Importance of Learning Mathematics

Importance of Learning Mathematics

There are many subjects in the academic syllabus. Among them, Mathematics plays a very important role. This is the reason all the teachers, parents, and tutors will give much attention to learning mathematics. Apart from scoring good marks in exams, mathematics helps us in our daily life tasks. We need maths in almost all our daily routines. For example –  time tracking, so that you can go to your office on time or for cooking – measuring the number of ingredients and in driving – calculating the distance travelled.  

Benefits of Learning Mathematics in Our Daily Life

  • Mathematics plays a very important role in all aspects of our life. Since it includes all our day-to-day activities like counting, measuring, cooking, driving, banking, accounting, travelling, transaction, etc. All these functional areas require basic mathematical knowledge.
  • Many of the science experiments that are conducted by scientists are based on mathematical concepts. It will act as a pillar for the well-organized and disciplined life of human beings. We cannot imagine measurements, sales, daily wages, tenders, discounts, claims, supplies, jobs, stocks all this without the maths. The basic concept of maths is to find the solution for any question so it improves the problem-solving skills of the students. And also provide the opportunity for the students to think about the same problem in a different dimension.
  •  It helps in creating mental discipline and increases the thinking capacity of a student. Hence they develop an attitude of thinking about the solutions,  rather than just revolving around the problem. It acts as a foundation of knowledge in order to understand the concepts of the Other subjects like science, accounting, economics, engineering, aerospace, etc.
  • It enhances the skills of logical reasoning, creative thinking, analytical way of solving the problem, and also ineffective communication. Sometimes the experience gained from solving the maths problems will also help to overcome the real-life situations. Solving math problems and practising them helps them to get well versed with the topics.
  • Since some of the concepts in mathematics require an imagination capacity, it teaches the students to visualize the concepts rather than understand them theoretically. It improves the practical knowledge of the concepts rather than just understanding them verbally.
  • At last as a conclusion, we can say that It is impossible to limit the uses of mathematics in everyday life. It has become an integral part of human life.
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Let’s Learn About Eccentricity 

One of the interesting topics in geometry is eccentricity. It is a measure of the deviation of the curve that has taken place from being a circle of any given shape. The eccentricity can be defined as the ratio of the distance between any point on the conic surface to its focus and the perpendicular distance from that point to its nearest directrix which is denoted by the letter “e”. So, we can write the formula below 

Eccentricity (e)= c / a.


  •    c is the distance from a point to focus
  •    a is the perpendicular distance from a point to the directrix

Example 1:Find the eccentricity of the conic section for the given equation x2/25+ y2/9 = 1


Given equation  is  x2/25+ y2/9 = 1

The standard equation  of an ellipse

                                 x2/a2+y2/b2= 1

It can also be written as x2/52+y2/32=1

Then we get a=5.b=3

We know that c2=a2-b2

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                                        = 52-32


Now eccentricity formula is e=c/a


So eccentricity of a conic section  e=4/5.

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