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this part of the project, you will plan and design a prototype for a mobile app you will define a list of requirements for the app


Individual Assignment Part 2: Mobile App Prototype

Identify the mobile moments from Part 1 of the project that you think would be ideal to build into a singular mobile app. (You may make changes to what you proposed in Part 1 based on feedback received.) How many mobile moments you select to include will depend on how related the moments are, and how complex it will be to address each moment. You are aiming for an app that is very focused but not overly simplistic. For this part of the project, you will plan and design a prototype for a mobile app.

Written Requirements (100 points)

For the first part of this project, you will define a list of requirements for the app. This list of requirements should include all of the goals that the app will need to meet in order to successfully address the mobile moment(s). You may have only a small number of major goals, but each major goal may have one or more requirements that apply to it. Please write your list of requirements in outline form.

For example, take the mobile moments discussed previously in class where a Starbucks customer uses a mobile app to pay for an order and earn rewards. A list of requirements might look like this:

  1. Check balance
  2. Reload balance
  3. Add new funds from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express b. Add new funds from Apple Pay or Android Pay
    c. Add new funds from PayPal
  4. Check rewards
    Show current stars earned
    b. Show number of stars needed to reach next reward
  5. Redeem reward
    Apply reward as payment for appropriate item b. Remove number of stars used for the reward
  6. Scan to pay
    Show bar code for customer on screen b. Show current balance on screen
  7. Show receipt after payment
    Display receipt for transaction
    b. Animate stars earned and display new number of stars c. Provide button to allow customer to add a tip
    1. Tip option should have pre-defined buttons for 10%, 15%, 20% and a custom option
    2. Tip option should display on the receipt for 10 minutes after transaction post time

Next, you will use this list of requirements as a guide to build a prototype (or wireframe) for your mobile app. A prototype is a non-functional visual design of the application. This technique is often used to “mock up” an application to show what it would look like, and gain approval for an app before actual coding begins.

For your prototype, you will design as many screens as are necessary to meet your list of requirements. You can design the screens using any graphic editing/prototyping tool that you wish, however, the following are suggested for you:

  • MockApp Powerpoint template (provided in Blackboard)
  • JustInMind Free Wireframing Tool (can be downloaded from


You can also add your own images/photos if they will be useful to the design. Some web sites that offer free graphics include:

  • Unsplash.com
    • Pixabay.com
    • GraphicBurger.com

Screens should be designed with user-centered design principles in mind, so that the app is as user-friendly and task-focused as possible.

You should take a screenshot of each finished screen, and include it in your written paper. Provide a brief description of the functionality included on each screen. You can show the screens with arrows between them if you need to indicate chronological order.

Make sure to include a cover page with your name, course section, assignment name, and date submitted. Make sure to use section headings as appropriate. If you used a tool other than those suggested, please note it on the cover page.

Presentation Requirements (50 points)

Next week in class, you will present your prototype to the class for feedback. You should show the screenshots in a Powerpoint slide deck, walking through a demo of the application. Remember that you can create links in Powerpoint slides so that you can simulate the app working (have different slides open when different options are clicked).

To create a link in Powerpoint, select the text, shape, or picture you want to use as a hyperlink. Click the Insert tab. Then click Hyperlink (or Link on Mac). In the dialog box, select that you want to link to Place in this Document and select the slide desired.

This presentation will not be timed. Be prepared to take part in providing feedback to your classmates during their presentations.

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