Tableau vs Spotfire | Which One is Better For You And Why?

tableau vs spotfire

Nowadays, several businesses in each industry are trying their best to remain in the competition by maximizing profits. Data mining is one of the best techniques to do so, as data mining helps spot trends, outline patterns, and predict the future. This is one of the common reasons why the BI (Business intelligence) software market was boosted up to $22.78 billion in the year 2017. It is estimated that BI’s annual growth rate can rise to 10.4% by the year 2026. 

Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire both are the biggest names that are known for the BI software. Both these are developed to make it possible to access BI to non-IT-persons. If you are the one who wants to buy any of the Business Intelligence software for their business, choosing from both might be an uphill task for you. Here, we have mentioned the useful comparisons between Tableau vs Spotfire. This will help you to select any of the BI software. 

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What is Tableau?

Tableau considers as an exploration application and powerful data discovery that enables the user to use the drag and drop interface option. With the help of this, operations like visualizing the data, combining various databases, and exploring several views are easily done. There is no requirement for any complex scripting. Once the analysis is done, share the reports by publishing them to a Tableau server.

List of Tableau Product Suites

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What is TIBCO Spotfire?

It is one of the best enterprise analytical platforms that is used for deriving valuable details about businesses. Spotfire is a flexible and smart tool that offers predictive analytics and data visualization that are helpful for business data. Moreover, this TIBCO tool has an effective dashboard and one of the best and interactive analytical apps. 

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List of TIBCO Product Suites

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What are the features offered by Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire?

Tableau FeaturesSpotfire Features
List of various native data connectorsContent Analytics
Share dashboards, mobile-ready dashboards, dashboard comments, interactive dashboardsBig Data Analytics
Tableau Reader function for data viewingPredictive Analytics
Translate each query to visualizationsEvent Analytics
Automatic updatesLocation Analytics
Drag-drop and Toggle view featureDashboards & analytics applications
Highlight & filter dataData discovery & visualization
Data notificationsAn advanced collaboration of tools

A comparison table of feature differences of Tableau vs Spotfire

Dashboard supportGoodGood
ScriptsR programmingJavaScript
Data modelingNoNo
UI & visual controlsBestVery good

Which are the targeted industries and customers by Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire?

Science and agricultureManufacturing
Energy and utilitiesTelecommunications
Public sectorFinancial services
Consumer goodsRetail

Who is the Power User of Tableau vs Spotfire?

Tableau Power UserSpotfire Power User
SpaceXProctor and Gamble

Comparison Table: Tableau vs Spotfire

Tableau’s vendor is Tableau that focuses on data analytics and BI products or Business intelligence tools that help to empower people and librate the data.The TIBCO is grown from various technology tools into several business services that basically focus on BIs.
A tableau is a flexible tool that provides various BI (Business Intelligence) tools to improve the data findings and discoveries.TIBCO Spotfire usually ideal for a company that wants to enhance its sales, customer experience, and marketing practices.
With the drag and drop feature’s help, users can analyze and access the data, create visualizations and reports, and share various reports among the company. TIBCO Spotfire allows the user to get the solution for the root cause of a business issue. It also finds the trends or patterns of various market situations.
There is an in-built integration of Tableau Desktop with R. TIBCO Spotfire considers as the best tool that offers support to various integrations. 
Tableau products are used in various companies, such as Banks, healthcare, education, and major industries.TIBCO Spotfire uses in both small businesses and large businesses, such as Infrastructure companies, Healthcare, and so on.
Users can approach all kinds of experienced users using different visualization tools.TIBCO Spotfire helps in performing statistical analysis as it can run analyses and reports at a set of times. 
Tableau can cost high for the smaller businesses and offers excellent learning curves for the various executive teams.TIBCO Spotfire is difficult for getting the particular data details and customizing visualizations. It can not resolve the technical difficulties.
The personnel package price for Tableau Online is $42/user per month, for Tableau Desktop is $35/user/month, and for Tableau Server is $35/user/month.The TIBCO offers a $200/month -$2,000/year subscription price for Cloud versions, including 250GB of storage. 
Tableau offers 4 level services to its clients, including elite program, technical support, Complimentary, and OEM program.There is a TIBCO Spotfire Community forum for users that always ready to help them with the Spotfire queries.
The ownership of the Tableau software is Public.Spotfire does not provide any public ownership; it only offers private ownership to the people.
It offers several consulting services and a variety of implementations.It provides various implementation methods, like architecture service, analytics implementation, and a center for analytics excellence.
The main features of Tableau are various data connections, secure collaboration, drag-and-drop integration, mobile-optimized designs, and unlimited data connectors.The main features of TIBCO Spotfire are the capabilities to edit data, loading complex data in Salesforce connector, and much more.
There is an automatic storytelling feature in Tableau Desktop to enhance the user experience.TIBCO Spotfire does not support any automatic storytelling feature, but it can be done manually.

Bottom Line about Tableau vs Spotfire

It is already discussed that Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire are considered among the best and most renowned software for BI (Business Intelligence). The developers have developed these two to access BI to the non-IT-persons. This blog included all the necessary details about Tableau vs Spotfire, which helps you know which BI analytics tools (tool) are beneficial for you. Users can select any of these as per their need or for a variety of industries. 
If the user selects the Spotfire and has a question: Is Spotfire better than Tableau, then the answer to it can vary. Tableau has its own features that provide excellent visualization for graphs, reports, and dashboards. On the other hand, TIBCO Spotfire provides good quality visualizations as compare to other BIs (or Business Intelligences). So, it depends on the user needs, select any of them carefully and enhance your business growth using these tools. If you still have any questions, comment us in below comment section. We are glad to help you by answering your queries. and also get the best tableau homework help from our experts.

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