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What Is Cost Accounting And Its Objectives?

Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company's total cost of production by assessing the variable costs of each step of production as well as fixed costs. Examples include rent, depreciation, interest on loans and lease expenses.

Cost accounting is done so that a company's management can make better financial decisions, introduce efficiencies and budget accurately. Following are the main objectives of cost accounting:

  • To ensure the cost per unit of the different products manufactured by a business concern
  • To provide a correct analysis of cost both by process or operations and by different elements of cost
  • To disclose sources of wastage whether of material, time or expense or in the use of machinery, equipment and tools and to prepare such reports which may be necessary to control such wastage
  • To provide requisite data and serve as a guide for fixing prices of products manufactured or services rendered.
  • To make sure the profitability of each of the products and advise management as to how these profits can be maximised
  • To exercise effective control in stocks of raw materials, work-in-progress, consumable stores and finished goods in order to minimise the capital locked up in these stocks.
  • To reveal sources of economy by installing and implementing a system of cost control for materials, labour and overheads
  • To advise management on future expansion policies and proposed capital projects
  • To present and interpret data for management planning, evaluation of performance and control
  • To help in the preparation of budgets and implementation of budgetary control

What are the definitions related to cost accounting?

As per experts, there are different basic concepts for cost accounting that are discussed below. Cost is utilized in several business applications such as valuation, budgeting, and financial accounting. There are basic kinds of cost-related terminologies that can be used in your assignments; therefore, it is necessary to know all of them.

Variable cost and fixed cost

Variable costs are the cost that can vary with the outcome, but in fixed cost, it is not varied. The fixed cost is also known as an overhead cost. Besides this, the fixed cost might involve the salaries of supervisors, rents, and reduction in the structure of a business. The fixed costs or manufacturing overheads might involve insurance and taxes. On the other side, the cost of materials and labor are included in variable costs.

Indirect cost and direct cost

The direct attributes used to produce the output are called direct costs. Cost accounting implies to be the cost which is linked to the production’s volume directly and can change to manufacture products. Whereas indirect costs are the same as that of fixed costs. Indirect costs are related to the output’s volume that is not related directly, and it involves the rent of the industry, indirect labor, and expense for the tools for manufacturing installation.

Period cost and product cost

The period costs are chargeable as per the current duration. They are not related to the inventories’ values. Whereas the product cost does not change over the period, and these are related to the output. As per the cost accounting, the fixed costs and variable costs are an essential part of the product costs.

Sunk cost

Sunk costs do not change with trading activities or the business’s nature. These costs need current sources like ready cash that fall under the out-of-pocket costs or sunk cost. The reduction value of antique furniture and cars are considered under the sunk costs’ examples.

Opportunity cost and incremental cost

Opportunity costs involve the price of the economic activities that are used for a business, which is providing the different services and current goods. For instance, the usual plots of an industry that can be rented to earn some extra money. Whereas the incremental costs are the difference between the two different persons who can make the decision for the business.

Operating cost

These are the expenses that are related to everyday business activities. These involve the cost which is used for operating expenses of the businesses. These are considered as fixed and variable costs. The bills and rent for amenities and utilities for the manufacturing company that is considered under operating costs. Accountants always make sure that the operating expense ratio will not balance the efficiency of the company using the source to create sales.

Topics Covered In Our Cost Accounting Homework Help

Get the best cost accounting homework help from our professionals at reasonable prices. There are several students who have a fear of finance and accounting in their hearts. But with the help of our experts in cost accounting help, one can get effective solutions related to your topics’ queries.

With our cost accounting homework solutions, we can offer you the assignments and homework on the following topics:

Risk and market analysis

Risk analysis is a process that is useful for identifying and analyzing potential issues that can harm business initiatives and projects. This analysis is done to protect the company from the risks. It provides the full plain to the business to avoid all kinds of resources that impact the business.

Budget analysis

Budget analysis is the way to review the budget in detail and the company budget for various operations. It provides the best way to analyze how the organization's money has spent and managed to meet the desired goals.

Target costing and pricing

Target costing is a way to analyze the product's life-cycle cost. It should be sufficient enough to develop the functionality and quality to meet the desired profit. On the other hand, pricing, the interrelated pricing ensures that the price should be competitive enough by subtracting the desired profit.

Incentive compensation

The Incentive compensation referred to supplementary money employees. It makes a certain level of performance for the base salary. The incentive is the type of bonus for the employees. The incentive compensation is based on the sales made by the employees for the company.

Business process reengineering

It is used to analyze and design the workflow and the process within the organization. It came into existence in the early 1900s.

Strategy: making, execution, and monitoring

Effective strategy control that is required to the frequent monitoring of the strategy process and the execution to assess to estimate that either the plan result is being achieved or not. The strategy control system is used to ensure effective action in an organization.

Forecasting and projection

The projection is used to prepare and present the course of action that contains the set of rules that the business is going to follow. On the other hand, the forecasting is all about the estimate that the business is going to achieve the desired task in the given time of period and the given budget.

Performance management

Performance management is a process that is used to ensure the set of activities, and the outputs meet the organization's goals efficiently and effectively. It includes the performance of everything like the organization, department, the employee, and the process that is used to manage the tasks.

Offshore operations

Offshoring is used to refer to the process when the company shifts its production operations from its domestic country to a foreign country. Offshore is also applicable when the company shifts its operation from one foreign company to the other foreign company in terms of reducing the human resources and production cost. Offshore also leads to outsourcing.

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Some other Important topics of cost accounting for which you can use our Cost Accounting Assignment Help are:

  • Cost measurement and cost control 
  • Cost-volume-profit analysis 
  • Job costing
  • Activity-based costing
  • Tools for planning and control 
  • Master budgeting and responsibility accounting 
  • Flexible budgeting and variance analysis 
  • Management control systems 
  • Inventory costing, management, and capacity analysis 
  • Cost information for decision making 
  • Relevant information 
  • Pricing decisions 
  • Cost management 
  • Strategic profitability analysis 
  • Cost allocation and revenues 
  • Measurement and control of overhead costs 
  • Revenues and sales variances.

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