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Quantitative Methods Assignment Help

What are Quantitative Methods?

Quantitative methods are those methods which used by researchers to explore a phenomenon and identify factors for a quantitative study. The objective of quantitative methods is measurements and numerical analysis of data collected through several methods such as surveys, questionnaires or polls. It defines the bond between experimental observation and scientific expression of quantitative relationships.

Types of Quantitative Methods

Experimental Research

Experimental Research is the most entrenched quantitative methodology in both the physical and sociologies. This approach utilizes the standards of research in the physical sciences to direct examinations that investigate human conduct. Researchers choose whether they will conduct their experiments in lab settings or real-world settings.

Experimental research usually contains a control group where variables are not altered. It also contains another group in which variables are altered. It will help you to see different reactions to different variables, and you will monitor carefully.

Survey Research

Survey Research is used to ask queries & conduct interviews about particular topics. After research have gathered overview information & you can judge the behavior of members. The member reaction is usually expressed in a numerical frame utilizing tables, diagrams, outlines, and additionally rates. It is very important to recall that there is a possibility that individuals do not generally tell the truth when they answer survey questions.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis tests for the relationships between two variables. Researchers use content analysis to check the number of events of their specific focal point of inquiry. Communication researchers regularly lead content analyses of movies, advertisements, TV programs, magazines, and so on. For instance, used content analysis how the depiction of darkness included changed inside Black Entertainment Television (BET).


Meta-analysis is research that tries to join the consequences of a progression of past examinations to check whether their outcomes are comparative or to decide whether they demonstrate to us any new data when they are taken a gander at in totality. A Meta-Analysis examined past research concerning accounts and their convincingness in medicinal services settings. The Meta-analysis uncovered that face to face and video stories had the most convincing effects while composed accounts had the slightest.

Characteristics of Quantitative Methods

  • Information gathering instruments usually contain things that request measurable characteristics of the population (e.g., age, the number of kids, instructive status, and financial status).
  • The outcomes depend on bigger example sizes that are illustrative of the population.
  • All parts of the investigation are deliberately outlined before the information is gathered.
  • Information is in numbers, and measurements often arranged in tables, diagrams, figures, or other non-printed shapes.
  • The project can be utilized, to sum up, ideas all the more broadly, anticipate future outcomes, or examine causal connections.
  • Researchers can repeat the quantitative technique to check or confirm the findings in another setting. It emphasizes the legitimacy of pivotal revelations or findings thus eliminating the possibility of spurious or erroneous conclusions.

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