A Roadmap for How to Start Python Programming

how to start python programming

Python is an object oriented programming language and now it has become one of the leading programming languages in the world. It is an open source language and highly in demand. Thus, all the developers and programmers and even beginners want to learn python. If you are also willing to learn python but stuck with how to start python programming, then the article will help you know steps to start python programming.

What is Python Programming?

Python is an interactive programming language. It is known for its features such as object oriented, scalable and extendable. Moreover it is very easy to learn python because it is an open source language which means you can learn python from the browser also and thus you do not need to install this programming in your device. Nowadays, most companies input the python programming inbuilt in laptops or computers only like HP does. Python is very easy to learn and understand as its syntax is also simple and it does not need any complex data. This is why many big companies also use python programming for their projects such Google, YouTube, NASA etc. If you are thinking about how to start python programming then first you should understand about it and its significance.

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Steps: How to start python programming

1. Download Python for your operating system

Although you can access the python through browser also but it is always suggested that if you are learning this programming then you should first download it for your windows system.

You can download it absolute free from the python website only. But while downloading it, always ensure that you are downloading the correct and recent version for your operating system.

The best part about python is when you install python then you will have OS X and Linux installed in it. Therefore, you will not need to install any other python software but it does not have a text editor so if you need a text editor then you can install that.

2. Install Interpreter

The next step on how to start with python programming is to install the python interpreter. Don’t panic as it is also very easy to install like the python. Moreover, you don’t need to make changes in the setting for installing a python interpreter. Python is an integrated language so you can easily integrate it into other command prompts also.

3. Text Editor

As we have already discussed, python does not have a text editor so the next step is to install a text editor for your python programming. The significance of installing a text editor is that since python does not have any text editor so if you want to write the codes or programs in notepad or text editor then you can do that by installing this. It will help you to read and write your codes easily and in a much simpler way. This is why it is suggested on how to start with python programming to install a text editor after installing python. You can install any text editor like Notepad ++ or JEdit etc.

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4. Ensure the accuracy of installation

As you have now installed python and its interpreter and text editor as well so now you have to check whether you have installed it perfectly or not. For that you open the command prompt in your windows and then type python. Thereafter, python will be installed and it will display the version of python installed also. After this, you will check the python interpreter as well.

5. Learn the basics

As we have completed the installation of python programming in the operating system. So the next step in how to start with python programming is to learn the basic concepts of python programming so that you understand how to work on coding or writing programs in python. For learning about python, you can take any online courses and these courses are both paid and free. So you can enroll yourself accordingly. Learn the following essential basic concepts –

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Tips: how to start with python programming

  1. Always remember that python is an interpreted language thus you don’t need to compile python. And you can easily run your program even without making changes to the file. It will help you to cope up with the troubleshooting programs and revising and you can do this very speedily. This is why it is known as a very easy language to read and write and to maintain as well. And you run your program in just a few minutes.
  2. If you are learning how to start python programming then you should know that python interpreter helps you to analyze and interpret the code even without adding it to your program. Through this you can easily learn certain specific commands and their work.
  3. You should also learn the methods to handle objects and variables in python. As we know that python is an object oriented programming language which means that python treats everything in the program as an object. Thus, you don’t have to declare variables at the start.


Learning python programs has become a necessity for all programmers and developers as it is highly in demand. It is used by many large companies and it is an open source so anyone can learn python easily. If you also want to learn python and are stuck with how to start with python programming then you must adhere to these tips and steps to understand and learn python efficiently and effectively. if you need python homework answers, then you can pay for python homework of our experts.

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