50+ Mathematics Formula Basic That Students Must Learn

Mathematics Formula Basic

Do I really need to learn the mathematics formula basic? Isn’t it all about just adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division? 

No, it is not! 

You need to know the basic math formulas to solve the intermediate and advanced level mathematics problems. Even math is not just restricted to addition and all. It is a lot more apart from this.

Math formulas help to understand real-life problems so that you can solve them effectively. Suppose you want to measure how much water you need to fill a cylindrical tank. For it, you should know the formula of volume of the cylindrical-shaped object. 

Apart from this, basic math has several applications in daily life that start from calculating the time for morning exercise to your night diet calorie calculation.

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I know most of the students might be struggling with these formulas. Therefore, I have mentioned the mathematics formula basic and provided the tips to learn them easily. Just scroll down the page to know each formula. 

What Is Mathematics? 

In mathematics, we study numbers, forms, and patterns. It involves exploring how things relate to each other and discovering the rules that govern these relationships. Math helps us solve problems, make predictions, and understand the world. It uses logic and reasoning to analyze and describe quantities, measurements, and spatial relationships. 

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Why Do Studying Mathematics Formula Basic Are Beneficial?

Well, study the formulas can benefit you in a number of ways, like:

  • It helps you to improve your grades in Board exams as well as in your entrance exams.
  • You can revise the formulas in a short time.
  • Learning tables can help in solving problems more quickly.
  • Maths formulas are essential for students who are preparing for higher competitions.
  • With the advanced learning of math formulas, you can save your time and use the time to practice the problems.
  • When you start learning mathematics formula basic, you can strengthen your mathematical conceptual knowledge.
  • Using math formulas, you can solve not only mathematical expression problems with ease but also solve real-life problems effectively.

Benefits of Studying Mathematics Formula Basic

There are many benefits of studying mathematics formulas, here are a few of them: 

1. Problem-Solving Skills

Studying basic mathematics formulas helps develop logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

2. Understanding Patterns

It enables you to recognize patterns and relationships between numbers and variables.

2. Building A Strong Foundation

Learning the basics of mathematical formulas sets a strong foundation for advanced topics and concepts.

3. Real-World Applications

Math formulas have practical applications in various fields, such as engineering, finance, and physics.

4. Improved Analytical Skills

Studying formulas enhances your ability to analyze and interpret data.

5. Efficient Calculations

Knowing basic math formulas makes calculations faster and more efficient.

6. Enhanced Critical Thinking

It promotes critical thinking by requiring you to apply formulas to solve problems.

7. Better Decision-Making

Mathematical formulas help you make informed decisions based on data and quantitative analysis.

8. Career Opportunities

Proficiency in basic math formulas opens up many career opportunities in science, technology, and finance.

9. Academic Success

Understanding mathematical formulas improves academic performance in subjects that rely on quantitative reasoning, such as physics and economics.

50+ Mathematics Formula Basic That Each Student Must Learn!

Here in this section, we will tell you more than 50 mathematics formula basic that you must learn even when you are not student:

1. Fraction

Fraction means dividing things into equal and unequal parts. For example, when you went to a restaurant with friends, you divided the total sum among all your friends.

Some of the useful fraction formulas are:

2. Consumer-Based formula

Consumer-based formulas are related to the business like formulas, such as profit, loss, interest rate, and much more. These formulas are not only used by business tycoons but also used by the government to make finance policies.

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Some of the consumer-based formulas are:

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3. Percentage

The percentage can make your calculation much easier. It is also quite simple to work with the 100th part of a thing. For example, if you go shopping and see the discount or sale, you need to use the percentage concept.

The useful formulas of percentage are:

4. Statistics

The knowledge of statistics helps in collecting the data, analyzing the data, and representing the outcomes. For example, statistics are widely used in the discoveries of science and in other fields.

