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Android Programming

requires you to give a 30 minutes presentation on the mobile app your project using either Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF presentation file or through screen-capture video


This assessment task is about the presentation of Final Project outcomes. You are required to present your project using either Microsoft PowerPoint or a PDF presentation file. You are also required to submit (1) the presentation file as PPT slides (strongly recommended) or PDF or a screen capture video, (2) a demo video with an embedded audio explanation of your app (e.g., avi, mp4, etc.), (3) an instruction manual or user guide (word file), and (4) the project source code (including the .APK file) by the due date (your lecturer will declare it) of this assessment item via TURNITIN. You are also required to demonstrate the completed project showing that all its functions are working properly during the presentation. You may include the app demo in the presentation if you think this is suitable.

Some guidelines for project presentations are provided in the following list. Although it is not compulsory to adhere to all of these guidelines, please note that some of the following points may apply to your specific project and presentation. Your presentation should be clear, logical and it must contain all the necessary information. You need to complete your presentation in 30 minutes (15 minutes actual presentation + 10 minutes for demo + 5 minutes for any questions). Presentation time slots will be finalized later on and will be published on the subject site. Presentations will be conducted via Adobe Connect, which we use for online meetings.

Demonstration using an emulator or real device (You can either run the actual application (highly recommended) or use enough number of output screenshots. Please note that sometimes your application may not run properly during your presentation, therefore, it is always recommended to have the output screenshots as a back-up.)

The task has two parts: Part A and Part B which are described as follows.

Part A: Project Presentation (35 marks)

Part A requires you to give a 30 minutes presentation on the mobile app that you developed during Session Week 13 and Week 14. You are required to present your project using either Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF presentation file or through screen-capture video (e.g. avi, mp4…etc.).

It is a requirement that YOU give the presentation verbally; you are required to talk while presenting your slides and app functionality.

Your presentation must address the following areas:

  • App Information
    • Self-introduction and introduction of the app
    • Discussions about the features that are currently implemented in your app.
    • Discussion of why the target platform was chosen and what the likely target market for your app is.
    • Discussion of any interesting tools and techniques used in the project; or anything in general you thought was fascinating when developing.
    • Major challenges faced when developing the app and how you overcame them. This should also include any reasons why certain features have not been included from the proposal.
    • Any general and technical improvements and additions that could be added to the app in the future.
  • App Technical Discussion
    • Discussion of 2 or more major features of your app. In your discussion, you must provide code examples taken from your source code and explain how your code works. Failure to do so could result into investigations to do with plagiarism.
    • Class/Design diagrams demonstrating the functionality of the code.
  • App Demonstration
    • A bunch of use case scenarios of all the major features of your app
    • Each use case should be accompanied by screenshots, but more importantly, recorded video of the feature in action. Screenshots will only provide a basic mark and it is important to show the app in action. You could even go as far as showing the app working on your own (or friend/family) phone.

Part B: Application Source Code (65 marks)

As well as your presentation, you are required to submit your source code for your mobile application to TURNITIN in a zipped folder.

Your application will be compared to your project proposal from Assignment 1 and assessed based on the changes you made and what has actually been implemented; as well to see if your source code aligns up with your presentation. You will also be assessed on the GUI and overall complexity.

You will also need to submit an additional document called an “Instruction Manual”. The instruction manual should give step-by-step instructions on how to install, build and run your source code. The instruction manual should also include any information on how to use your app and any known bugs (if any).

If you have written any additional APIs to help communicate with your App, you will also need to include the source code for this as well. If you use any external tools like a hosted SQL database or server, you will also need to provide temporary ADMIN access to these sites for debugging, testing and marking reasons. Your instruction manual should include steps on how to login and use these as well. NOTE: I will not set up these additional resources, you need to provide a live version for the assignment, failure to do so will result in mark reduction.

Further Details

The length of the presentation is set at 30 minutes. It is fine to go a minute or two above or below the allocated time, but any longer will incur penalties. The Demonstration of the app is INCLUSIVE of the 30 minutes.

Guidelines for format or flow of the presentation should follow closely to the structure outlined in Part A; i.e. intro to the app, about the app, tools, challenges, discussion of code, use cases and demonstration of use cases and app. You can organize the presentation however you want but following down the list in Part A provides a good narrative for your presentation. Some aspects can be re-arranged to make a more flowing narrative, however. E.g. you may choose to move improvements and additions to the end of the presentation instead of before technical discussion. Ultimately it is up to you and what you think is most appropriate.

You can easily record audio into PowerPoint for your slides if you wish to submit a .ppt for your presentation. Likewise, you can easily embed video into PowerPoint and PDF presentations. If you are unsure how to or cannot, you can still provide the videos in a separate zipped folder when you submit your assignment. If you are unsure on how to do either or want to give a more free-flowing presentation, feel free to use a screen-capture program and submit your project as a video file. 


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to develop advanced applications for the Android platform.
  • be able to write, examine and critique Java program code for Android applications.
  • be able to compare and analyse different types of Model-View-Controller patterns.
  • be able to build and develop a user interface for the Android platform using sound user interface design principles.
  • be able to implement various app components for the Android platform.
  • be able to publish an Android application

This task represents a major assessment component of the subject. It is intended that each student will present the design of their program and discuss the implementation techniques. This assessment item is designed to cover all learning outcomes:

Marking criteria and standards


Your final presentation and demonstration will be assessed according to the following marking criteria.

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