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PHStat software is developed for non- commercial purpose. It is mainly used with Microsoft Excel to explore statistics. If you are troubling with your PHStat assignment help, our PHStat experts are here to help in solving the assignments. We have a group of highly qualified & trained experts. They can deal with all your requirements in the field of PHStat homework help. We also offer tailored and customized solutions for many assignments about the statistics. Our PHStat assignment help is a one stop option to get last minute help. We provide convenient and easy services at affordable price.

PHStat Assignment Help

What is PHStat?

PHStat is a software that can be used with Microsoft Excel to explore statistics. When performing evaluation with PH Stat, it creates new worksheets and chart sheets aside from the information tab in the active workbook.

When the given inputs are entered into a particular analysis dialog box. All of the results will be produced by it in a new worksheets. The output produced by PHStat will highlight some important values by a color and boldface text.

The cell values corresponding to intermediate calculations and ultimate solutions are typically formatted with fair decimal points. Phstat is widely used for regression, utilities, summarized and un-summarized data.

Requirements for phstat

  • For the use of phstat, an updated Microsoft excel must be used.
  • The supporting versions happen to be Excel 2007,2010,2013,2016.
  • It must be kept in mind that phstat cannot be used in the mobile versions of the MS office.
  • A memory of 3 MB is used as disk storage space for the files under it. It must be made a point to store all the related files under one directory.
  • The use of phstat is very relevant to trace the origin of real technique in the Microsoft excel like the formula of a particular solution.

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