Reveal The Secrets of How to Learn Python Fast

how to learn python fast

Pinterest and Instagram have changed the experience of digital photography. But do you know that both applications are developed with the help of Python?

Yes, that’s true.

Most programmers use the Python programming language to create websites, algorithms, and many other programming tasks. Therefore, most students want to learn python programming. 

But how to learn Python fast. Below, we will share some tips that will help you learn Python at a rapid pace. Let’s explore these tips, but before that, let’s look at what Python is and why it is necessary to learn.

What is Python, and why is it beneficial to learn?

Python is the rapidly growing programming language in the world. It is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for many purposes. That is why it is one of the most crucial languages for developers. 

The above graph shows that it is quite useful to learn Python. As it considers in the top 5 programming languages of 2021. Moreover, there is always a demand for Python developers. 

Python developers easily earn a handsome salary package. Therefore, it is quite fruitful to learn Python from a future perspective. 

But we know that students don’t have enough time to learn a new programming language like Python. That is why the students want to learn Python at a rapid pace. But they don’t know the most prominent ways of how to learn Python fast. 

Below are some of the useful tips that help you to learn Python easily and effectively. So, let’s check all the useful tips and tricks to learn Python without wasting much time.

Tips on how to learn Python fast?

  • Find out what Motivates You to Learn Python

It is the initial step that would set the pace of your python programming learning. Because if we know why we are learning the prior language, then we have extra energy to learn something new. 

There can be some situations where you get a lack of confidence to learn the language, but the motivation will keep your journey at the best pace.

When you decide which is best for you, then you can start learning python programming. If you select your interesting field for python programming, you will surely learn it quickly. 

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Your motivation to learn Python can be like this: Mobile appsMachine learning/Data science Games developmentHardware/ Robots/ Sensors Websites developmentData processing & analysisScripts to automate the work

Code Everyday

After selecting your desired field with python programming, the next step is to learn the basics of python programming. It is one of the crucial steps of how to learn python fast because the basics of python are useful for almost every field related to python. 

Therefore you should learn the basic syntax of python programming before going deeper into your select field.

The basics of python don’t require much time to learn, and if you learn them, the entire journey would be much easier for you. But learning the basics is not enough; you need to code every day to get a good command of these languages. 

You should at least do 30 minutes of coding every day. It will also be helpful in brain exercises. It would help if you also spent more time coding in the difficult programming of python rather than the basics. It will help you to learn python at a rapid pace.

List of basic concepts that you should learn about Python
It is always necessary that you should have enough conceptual knowledge about Python. Below is the list of things that a Python learner should know.
Dictionaries, Lists, and SetsString FormattingConditionsFunctionsClasses and ObjectsVariables and TypesBasic OperatorsBasic String OperationsLoopsList Comprehensions

Takes the notes

Most of the time, we have seen that the programming students don’t prefer to take notes. But if you want to learn any language fast, then you should take notes for better remembrance. 

It would help if you always took your notes that are quite helpful to clear your concepts and long-term memory. It will also be helpful in your professional life where you need to write the handwritten code to explain your project. 

Apart from that, you can also create your code structure before typing it into the computer. It can help you learn python programming quickly because you clear your doubts at the right time.

List of notes taking apps
Notes-taking apps can help you to revise your notes anywhere and anytime. You just need to install the apps on your device and take the notes. Read Python notes in the hour of need.

Run Your Code

Yes, this is one of the major steps to learn python fast. For debugging your python code, you can use the python shell. 

You should install the Python shell on your computer, i.e., also known as python REPL. When you find your code running, it also boosts your confidence.

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And you make extra efforts to learn programming at a rapid pace. You should try different code variations and run it to see which one is best and take less time to code. It can be quite helpful for you in your programming career too.

List of popular Python IDEs to run the code
It has been seen that there are several popular Python IDEs to run your program, and these are:
Spyder,Visual Studio, Sublime,PyCharm,Jupyter Notebook,Atom.
There is good and bad news about the above IDEs. The good news is that all the above-mentioned IDEs are absolutely “free.” And the bad news is that there is a slight difference in the interface and features. Therefore, it would be helpful if you use them carefully.

Take Breaks

Taking the prior breaks is also helpful for you to learn anything faster than the normal speed. Because when we take the break, our mind gets some relaxation and regains its energy. 

The experts suggest that we should work 25 minutes continuously and then take the 5 minutes break and repeat the cycle as long as your body and brain support it. It is quite helpful when you want to learn something new at a rapid pace.

The break is quite helpful for the programming because when they debug the program and face some error, the break helps them figure out what’s wrong with the code. 

A fresh mind helps you a lot to figure out the mistakes in programming code. And you will learn the concepts more quickly rather than be stuck on the same topic for a long time. 

List of things to do in your 10-minute break
There are several things that you can easily do in your 10-minute break. 
If you feel more productive:
Pay some bills!Prep a meal or snackMake the dishesRespond to personal emails  If you feel energetic:
 Do yoga or meditate Do an ab circuit – planks, your friend, or your siblings?Take the dog for a walkCall a friend
If you feel tired:
Make a healthy snack for yourselfDo some stretchesDance — or listen — to your favorite songMake a fresh cup of tea or coffee 

Surround Yourself With Others Who Are Learning

Learning programming alone will not help you to learn programming at a rapid pace. Therefore you should learn python programming with other developers or students. 

If you surround yourself with other developers, then you can clear your doubts instantly. Apart from that, you can also share your tips and tricks with the other fellows. 

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t know any other students or developers who are learning python. You can find them online and start learning with them. It will be super beneficial for you to learn python at a rapid pace.

