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C Programming

build a console-based systemusing C language develop a system that can be used to maintain sport facilities




Assignment Overview

Your team's task is to design and build a console-based system using C language. The requirement is to develop a system that can be used to maintain sport facilities. The system should contain a selection of modules from the following list:

·         Staff Information Module – to add staff login account and maintain staff login details.

·         Facility Module – to record the details of facilities, such as badminton courts, gymnasium, table tennis, squash courts, snooker table etc.

·         User Information Module – to maintain information about user details. All the students and staff who would like to use the facility must register as a user.

·         Booking Module – to book the sport facility at least one day in advance.

·         Facility Usage Module – to record facilities’ usage information. From the module, it also allows the staff to view the facilities usage status.


Based on the given list, each member is required to choose and be in charge of ONE module. The number of modules in the system should be based on the number of members in your team. You are required to research on the functionalities and logic flow of the module which you are in charge.

Learning Outcomes Being Assessed

·         Apply structures, files, or functions in applications. (P, P3)


·         Develop a system module based on a given problem or scenario in a team. (TS, A2)

Submission Deadlines

Assignment progress – by Week 7, your team must have confirmed each member's tasks in the assignment, in particular the module in charge and type of file used. Your tutor may also check on your structure chart design etc.

Final submission - Week 11/12. During class – submit your assignment report in hard copy during your demonstration session. The report must have a DVD attached, that includes the following items:

1.      The integrated console project.

2.      Softcopy of the complete assignment report.



[Note: For late submission, there will be a reduction of absolute marks from the mark’s score submitted:]

·         Late 1 to 3 days after deadline of submission: minus 10 marks;

·         Late 4 to 7 days after deadline of submission: minus 20 marks;

·         Late more than 7 days after deadline of submission: 0 marks

Assignment Details


As stated in “Assignment Overview”, each team member is required to choose and be in charge of ONE module.

Your module must involve a file with at least 5 data fields. You are encouraged to add in more data fields in order to enhance the application’s logic and practicality.

Examples of data fields are listed below.


·         Staff Information Module

o   Staff ID, name, password, password recovery, position, etc.

o   E.g.: S0001, Harry Wong, 1234, numbers, Administrator, …


·         Facility Module

o   Facility ID, types, description, venue, maximum allowable users, etc.

o   E.g.: F0001, Badminton Court, Badminton Court 1, Sport Complex, 4, …


·         User Information Module

o   User ID (could be student ID or staff ID), name, gender, IC, contact number, etc.

o  E.g.: 19WMD09123, Lim May Wei, F, 011205-14-1234, 013-123 4567, …


·         Booking Module

o   Booking ID, today’s date, booking date, booking time, user ID, facility ID, etc.

o  E.g. B1116, 5/11/2019, 10/11/2019, 10am-11am, 19WMD09123, F0001, …


·         Facility Usage Module

o   Today’s date, time, user ID, facility ID, usage type, etc.

o  E.g.1. 10/11/2019, 10am-11am, 19WMD09123, F0001, booked, …

o  E.g.2. 10/11/2019, 10am-11am, 18WMR20568, F0012, walked-in, …


2.      COVERAGE.

Each module must incorporate the following 3 programming concepts and topics that have been covered in this course:

·         Structures

o   Include as many useful fields as you feel is necessary

o   Incorporate structure, nested structure, and array of structure into your program.

·         Text file or binary file

o   Each group must use a mixture of text files and binary files.

o   Your system must use an equal (or almost equal) number of text + binary files with the number of member, i.e. 2 text files + 2 binary files for a 4-member team, and 3+2 or 2+3 text/binary files for a 5- member team.

·         Functions

o   Enhance efficiency, readability and re-usability by using functions whenever appropriate.

o   Include parameters where appropriate and minimize/eliminate the use of global variables.



Each module must include these 4 compulsory functions listed in a menu: Add, Search, Modify and Display. The Add function should save new record(s) into the corresponding text/binary file, the Search function should retrieve appropriate data from the text/binary file and display it in a suitable format. The Modify function allows a user to make changes to the data. Some basic data validation should be done before saving new or modified record(s) into a file. For the Display function, it should display all the records in an appropriate tabular format.


[Suggestion: At the start of every module run, read all data from the text/binary file

into an array of structures. Perform the necessary processing on the array. At the end of the module run, write the updated array of structures back to the text/binary file.]

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