Explore Python Programming Challenges With A Program

Python Programming Challenges

At Statanalytica, we work to create programming challenges exceeding various algorithm analyses that are common and work and evaluate production-level program writing to resolve real difficulties. Our python programming challenges are no distinct in that regard.

A contestant practicing a python difficulty will take to describe general abilities like problem-solving, solution architecture and design, and computer science basics. But each python challenge will reward the competitor who is well-versed with the programming and its official library environment. A powerful python developer understands what elements of a puzzle could transfer to an actual function, and while it’s time actually to move forward and discover the ring.

Python programming challenges include basic high-level terms and any support program to take the applicant began. Giving it to each person to select a resolution plan that people think most useful for them. It not only resembles various real-world specifications but also enables applicants to reveal their knowledge of python codes and the python library. Before proceeding to these challenges, let’s get some knowledge about python programming language.

What Is Python Programming Language?

Python is a broadly accepted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Guido Van Rossum has created this language in 1991 and produced by Python Software Foundation. It was developed to emphasize the readability of the code, and its syntax enables learners to demonstrate ideas in some lines of code.

Python also gives support for sets and modules, which lets system modularity and code reuse. Python is one of the smartest programming languages as it demands very few lines of code. Its rich provision and library have wide applicability in Desktop Applications, Machine Learning, Web development, and much more.

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Basics of Python Programming Language 

You require to possess in-depth knowledge to learn the basics of Python programming. There are amazing concepts of python programming language that incorporate:


In a coding program, there are two different kinds of loops possible. These include a while loop and the for loop. The “while” loop will have a condition determined either at the beginning of the program or the end, and the “for” loop has a modifier, condition test also initializer. 


This is also of two sets of statements that provided with its programming language. These incorporate ‘if then else’ and ‘switched’ statements.


The comments that are linked in python are ‘’ ’’ and #. The ‘’ ’’ is appropriated to check the session, while # is appropriated to give comments on a single line.


Python has two function sets, and these incorporate – static and lambda. The static is employed to cue that already accessible; on the other hand, lambda is managed to explain a simple system to pass to a routine.

Key characteristics that make python language unique:

  • Python is rated amongst the top 8 programming languages because of its vital capacity in the TIOBE coding community index.
  • This language is the third most notable programming language whose grammar syntaxes are not based on other conventional languages like C#, C++, and Java has.
  • Python is one of the coding languages that changed by C coding language with the syntax statements that encourage the user to transit between these two languages.
  • By analyzing empirical studies, python is recognized as more productive than Java and C languages.
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A small code of python programming challenges

In this section, we have developed a diverse python programming challenges. One can play with this code, and we will see whether any of the learners or volunteers can develop with a vulnerability in the code, that is why we wrote a small program. Now, one has to modify it to perform it with ease to recognize the errors and the vulnerabilities in this code to crack python programming challenges.

Now, this is what we wish the programmer to do:

  1. Do not check at the code. Just implement it, execute it, and check whether one can determine the program’s errors.
  1. If one cannot find the error in the initial step or even if one did, move and check the program and try to find out what the things one missed!

Once the learners are prepared, please comment on the program’s errors and how one can change them!

So let’s jump to the program!

Input is given




Code for the small python programming challenges

import random,operator

print ‘===========================================’

def randomCalc(i,j):

    ops = {‘+’: operator.add,

          ‘*’: operator.mul,

          ‘-‘: operator.sub,

          ‘/’: operator.div }

    num = [1,2,3,4]

    num1,num2 = num[i],num[j]

    op = (list(ops.keys()))[i]

    answer = round(ops.get(op)(num1,num2),3)

    print(‘What is {} {} {}?\n’.format(num1, op, num2))

    return value

def askQuestion(i):

    answer = randomCalc(i,i+1)

    guess = float(input())

    return guess == answer,answer

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def quiz(numOfQues):

    print(‘\nWelcome. This is a ‘+str(numOfQues)+’ question math quiz.’)

    print(‘The answer will be correct to 3 decimal places.\n’)

    score = 0

    for i in range(numOfQues):

        correct,ans = askQuestion(i)

        if correct:

            score += 1



            print(‘Incorrect! The correct answer is ‘ + str(ans)+’\n’)

    return (The score is {}/’+str(numOfQues)).format(score)

# Driver Code

print quiz(2)


Welcome. This is a 2 problem math python programming challenges

 ‘The answer will be correct to 3 decimal places.

What is 1+3?


What is 1 * 2?


What is 1 – 3?


The score is 3/3

Now, one can execute this program and lets us know what python programming challenges they have faced in this program and what one can do to fix it out.


In this article, we have included all the details of python programming challenges that one can face. Using the program, as mentioned above, learners can find alternative methods to solve and check their knowledge of python coding. If one can find out the errors in this program, they can comment on it. So have fun with the different python coding programs and challenge yourself to enhance your knowledge. There are different python challenges that one can face in their code, so try to resolve it using different approaches. This will not only help you to know the python code but also benefits you to resolve your python coding issues. 

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