SPSS vs Excel: Which One is The Best Tool For Statistics


SPSS vs Excel is always a big concern between statistics students mind. Today I am going to share with you the best ever comparison between SPSS vs Excel.


SPSS Stands for statistical packages for Social Science. It is the market leader in terms of statistical packaging tools. There are several uses of SPSS that are considered as the derivative for data manipulation and storage. It is having two methods for batch processing, i.e., interactive batches and noninteractive batches.

SPSS inc developed it, but later on, it was acquired by IBM in 2009. The earlier name of SPSS was “under the umbrella. But after acquiring by IBM, SPSS was renamed as IBM SPSS in 2015.

SPSS also comes with an open-source version that is known as PSPP. This version has used the process of statistics and the formulation of data manipulation techniques with very few exceptions. These statistics and formulation are used for the professional manipulation of large data chunks.The open-source version of SPSS is quite decent, and it won’t expire in the future.

Anyone can use the same SPSS software for the lifetime. SPSS is one of the best analytical software that provides high-quality graphics for more analytical features.

The best part of this software is when you create standard graphics in this software. Then you can output the graphics as HTML5 files. It means that you can access these files through your browser too.


Excel is one of the most powerful and easy to use statistics software. It allows you to store the data in tabular format, i.e., in rows and column format. It also allows you to interact with your data in various ways.

You can sort and filter the data using some of the most potent formulas. The pivot tables one is the best feature of Excel. You can use pivot tables to create a new insight by manipulating the data.

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Excel has various features that can help you with statistics. There are multiple ways to importing and exporting the data. You can also integrate the data into the workflow.

Like no other statistics software, Excel allows you to create the custom function using its programming abilities.

The primary purpose of Excel is to create records of data and to manipulate the data as per the users’ demands. As mentioned earlier, Excel allows you to use the external database to analyze, make reports, and so on.

Now a day, Excel is offering the best graphical user interface along with the use of graphics tools and visualization techniques.

Let’s Compare both of the tools based on some criteria first in tabular form and then in detail form.

Parameters SPSSExcel
Meaning Statistical package for social science (SPSS) is a tool formed for the mathematical study of data.Microsoft’s product is utilized for data manipulation and data entry to save some data.
ObjectiveIt is utilized for data manipulation methods to get valid results.It is utilized to save the information and carefully examine it.
ToolIt is a batch processing statistical tool.On the other hand, It is a data manipulation tool.
UsagesIt is used for statistical computations and the use of data as per IBM norms.It is used to manage and store data with formed procedures established by Microsoft.
BenefitsPerformance and speed.The decrement in information redundancy.
Real-time usagesIt practices for ultra-fast and advanced devices such as supercomputers, and much more.It is sustaining and Managing large amounts of client data.
IndustryData Analysts/scientists are the fields to grow after completing a degree in this discipline.Data Analysts/scientists are the fields to grow after completing a degree in this discipline.
ApplicationsConnects to all professional activities and large-scale businesses.Implements to businesses where delicate large-scale information is to be accomplished.
FieldIt includes the whole technological area, which is considered as the superset of Data Science.It is a subset of network ability where the knowledge of the information is made by applying different technologies and methods.
AcademicsIt subsists for several years following the SPSS, which is now under IBM.It subsists and developed with the beginning section of technology and science.

Let’s Compare both of the tools based on some criteria.

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As we have discussed above that there are several uses of SPSS such as it is used to manipulate the data as per IBM guidelines in data analytics as well as the data science industry. It manages the data and formulates the operations as per the Microsoft guidelines.


There is an importance of SPSS for statistics as it is much faster and offers reliable performance. On the other hand, there are several advantages of excel such as it provides a reduction in data redundancy and much more.

Real Time Usage

It uses ultra-fast devices such as supercomputers. It uses to maintain a large volume of data.


SPSS used in Data Science and Data analytics industry. Data analysts and business analysts widely use Excel.


SPSS use in large scale companies. Excel is used where a massive amount of sensitive data stored.


