Top Tips from The Experts on How to Learn Excel


How to learn excel is one of the basic question asked by the majority of professionals and beginners of statistics. Excel is one of the most powerful statistics software in the world. It is having more potential than when we use it properly.

A majority of business is using Excel but only a few know how to make the most of it. More than 80 percent of middle skills jobs require good command over spreadsheet and word processing software.

Here in this blog, I am going to share with you the best ways to learn excel. If you’re one of them how are looking for the best ways to learn excel then you’re at the right place. Let’s get started with an overview of Microsoft excel. Here we go:- 

Definition of Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the most powerful and most reliable statistics applications available in the world. It is used to create spreadsheets and dashboards reports. Apart from that it is also helpful in storing and administering data. It is the product of Microsoft Corporation. It was available for the users in the year 1987.

And then it gets lots of updates and become one of the crucial statistics software for businesses and homes.  Microsoft usually update excel in every 3 year duration. By the way, it is a part of Microsoft office that’s why it needs at least 3 years to get new updates. The current version of Microsoft excel is Excel 2019.

This software is having lots of potential. Most of the users or companies has not discovered the full potential of Excel yet. It is a very handy tool for the beginner as well as for the professionals.

But if you’re a beginner and you want to learn this powerful software then you need to work on the basics of Excel. Today we are going to show you the best ways to learn excel and to master it as well. Let’s move on to the other section of why to learn excel.

Why Should You Learn Excel?

Excel is widely used statistics software in most of the reputed MSE. Most of the businesses use it to create tables. But it has more abilities likewise organize data, perform complicated mathematical functions and even create images is a real time-saver.

These functionality makes it the first choice for the businesses. It is not just helpful for the data analyst to perform some operations on the numbers. In fact, it also helpful in compiling the information in understandable form.

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Excel also offers the most advanced feature of project management. With the help of project management you can track any number and even the most complex tasks.

If we talk about the salary, Excel also quite helpful in increasing your salary. It has been proven that the professional with microsoft excel earn more than $2 extra than the others in the same field. So what are you waiting for? This is the time to get started with the excel and leverage your carrier in Excel.

Tips on How to Learn Excel

1. Master the Shortcuts

To perform super rapid calculation or function in Excel. Then you should master the shortcuts in excel. Even most of the professional say that excel is all about shortcuts. It is also helpful to save your precious time. It is not an easy job for the young generation to use their computer without the help of the mouse.

But if you can use your computer only with the help of the keyboard then you will nailed the excel. You may already use some of the basic shortcuts likewise, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v and so on.

All these shortcuts also work in Microsoft excel. Apart from the basic shortcuts excel also have some more shortcuts to perform a variety of functions in excel. Check out the full list of excel shortcuts here at Microsoft Excel shortcuts.

2. Import Data from a Website

Import data from the website in excel is one of the crucial factors in the best ways to learn excel. It is quite helpful to increase the speed of your workflow. It is quite often that we come across a website that is having the useful data for one of our projects. Excel is quite helpful to import the data from that website.

All you need to do is click file> import external data and click on new web query. After clicking on the tab, you will see a new window that displays the browser’s homepage with the highlighted url.

Then you need to choose the webpage you want to display, then copy and paste the link into the Address box. Finally click ok, then your data will be imported into the excel worksheet. 

3. Filter your Results

Filter is one of the best features of excel. It is quite helpful when you have a large spreadsheet with a variety of information on it. You can use the Auto filtering feature to filter that data automatically. It is the smartest way to filter the data in excel.

You can do this by click Data > Filter > Autofilter. After that you need to click one of the small boxes to filter the results according to your own needs. You can also filter the results manually as per your requirements.

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4. Calculate the Sum

Calculating the sum is the most basic feature of the excel. You can use shortcuts to calculate the sum of an entire column. Even you can also sum the range of cells. It can save your precious time, especially on your daily tasks with the excel.

You can calculate the sum by manually entering the formula of sum. But the best way to calculate the sum is simply use the shortcut Alt + =. After the execution of this command, press Tab and the Excel will show you the results. 

5. AutoCorrect and AutoFill

Excel is one of the smartest statistics software in the world. If you want to work faster on excel then you need to avoid more typing on excel. Excel offers the AutoCorrect and Autofill feature to the users. AutoCorrect is one of the most powerful features to correct the misspelled words and typos in your excel spreadsheet.

You do not need to correct the word again and again. For this all you need to do is click on the Tools tab and then select AutoCorrect. On the other hand the AutoFill is also a quite handy function to save the precious time.

It is quite helpful when you type the numbered list and monthly list manually. To active AutoFill all you need to do is go to edit menu and then point to Fill and click Series.

6. Display Formulas

Excel also offers the great feature to show the formula into your working space in excel. You can toggle between the normal excel display to the display mode where you can show the formula that actually appear within your system.

To use this functionally first you need to toggle your excel display then you need to press the formula shortcuts i.e Ctrl + ~. After pressing this combination once, excel will display you the formula of that short instead of the results of the formula. In this way you can practice lots of new formula and learn the shortcuts of these formulas like a pro.

7. Manage Page Layout

Page layout is also crucial when you’re using excel. You’ll have to be sure that your printouts look as good as the display on your screen. For this, you should know how to manage page layout.

You can find these options on the Page Layout tab. You can also try some more options on this tab like page numbering, columns, and page borders etc. It help you to see how these functions works .

8. Practice Simple Math Problems in Excel

If you’re a beginner to excel then you should need to start excel with basic math. It will help you to handle on typing into Excel. It will also help you to get comfortable with its abilities. Then you can jump into the more complex tasks. Some of the most complex tasks of excel are functions and types of formatting.

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One of the basic things you should know about the excel is that the excel always apply the formula by using the equal sign first. For example, if you want to calculate 10 + 20 then you need to write “=10+20”. Then the cell will display the number 30. 

9. Learn How to Create Tables

Tables are the major functionality of every spreadsheet software. Majority of businesses use Excel to organize the data and store the data into understandable form. They can do so with the help of creating the tables in Excel. You can create the table into excel by selecting the data set you want to convert into the table.

Then you need include headings. After that choose the “Quick Analysis” option. It pops up at the bottom corner of the selection. From there you need to select the “Table from the “tables” tab in Excel. After creating the table you can also manipulate the data in different ways. For example you can filter and sort the information in different ways as per your requirements.

10. Learn How to Create Charts

In the business environment charts also play a crucial role to visualize the data into understandable form. If you want to have career excel then you should know how to create charts and graphs in excel. Creating a chart or graphs in excel is quite similar to creating a table.

The only difference between them is, you need to decide which type of chart or graph you are going to need or create. Excel also offers some suggestions on how your data will visualize on various graphs. But the final decision is up to you.

Once you decided the chart or graph you want, this is the time to follow some steps to create the chart. The steps are similar of creating the table you just need to select the chart instead of tables. 

Let’s Sum Up

If you want to work more efficiently in your office and try to impress everyone in your office. Then follow these tips on how to learn excel. As mentioned earlier that excel is not just an ordinary spreadsheet software.

It is more than any spreadsheet software in the world. If you want to make your career more brighter in business analytics industry then you should follow these tips on how to learn excel.

The excel skills is not just helpful in a specific business industry. It is also helpful to manage your own finances your daily tasks and lots more. Apart from that, if you gain advanced excel skills then you will have more job opportunities than learn the basic excel. So what are you waiting for start learning excel today. Keep practicing to polish your excel skills. 

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