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List of online Python communities
Several websites have Python communities, which help you in learning and clearing your doubts about Python. Some of the websites that have a Python community are:
Stack Exchange,Programiz,StackOverFlow,Quora,Reddit,coursementor,GeeksforGeeks.
Here, you can ask any question to the experts and get the desired solutions with ease.


Teaching is the best method to learn something at a fast pace. You can teach the other students or share your knowledge with other fellow python developers with interactive blog posts and videos. 

The more interactive video and blog posts you create, the more you get the chance to clear your concepts. Therefore you should try to teach python programming to start learning python at a rapid pace. It is the best among the best tips for beginners on how to learn python fast. 

List of platforms to teach the Python concepts
There are several platforms on which you can easily teach Python concepts to others. Some of the best platforms are:
YoutubeCoursementorMicrosoft’s Free Python Course.Google’s Python Class.Coursera.Udemy.
These are some reliable platforms to start your Python teaching journey.

Pair Programming

Pair programming stands for the programming within a pair. In this technique, the programmer works as a team on a single project over the workstation. 

The developers play the driver and the navigator role to work on the project and switch their roles as per the requirements. The driver is responsible for writing the code, and the navigator is responsible for guiding the problem solving and code reviews.

Switching in the role is helpful for both of the developers to learn something new about python programming at a rapid pace. Apart from that, it is quite helpful to develop problem-solving skills in programming. 

When someone codes and reviews the code, you may get the new idea that it can be implemented in new ways. On the other hand, if someone else reviews your code, they can suggest what’s wrong with your code.

List of the platforms to use for remote pair programming
There are several online remote pair programming platforms that you can use to work as a team from anywhere. Some of those platforms are:
Teletype for AtomCodeSandbox LiveCodePenVisual studio live shareRemote collabCodeanywhereCodeTogether

Do Your Projects

The next step is to do your projects. It is quite helpful for you to learn python at a rapid pace. In the first step, I suggested that you should choose your interested field. Likewise, you can start your project in data science, machine learning, game development, and many more. 

If you do your project, it will help you boost your confidence and help you learn python fast. You can apply your knowledge that whatever you have learned so far. If you do so, then it will help you to get good command over those concepts.

The harder the project is, the more it will push your limits to learn something new. It would be helpful if you did not waste your time separately to learn these concepts. 

I would like you to recommend that you start with the structural project because it has complete documentation over the internet and can take help from the documentation if you get stuck in the code. Then you can try to make your project from scratch. Both of these techniques are quite helpful in how to learn python fast.

List of Python projects that you should try
Machine learning/data science projects ideas
Tool to predict the stock market.Map, which visualizes election polls.An algorithm to estimate the weather.Algorithms to conclude news articles.
Mobile app project ideasA real-time location-based chat.An app to track how far you walk every day.An app uses to send weather notifications.
Website project ideas
A site to review video games.A site helps you to plan the weekly meals.Notes- taking platform.
Python game project ideas
A game that can solve puzzles.A location-based mobile game.
Sensors/hardware/robots project ideas
A smarter alarm clock.Sensors to monitor your house temperature.A self-driven robot.Work automation project ideas
Tool to separate data from the web.Script to do data entry automatically.

Contribute to Open Source

Last but not least, step on how to learn python fast. It would help if you also contributed to the open-source community of python. Python has one of the large communities where you can contribute to python libraries and projects.

Apart from that, most of the companies also offer open-source python projects. Thus you can collaborate in those projects where you can find the code of their engineers, which is quite helpful for you to learn python rapidly. You can also help the other developers in the community or take help from the other programmers to help you. 

List of open-source projects ideas
There are several open-source projects that a Python learner should try. This does not only help you to improve your knowledge but also enhances your Python skills. Below is the open-source project list to try:
Flask Keras Requests PyTorch Pandas PipenvTensorFlowDjango Ansible Scikit-learnScrapy Sentry fastai


List of reliable resources to learn Python fast

It has been seen that there are several resources for learning Python much faster. Below, we have categories each Python resource as per your convenience. Let’s check the list.

Interactive Resources: Tools and Lessons
Non-interactive resources
Learn Python 3 The Hard WayPython Crash Course, 2nd EditionIntroducing Python, 2nd EditionPython Basic: A Practical Introduction To Python 3
CoursementorPython.orgGoogle’s Python ClassProgramizGeeksforgeeksStatanalyticaCallTutorsTutorialspointCodeavailW3schools for Python
Video Resource
Pre-recorded courses
EdXRealyPythonEvantoTutsPlusUdemyYoutube channels (related to Python Courses)PluralsightTreeHouseUdacity
Live Courses
General AssemblyCoursementorLiveLectures


Follow all these tips on how to learn python fast will help you get the desired command over python at a minimum time duration. Python is one of the straightforward programming languages for beginners; therefore, you need not invest a high amount of time.

Other than that, the students apply the tips mentioned above. Therefore you need not worry about the authenticity of these tips. Apply these tips to get started with python and learn it at a rapid pace. If it is quite tricky to follow all these tips, you can take help from our python code help experts. They will help you to get started with python and to get a good command of python programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to learn Python?

It might take from five to 10 weeks (3-4 months) to learn the basic concept of the Python programming language. It involves object-oriented programming, variables, data types, basic Python syntax, loops, and functions.

Can I learn Python in a month?

If you have a practicable knowledge of the Python programming language, you can easily learn it within a month.

What can I do with Python skills?

You can do the following things with Python:

Automate the Boring Stuff. 
Play PyGames.
Build a Blockchain. 
Mine Twitter Data.
Create a Calculator.


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