hand, each programming language has its unique syntax, strengths, and weaknesses. Some common highest paying programming languages include Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. 

These languages can create various applications like websites, mobile apps, and desktop software. Furthermore, the choice of programming language depends on the specific requirements of the project, the target platform, and the programmer’s personal preferences and experience.

Top 9 Highest Paying Programming Languages For 2023

1. GoLang


GoLang is also known as Go. It is a static type and a compiled language. This open-source language was developed by Google in 2009. Modeled simar to C language. The syntax of Go is very simple and straightforward. 

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This makes it quite popular among programmers. It feels like a combination of C and Python. It supports many useful standard libraries and enhances efficiency. Its speed overtakes Python and Java. Statistics have shown that Go will continue to grow further in the web development area. 

Salary Of GoLang Programming language

2. Scala


Scala is a popular high-level language first launched in 2004. It is a general-purpose language short form for ‘scalable language. This denotes that scala developed along with the scalability of users. It is capable of parallel processing at high speed due to its immutable feature. Engaging a scala development company can significantly enhance software projects, leveraging the language’s ability to handle high-speed parallel processing and its seamless scalability, attributes highly valued in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

It is highly used for big data and ML purposes. It runs on JVM(Java Virtual Machine) too which makes it a good language for android development.

Salary Of Scala Programming language

3. C#


C# is a multi-paradigm language developed by Microsoft and launched in 2000. C# is an open-source general-purpose high-level language. C# is mostly used for developing mobile games. 

It can also be used for developing software and network system. Roots of C# language is in the C language. The functions and features of C# support the rapid development of software and games. It is considered to be an automatic scalable language. 

Salary Of C# Programming language

4. Perl


Perl was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. It is a feature-rich high-level language. Till perl5 it was called ‘Perl’ but with perl6 the name has changed to ‘raku’. Perl is comprised of the features of languages including AWK, C, sed, and sh. Earlier it was developed for the UNIX scripting language. 

But now it supports multiple platforms. It is known as the most expressive language with support for many databases. It is used for web development, GUI development, network programming, and many more such activities.

Salary Of Kotlin Programming language

5. Kotlin


Kotlin was first launched in 2011 by JetBrains. It is a statically-typed cross-platform language. It is a general-purpose language that works interoperably with java. It is highly concise due to its inference features. Google declared kotlin as the preferred android development language in 2019. 

Kotlin is capable to compile in JavaScript. This makes it a supportable language for web development too. There is a big google community support.

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Salary Of Kotlin Programming language

6. Python


Python is one of the most famous programming languages. It was first introduced in 1991. Python is a High-level dynamically-typed language used for general purposes. Python is used for software/application development, software testing, web development, AI or ML, and even data science. 

It supports both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It supports wide options of cross-platform integrations. It has a huge library and a good number of frameworks that can ease your activities. 

Around 80% of programmers around the world prefer working on Python. Flask and Django are two famous frameworks of Python.

Salary Of Python Programming language

7. Ruby


Ruby was first launched in 1995. It is a general-purpose high-level language. It is interpreted and designed to support many paradigms. It is capable of developing automation tools. Desktop applications, data processing systems, and many more such services are supported. 

It is really fast in development and is known to cut down the development time by up to 50%. Ruby has a lot of job opportunities and offers good amount of salaries to developers. Ruby has developed a famous web development framework known as Ruby on Rails.

Salary Of Ruby Programming language

8. Java


Java was launched in 1996. Java has big community support like Python. Java is based on object-oriented programming although it is not completely object-oriented. It is used widely in web development, applications, and software development. Also, servers, and games are supported. 

It is platform-independent and highly portable. Android Studio is used to create android apps and games which are written in java too. Once a code is compiled in java, you do not need to compile it further to run on any system that supports java. 

It is capable of providing enhanced productive features along with high efficiency. The support of runtime and compile time checking removes the errors to a greater extent.

Salary Of Java Programming language


9. SQL


SQL stands for Structured Query Language and was introduced in 1974. It is a language of Relation Database management(RDBMS). It is used in data science, administration, analysis, and many other backend operations. 

It provides enhanced protection for the data. Accessing data is also very fast and reliable. SQL is further divided into 3 categories, DCL(Data Control Language), DDL(Data Definition Language), and DML(Data Manipulation language).

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Salary Of SQL Programming language

What Are The Major Types of Programming Languages

Here are the 5 major types of programming languages which are as follows:

1. Procedural programming languages

  • C and C++
  • Java
  • Pascal

2. Functional programming languages

  • Scala
  • Erlang
  • Haskell
  • Elixir

3. Object-oriented programming languages

  • Python
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Ruby

4. Scripting languages

  • Python
  • bash
  • Perl
  • Node.js

5. Logic programming languages

  • Prolog
  • Absys
  • Datalog
  • Alma-0

Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Programming Language for Career

Here are some tips for choosing the right programming language for your career:

1. Know Your Goals

Understand what kind of computer projects you want to work on (like websites, data analysis, or phone apps) and choose a language that matches those projects.

2. Check Job Demand

Find out which languages are needed most in the job market. Picking a language in high demand can give you more job opportunities.

3. Easy to Learn

Look for a language that is easy for you to learn, and ensure there are plenty of helpful resources like tutorials and online courses.

4. Look to the Future

Choose a language growing in popularity and being used in new and exciting ways. This can help you have a successful career for years to come.

5. Compatibility Matters

Consider how well the language works with other tools and software. Your job can be made simpler and more effective by using a language compatible with various widely used technologies.

Highest Paying Programming Languages As Per The StackoverFlow

In 2023, Stack Overflow remains incredibly popular among developers and programmers worldwide. It is a go-to place to find answers to coding questions and challenges. The platform’s active community of users continuously shares valuable insights and expertise.

The reasons for Stack Overflow’s popularity are straightforward. It has an easy-to-use interface that welcomes developers of all skill levels. The reputation system encourages users to provide helpful answers, creating a collaborative and supportive environment. As a result, Stack Overflow is still the top destination for programmers looking to learn, share, and grow in 2023.


If you are planning to learn a new language based on the salary they could offer, you can definitely refer to this blog. We have included the top 9 highest-paying programming languages. 

Learning this language will not be difficult considering the salary they offer. You can pick any one language from above and can start learning your first language.


Q1. Which programming language pays the most in salary?

The Top 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages (as per salary package)of 2022:
1. Clojure – $106,644
2. Erlang – $103,000
3. F# – $95,526
4. LISP – $95,000
5. Ruby – $93,000
6. Elixir – $92,959
7. Scala – $92,780
8. Perl – $90,073
9. Go – $89,204
10. Rust – $87,047

Q2. Which IT field has highest salary?

The top 8 Highest Paid Jobs in IT Sector in 2022 which are as follows:
1. Cloud Architect
2. Blockchain Developer
3. AI/ML Architect
4. Data Scientist
5. DevOps Engineer
6. Big Data Engineer
7. Machine Learning Engineer
8. IoT Solutions Architect

Q3. Which programming field is best for freelancing?

Here are the 5 best programming languages and tools for freelancing in 2023

1. Mobile app development
2. Front-end web development
3. Back-end web development
4. WordPress web development
5. Data analysis and data science

Q4. Can I make 100k from freelancing?

Many people believe that freelancers cannot earn six figures, but that is not true. On the other hand, with the right strategy, freelancing can earn up to $100,000 or more per year.