The mathematics formula basic for statistics are:

5. Trigonometry

It is useful for understanding the concepts of angles and particular shape dimensions. Suppose you want to plan a garden in your backyard. Then you must have the knowledge of angle so that you can plant a tree at a proper distance.

Trigonometric mathematics formula basic are:

6. Algebra

It supports in improving logical thinking and allows the person to divide the problem. Using this, you can solve the problem easily. Suppose you want to divide two things by squaring both of them. Then you can apply the algebra formula to perform it.

The mathematics formula basic of algebra are:

7. Geometry

It is the study of sizes, position, dimensions, shapes, and position angles of things. For example, the rectangular football field is divided into parallel lines that make 10-yard increments.

The basic geometry formulas are:

Is There Any Short Method To Solve The Problems?

Yes, there is!!!

When you deal with a mathematical problem, then you must use BODMAS. It helps in understanding the order of solving the math problem. Here is the full form and order to solve the problem.

How To Learn Difficult Mathematics Formula In A Fun Way 

  • Break down the formula into smaller components and understand each part separately.
  • Create visual representations or diagrams to help visualize the formula and its concepts.
  • Practice applying the formula to real-world examples or scenarios to make it more relatable and engaging.
  • Use mnemonic devices or catchy phrases to remember the formula or its key elements.
  • Explore interactive online resources, educational games, or puzzles that make learning the formula enjoyable and interactive.
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Enhancing Problem-Solving Speed With Math Formulas

  • Familiarize yourself with commonly used math formulas and their applications.
  • Practice solving problems using the formulas regularly to build speed and accuracy.
  • Look for patterns and shortcuts within the formulas to streamline the problem-solving process.
  • Break down complex problems into smaller, manageable steps using the appropriate formulas.
  • Challenge yourself with timed exercises or quizzes to improve your problem-solving speed with math formulas.

Bonus Point

The Best Ever Tips To Learn Mathematics Formula Basic!!

  • Practice more to improve your knowledge. It helps you not only to learn math formulas but also other subjects’ concepts.
  • Relax your brain with short breaks. It is always necessary that you must relax your mind; otherwise, you are not able to concentrate on your study.
  • Practice formulas to memorize them. “Practice makes a man perfect” – absolutely true. The more you practice, the more you learn or memorize the formulas.
  • Try to solve the problem values using a particular formula. This will help you to learn the formula in the long run.
  • Understand the concept of each formula. When you are able to learn the concepts, then you never forget that.
  • Eliminate or remove all the distractions near to you while studying the formulas. Because of the distractions, you might be unable to learn the mathematics formula basic.
  • Make your own shortcut tricks to learn the formulas. With the tricks, it will become quite easy to learn the concepts of the formulas.


Mathematics is found in all aspects of life, from shopping to saving money. Therefore, if you want to solve real-life problems with ease, then learn the mathematics formula basic. I have already mentioned all the necessary and simple formulas that a student must learn. 

If you are facing any difficulty with learning or using these formulas, let us know about it. Our experts and I definitely will help you with your queries in the best way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the 7 formulas?

Here are the 7 formulas of mathematics:

1. Area of a Square = Side2
2. Perimeter of a Square = 4 × Side
3. Area of Rectangle = Length × Breadth
4. Perimeter of a Rectangle = 2 × (Length + Breadth)
5. Area of a Parallelogram = Base × Height
6. Area of Triangle = 1/ 2 × Base × Height
7. Circumference of a circle = π d, where ‘d’ is the diameter of a circle and π = 22/7 or 3.14

Q2. Who is the father of mathematics?

Archimedes is recognized as the Father of Mathematics.

Q3. What are the branches of mathematics?

Here are some of the main branches of mathematics:

1. Numerical Analysis.
2. Matrix Algebra.
3. Complex Numbers.
4. Operations Research.
5. Set Theory.
6. Calculus.
7. Analysis.
8. Game Theory.

Q4. What are the 3 types of equations?

The three main types of linear equations are standard form, point-slope form, and slope-intercept form.