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What is MS Excel?

MS Excel is also known as a spreadsheet. Excel is designed and developed by Microsoft and supports Android, Windows, and other operating platforms too. With the help of excel, you can work on the calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools, and a macro programming language. Excel is becoming more popular than ever before. Nowadays, it is one of the crucial parts of data analytics. Some of the companies are also using it in data science technologies. The best part of excel is, it is quite easy for the users. Even a beginner can perform the basic operations with excel without any prior training. That's That's the reason SMEs widely use it. It is also getting popular as advanced excel, where you can perform a variety of data science tasks without the knowledge of any coding knowledge.

Importance of Excel

Excel is one of the best spreadsheet software in the world. It helps you to accomplish your daily tasks. It is widely used in schools and colleges to create the time table and other progress reports. Apart from that, it is also a crucial part of the business. Most of the small and medium sized companies are using excel for their business analytics process. But nowadays, excel is being used at the very next level. Most of the data analytics companies are using excel to perform a data operation. It is also used in the big data and data science industry. The VBA compatibility of excel makes it the most effective spreadsheet software in the world. Even some of the features of excel make it one of the best and easy to use software for data science.

Problems faced by students while doing excel homework

Excel is easy to use, but advanced excel is always robust for the students. That is why the students don't like to excel. They always try to get rid of advanced excel because of their complexity. So, the problems faced by excel students are as follows:

Lack of time

We know that the statistics students have the busiest schedule than any other students. They need to concentrate on each of their subjects. It is hard for them to give enough time to each of their subjects. That is the reason they don't have enough time to do their excel homework.

Lack of knowledge

Knowledge of basic excel is not a big problem for the students. But when it comes to the advanced excel. Then most of the students try to get rid of it. They face challenges to solve advanced excel problems. The reason for their difficulties is a lack of knowledge.

Fear of advanced excel

Most of the students fear the advanced excel because it requires lots of attention and time from the students to master advanced excel. In most of the cases, the students are not able to overcome their fear. That is why they are unable to do their homework with perfection.

Lack of problem-solving ability

Excel is all about simplifying the problem and then solving it. But most of the students have a lack of problem-solving ability. Thus, they are not able to do the best excel homework within the deadline.

Lack of proper guidance

Excel is a vast software that includes lots of formulas and methods. Most of the students don't get enough data and resources to complete their excel homework. Sometimes the students have the data and resources, but they miss the proper guidance on how to use the data and resources to complete their homework.

Not well acquainted with modern tools.

There are still some students in the world who depend entirely on the books even to learn excel. Therefore they are not well acquainted with modern tools like MS excel. These types of students face lots of problems while solving their excel homework problems.

Lack of time to finish the Excel project

Creating a whole project in MS excel is not that easy. The students are required to pay attention to every step to deliver a high-quality project on MS excel. All these steps need lots of time to accomplish. Therefore the students get out of time while preparing their excel homework.

Because of all these problems, the students look for the best excel homework help from the excel homework experts.

Our excel homework helper can help you in the following

We will help you arrange your work.

Most of the time the things get messy for the students while doing their excel homework. The students try on lots of extra sheets to implement the formulas and methods in excel. There is also a massive sheet in an excel project. It is hard for students to manage their work. In this case, we help the students to arrange their work.

Basic excel

Sometimes the students just need to have the basic excel homework help. Most of the homework help providers would not help you with the basic excel homework because it cost you a small amount. But there at statanalytica, we are ready to help you with your basic excel homework.

Tips and rules for excel issue

The students who are going to take the exam of excel are required to know the tips and rules of excel issue. Most of the time, the students stuck into an excel issue and spent lots of time fixing it. But here at Statanalytica, we share all the tips and rules for excel issues with the students.

Help to finish Excel Project

Whether you have the basic excel project or the advanced level project, we are here to help you to finish your excel project within the given deadline. Our experts have completed plenty of excel projects for the students. Be the one to grab this opportunity.

Proper guidance

We provide you the proper guidance to get good command over excel. It is hard for the student to get good command over every single formula and method in excel. But here at statanlytica, we help the student to cover their weakest areas in excel. In contrast, we help them to get good command over excel like a professional. For this, we also offer them the excel samples that help the students to clear their doubts.

Concepts covered in our help with excel homework

Financial and Economics problem-solving

We provide the best help with MS excel to solve the financial and economic problems. We cover the accounting section of MS excel so that the student can perform the primary accounting function in excel.

Excel VBA optimization

Excel VBA comes into advanced Excel. The Excel VBA optimation extent the features of excel. VBA stands for Visual Basic. It is an application that is used as an event-driven programming language in Microsoft. It has the best IDE to develop applications; we help the students in Excel VBA optimization so that they can work efficiently with advanced excel.

Excel Solver

Excel Solver is used to performing to do the what-if analysis. With Solver's help, we can find the optimal value in one cell known as the objective cell.

Pivot tables

The Pivot table is one of the best data visualization techniques in MS excel. It is used to represent the data of more extensive tables. The summary of the pivot table can include the average, statistics formulas, sums, and many more things in an effective way. It is a widely used technique in the data processing.


Marcos is the best way to save plenty amount of time while working on MS excel. With the help of macro, you can record the repetitive task in MS excel. And you can automate that task with the tasks with the help of some shortcuts. You can record the macro of a single action or a set of actions. We help you to get a strong command over Macros in excel.

Benefits of our excel homework help services

High-quality assignment

Our experts work hard to ensure that you get your homework before the due date, so you have a lot of time to recheck your homework.

Accurate solving homework

Our experts guarantee the correct solving homework. Don't worry about the accuracy of your homework; we are always here to solve your excel problems.

Non-stop support

You can take homework guidance online from us at whatever point you need as we are available 24×7. You can connect with us if you have any queries.

Corrections and formatting

It turns into our obligation to provide our best help to you after you've hired our assistance. You can get corrections and recheck your work with us.

Best costs

We understand that students are not able to afford high-cost services. That is why we make our services as reasonable for you.

Secure payment alternatives

Many students accept that they will lose a significant part of their cash because of online homework services. Don't worry; we arrange secure payment alternatives. And your details are safe with us. We have secure payment methods such as platinum cards, PayPal, and net banking.

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Statistics assignments using Excel® : Single sample tests

Part 1

This assignment's data is collected from the study investigating the factors influencing performance on standardized math exams. On that exam, the population means 77.45 (σ = 7.95). We have collected the scores from random samples of people that had second their 2 years to more in the foreign language coursework. Does that group significantly differ from the population? You need to use Use α = .05.

  1. For this, you need to perform that statistics test using Excel.
  2. You need to label the worksheet for Part 1 as "math test data".
  3. In the last step, you need to use words to report the statistical results and your research conclusion in a text box in excel.
Part 2

This data has been collected from a laboratory study. This study is investigating the effectiveness of a drug that is designed for alcohol curving reduction. In the mice sample that is genetically bred with a predisposition toward alcohol addiction. For these types of mouse population we have estimated that they can come 600ml alcohol per day if it is freely available. This data is based on those mice that are injected with Naltrexone, a drug designed to reduce alcohol cravings to find out that the drug is reducing the alcohol consumption or not, For this use α = .05.

  1. You need to perform appropriate statistical tests using Excel.
  2. Label your worksheet for "mouse alcohol data."
  3. Last, use words and report the statistical results and your research conclusion in a text box.

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