SPSS covers the entire technology field. It is the superset of data science. Excel is a subset of computer science; thus, it offers the study of data using various methods and technologies.

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  1. SPSS use for computation. It means that it consists of various subjects such as Data Storages and Data formats. On the other hand, excel based on mathematics concepts such as algebra, calculus, statistics, and advanced statistics.
  2. SPPS teaches us how the process is built in batches. It also helps us to learn memory management in the programming areas. On the other hand, Excel offers us a clear view of how data can be used to study how the data will be stored. Excel allows us to process and manipulate the data to reduce the redundancy so that it can become meaningful for future use.
  3. SPSS is based on computer systems. It offers us a clear insight into computer storage utilization and memory system efficiency. On the other hand, excel offers us to extract specific information from the broad set of data using various formats of Excel.
  4. SPSS use for probabilistic theories, reasoning, discrete structures, and database. On the other hand, as I have already mentioned, Excel offers various mathematical operations and analytics. In other words, it provides more formulated mathematics operations as compared with SPSS.
  5. SPSS is a batch processing statistical tool. On the other hand, Excel is a data manipulation tool.
  6. The primary purpose of SPSS is to use data manipulation techniques to fetch good results. On the other hand, the goal of Excel is for storing the data and safely handle it.
  7. SPSS is an integrated part of IBM. That’s why it is evolving the advanced concepts. Moreover, new algorithms are also coming under IBM. On the other hand, Excel is also growing at a rapid pace. It keeps adding some of the most potent statistics functions, and it is becoming quite complex to handle. But Excel still needs some improvement to be the best statistics software in the world.
  8. SPSS is all about dealing with statistics algorithms. That’s why it always ready for the new statistics algorithm updates. It uses this algorithm for data manipulation. On the other hand, Excel is all about the combination of mathematics and data storages in various formats.
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An Observation From Google From Google Trends: SPSS VS Excel

According to google trends in the past 5 years looked at how much people search for two important data tools: SPSS and Excel. They found something interesting. In the initial year, fewer people are searching for Excel. Excel is a common program for working with numbers, but fewer people seem interested in it now. They may want to use different tools for data stuff.

But SPSS, a more specialized tool for serious math and data work, is getting more attention in Google searches. It is like people are getting more curious about using advanced tools for tricky data analysis. So, while Excel is getting less popular, SPSS is becoming more famous. This tells us that people might look for the best software for their data jobs. Google Trends shows us how people’s data tool choices have changed over the past 5 years.


SPSS and Excel are a lot different than each other. Even there is no comparison between these two tools. Excel is a spreadsheet software, whereas SPSS is statistical analysis software.

We can perform plenty of statistical analysis with the help of Excel. On the other hand, there are various features of SPSS that can be considered as complete and powerful statistical analysis software. SPSS has built-in data manipulation tools for recording and variable transformation.

On the other hand, Excel doesn’t offer the build in functions. You have to do a lot of work to do the given task. Every column is a variable in SPSS. On the other hand, columns and rows do not treat in that way.

In the end, I can say that both Excel and SPSS are serving their purpose in their domain exceptionally well. Both are the best statistical tools in their field.

But both SPSS and EXCEL serve you the purpose in their domains exceptionally well. Now you can choose between SPSS vs Excel more confidently. Get the best SPSS help online from our SPSS help experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Excel or SPSS easier?

Excel is generally easier for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and versatility for basic data tasks. SPSS is more complex, designed for advanced statistical analysis, and might be harder for those unfamiliar with statistics.

Q2. Which software is better than SPSS?

Several alternatives are considered better than SPSS for advanced statistical analysis. R and Python are popular choices due to their flexibility, extensive libraries, and open-source nature, making them suitable for various data analysis needs.

Q3. Is SPSS Better Than Microsoft Excel?

The choice between SPSS and Microsoft Excel depends on your specific needs. Excel is better for simple data management and basic analysis. In contrast, SPSS excels in complex statistical analysis and is preferred by researchers and statisticians for its specialized tools and capabilities.

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