Python VS Scala| Which is Best To Learn In 2023


Python vs Scala is one of the demanding topics that has been searched over time. Therefore, I am here with the best guide on this topic. But before moving to details, let’s take a look at why this topic is being searched so much.

Python is renowned for its benefits for software applications, operating systems’ shells, and page developments in a web browser. Similarly, Scala is the best choice for avoiding bugs in complicated applications. Also, it supports building high-performance system applications because of its standard libraries. 

Apart from this, there are various advantages of using both programming languages. This is the reason why Python vs Scala is one of the trending topics. 

Now, let’s take a look at the short overview of both programming languages. Then, move to the difference between both.

An overview of Python and Scala programming language

Python programming language

Python is an OOPs (Object Oriented Programming), interpreted, and high-level programming language. Because of its high-level data structures, it is quite attractive for Rapid application development. Moreover, it can use as a scripting language for connecting the existing elements together.

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The basic syntax of Python

To print the most basic program that is “Hello World”, you just need to write:
Print (“Hello, world!”) 
And it will provide the output as:
Hello, world!

Scala programming language

Scala is a high-level, general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. This language supports the functional programming approach as it changes the program into bytecodes that can easily run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

The basic syntax of Scala:

object Statanalytica {  // define main methoddef main(args: Array[String]){          // To print Hello, World!    println(“Hello, World!”) }}

And the output of the code:
“Hello, World!

Python vs Scala: Trending graph

If we talk about the trend, then Google Trend shows that Python is listed among the most popular programming languages. Scala does not have as much popularity as Python. But still, because of its features, Scala is used for various applications.

What are the main differences between Python and Scala?

This table has provided the main differences between Python vs Scala. Let’s check these differences.

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Python is one of the dynamically typed programming languages.Scala is one of the statically typed languages.
Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and use.In terms of learning, Scala is less challenging than Python.
The data types decide by Python during the runtime.Scala does not need this; therefore, it is preferred over Python when you deal with a large data process.
Python doesn’t promote multithreading but promotes heavyweight process forking.Scala has a list of asynchronous libraries that makes it a perfect option for implementing concurrency.
Python users don’t require to specify objects as it is a dynamically typed language.Scala users have to specify the type of objects as well as the type of the variable.
Extra work needs to perform for the interpreter of the program.No extra work is necessary for Scala programs that make it 10 times faster than Python.
Python’s Community is quite large.Scala’s Community is good but not as large as that of Python.
Its methodology is complicated because it is a dynamic programming language.Testing is much easier and better. 
It doesn’t offer scalable features.It offers scalable features.
Python is best suited for small-scale projects.Scala is best suited for large-scale projects.
Python has libraries for proper data science, ML (Machine learning), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).Scala does not have any such feature.
If you change the program of the Python language, the problem of bugs gets generated.Scala does not have bug problems after minor changes.
It has several interpreters.It is a compiled language. All codes are compiled before execution.
Python has simple source codes for developers.Scala is difficult to write codes.
Its English-like syntax makes it more popular.For concurrent and scalable systems, Scala is much better.

List of companies using Python and Scala!

ShopifyDelivery Hero

Top 10 tools integrated with Python and Scala!

PyCharmFlaskDjangoNumpyCloudinarySnykSnowflakeCloud FirestonePyTorchJupyterJavaSentrySlickAuth0BuddySBTStreamMXNetZKNanobox

Key Point

Which is faster Scala or Python?

In the battle of Python vs Scala, Scala offers more speed. And it is 10 times faster than Python. The reason is Scala uses JVM at the time of program execution that provides more speed to it. 
On the other hand, Python is one of the dynamically typed programming languages that reduce its speed. (The compiled language is quite faster as compared to the interpreted languages).
Therefore, we can say that Scala offers high performance with speed. So, if you are looking for a high-performance programming language, Scala would be the best option.

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Which is better Scala or Python?

We have already discussed that Python offers a slower speed than Scala. Scala allows access to the latest Spark features because it is written in Scala language. 

If you talk about the language choice for Apache Spark, then it depends on the best-fitted feature required for a project. 

Python considers for analytical oriented. On the other hand, Scala is useful for engineering-oriented tasks. But both languages are beneficial for data science applications. 

Finally, I can say that from Python vs Scala, Scala is quite beneficial if you want to use the complete Spark potential.


Python or Scala: Which offers a more salary package?

If you are looking for the best salary packages in the United States, then Scala would be the better option. Python is also not a bad one in terms of salary. Below, I have mentioned the salary package of both. You can get the estimate of these packages.

Now, it is quite clear that Scala offers more; therefore, it is beneficial to develop Scala skills. To learn this programming language, you can use any online resource like:


As I have already mentioned, Python vs Scala is a trending topic, so I have mentioned all the crucial differences. Check all the differences to make the most useful decision which would be the best choice for your career.

In case you are a beginner who wants to learn the programming language, then just go with the Scala programming language. It provides the most straightforward syntax that is quite easy to learn and understand. After learning it, you can move to Python, as it has its own advantage to use and learn.

Now, the choice is yours! If you need any kind of help regarding both programming languages, comment in the below section. Our assignment and homework experts or I will definitely help you in the best possible way. So, what are you waiting for? Just start the new journey of learning to dive into this modern and digital era. Get the best Python online help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scala harder than Python?

No, Scala is quite easy to learn as compared to Python. There is no need for extra work as it has an interpreter to run the program efficiently. Moreover, its syntax is also easy to learn and understand.

Is Scala worth learning?

Scala is useful to learn as it provides great conceptual knowledge with simple learning methods. You can easily do a lot with it like frontend, data science tasks, backend work, and more.

What is Python used for?

Python is utilized for AI, operating systems, video games, web development, machine learning, mobile application development, and more.

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